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    Taipei and Hong Kong in May

    I'll be traveling through Asia in May. I'll be in Taipei from the May 6th to 12th, then Hong Kong from the 12th to 18th. I've already searched for similar topics, messaged a couple of people. Basically, would like to find decent players to hit with. 4.5 and above preferably. At my best, I...
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    Levels of the Game by John McPhee... spoiler alert

    Became interested in this book when a friend told me it was found in David Foster Wallace's personal collection. Some rave reviews: SPOILERS: So on page 20, he starts talking about the "modern power tennis" style played by Ashe and Graebner, a serve and volley style that many think...
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    cutest thing you'll see all month You're welcome.
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    Federer/Wawrinka vs Lopez/Nadal on TTC

    Not sure if this was already mentioned but tomorrow on TTC, at 9pm eastern, Nadal is playing Federer in a real ATP doubles match. Should be interesting. I realize they're not ready to die out there, it's not like a Wimbledon singles finals, but I'm guessing they're going to take it seriously.
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    2010 Easter Bowl

    I recorded the recap on TV. This kid, Stefan Kozlov, only 12 years old, made it to the finals of the Boys 14's (he was seeded 4th) and took the first set 6-1 before losing to the 14 yo 11th seed. Stefan is pretty amazing. Great hands at the net, some nice touch on the drop shots, and big...
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    Pro Tennis Groupies...

    How come I never hear about them? I think Spadea might have said something in his book, can't remember. I'm sure they have some, but you just never hear anything. Was watching a video Borg Number One linked, back in Borg's time, girls bum rushed the court to get closer to Bjorn...
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    Question for the older dudes... about Borg

    We hear what the older guys say about Nadal and the modern game, how primitive and unsightly they are. Were people saying the same thing about Borg. Like the guys who were in their 40's and above when Borg emerged in the 70's, did they hate his two handed backhand, heavy top spin, and...
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    Mac and Isner warming up

    Can't get enough of videos like this. Here's Murray practicing. If this becomes a place for people to post links to similar videos of pros practicing, that would be sweet. Not shots of just them swinging away, but videos that show where the balls are going. The Murray one is sick.
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    18th La Habra Fall Tournament

    Random observations... Finally got to see Noah Newman play. Incredible hands on that guy. He takes the ball insanely early, hits very flat, and despite hitting flat manages to create some amazing angles especially off the backhand side. There were a few points where he just kept taking the...
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    Wilson Hammer 7.2 midplus... the blue ones

    I've looked online. Saw one for sale. No pictures. Just wondering if anybody knows of any in new or close to new condition collecting dust someplace. 4-3/8 grip if possible.
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    Is Del Potro the biggest hitter of all time?

    I'm not talking about "for his era" type of argument, like Agassi hit way harder than the rest of the tour when he arrived than Del Potro does now in comparison to HIS peers. I'm talking about adding up the miles per hour of a player's serve, forehand, and backhand, and averaging it out. And...
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    Leif, Martina, and Connors

    The worst commentating I've ever heard in my life. And Martina was by far the worst. Unbelievable. Never seen or heard anything like it. I'm still in shock. Please, do not ever let Martina near a microphone again. Epic tennis fail. Dear gahhh....
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    Why are most GOAT arguments about men only?

    I'm watching a video from another thread posted in this forum of Margaret Court. That woman had two career Grand Slams and 24 slam titles, so why don't I hear about how she's GOAT or that she could have destroyed Serena, Henin, Davenport and Hingis? And why is the argument never made that...
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    The Onion on Roger Federer

    Just in case you don't visit The Onion often. I sure don't.
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    question for mods

    I tried twice recently to give myself a new name. I know two accounts on TT is not allowed, but I was planning on getting rid of the 35ft6 handle. The new name I was trying to register is Media Offline. Thoughts?
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    Your Tennis Update Thread

    Sometimes you hit, nothing really cool or amazing happened, not enough to warrant a separate thread, but you feel like talking about it anyway. This is the thread for that. I played last might in Santa Monica. My forehand is feeling funky. I'm hitting it way too flat, don't have...
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    Mac declares Nadal best clay courter he's ever seen...

    After Nadal's match against Almagro, he says, and he's said it before, that Nadal is the best clay courter he's ever seen. Mind you, he's played Borg, and safe to say, he's seen Borg play more than anybody here. Let the questioning of Mac's sanity and motives begin. :)
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    Official Bad Tennis Journalism Thread

    It seems like a lot of tennis articles aren't written by people who actually play. Whenever you see a stupid comment being made by a clueless journalist, or whatever, post here. I'll start: Full Article.
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    When Two TW Posters Play... post your scores!

    I really haven't played any matches against anybody here. GraniteChief's been beating up on everybody. Why haven't we played yet?
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    how often do you see this shot?... Kei versus Blake

    Usually, you fake a drive in order to hit a drop shot winner, but Kei does the opposite, fakes a drop shot to slice/drive the ball past Blake. Maybe I've seen this done before, can't recall, but the fact they're both on the baseline is truly remarkable. This kid is a really smart and...
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    Volleyball-like serve for tennis

    For everybody who ever wondered why people didn't do a running-jump serve, not sure about the running part, but here's a guy who jumps. Also, check out the racket, it's got two-handles. I was going to play the "what is this guy's rating" game but screw it, his name is Brian Battistone and he's...
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    Fit Fiend dot Com A former college tennis teammate is the CEO of this site, so I registered. If it operates the way I'm hoping it does, I'm going to be using it quite a bit. I've been out of shape for a long time now and it's new and frightening. I'm getting up in age but it's mostly...
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    So Cal Men's Opens

    Anybody seen Lester Cook play? What about Noah Newman?
  24. 35ft6

    Sampras thinks players are better today...

    From Sports Illustrated: I know this isn't going to sway the hardcore Pete huggers, but I'm going microwave some popcorn in anticipation of the creative ways Pete's comment will be rationalized and ultimately dismissed. :-D
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    movie of Nadal at an airport...

    He seems like a chill dude.
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    Buy A Personal Stringing Machine!!!!!!

    If you break a string even once a month, or every two months, it's cost effective to buy a stringer. Most places charge 15 to 20 bucks on top of whatever the string costs wholesale. So Prince Nylon, which costs about $1.90 a set, will cost about $17 bucks to get strung. A solid table top...
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    Short Films My Friend Made

    One about UFO SPECIAL EFFECTS and another about a board game called KILL A RICAN. I think before I met him he had public access time in Manhattan and in Venice, CA. His NYC crew were younger and more adventurous. His LA peeps were older. He did everything himself... shot, edited, special...
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    Free WTA tix at Tennis Doctor

    So if you live in Los Angeles, take advantage. I was going to buy them for $5 each, but he said "you should get more because they're free." They're for Tuesday and Wednesday. And they're great seats. Anyway. Just letting you know. Man, the WTA is in bad shape.
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    The Best Posts Thread

    The Best Posts, Only Got 5 Minutes Thread In each thread, there are always a few gems that sort of get lost in the sheer volume of posting that goes on around here. And I don't even look through every thread so I might be missing more great posts still. Could people please "quote" then...
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    Chair Umpires: what do they do?

    Aside from the obvious, what are some of the things the Chair Umpire is doing during a match? And how much do they make? Thanks!