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  1. tarheels2323


    Anyone see this movie? In my opinion, the critics were harsh; it was a pretty decent move and kept me entertained throughout. However, I did feel that Vincent Ngo, who wrote the script in 1996 (it was passed around Hollywood for about ten years including a pass by Warners) could have done so...
  2. tarheels2323

    Getting Red Clay Stains Out

    I just played my first ever tourny on red clay (I've played Har Tru events for years) and my previously white Barricades aren't so white anymore - there are also some stains on my shirts/shorts. Are these going to come out by just washing them or if not, does anyone have any tips to help get it...
  3. tarheels2323

    Wanted: MG Prestige/kBlade Tour

    Hi all, I'm looking to buy a MG Prestige mid and a kBlade tour in new or relatively good condition (8-9/10 or better). These sticks have intrigued me since they came out and my college season just ended so I have a few months to fool around with some new racquets. Grip size should be 4 3/8...
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    So this girl I've been hooking up with just called me and told me she has mono, which means that I have a spectacular chance of also having it. Two questions: 1) For anyone that has had mono, did you drink? I know you're not supposed to, but I'm in college and well... I'm in college. But...
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    Lower Tricep Pain

    To start off, I've never had any arm pain in my life associated with playing tennis but in the past week I've experienced pain in my lower tricep on my dominant arm, two or three inches above the elbow. We hold practice for two hours a day, every day except Saturday and the past four or five...
  6. tarheels2323

    Fish Oils in Multivitamin

    I have been taking One-A-Day for Men for the past two and a half years or so, and have recently realized (while researching multivitamins and protein supplements) that it contains fish oil. First off, I feel stupid for not realizing this earlier. Now, I'm allergic to fresh water fish (I...
  7. tarheels2323

    Ryano - Workout Plan?

    Hey Ryano. I've been posting for some time but I'm relatively new to the Health and Fitness Section. I started lifting again (lifted in high school for soccer and basketball) and am seeing some good results (both strength and bulk - I have a body type that seems to bulk up quickly) after a...
  8. tarheels2323

    Exercise Headaches

    Lately, when I've been lifting, I've been getting exercise headaches. Is my workout just too intense or what is going on? I've only ever gotten one exercise headache before, during a sprinting workout.
  9. tarheels2323

    Isospeed Control vs Isospeed Control Classic

    I played one of my k90s with Isospeed Control Classic at 62 lbs. for a couple weeks and then bought another strung with Isospeed Control at the same tension. I just hit with the reformulated string tonight and the feeling seemed a little different; not bad, just different. Any ideas here? Did...
  10. tarheels2323

    FS: Pro Kennex Redondo mid

    Up for sale is a Pro Kennex Redondo mid, 4 3/8 grip. 9.9/10 condition, the racquet has only been used for a few hours and has no scratches even on the headguard. Asking $110 shipped. Please email me: - references on the board.
  11. tarheels2323

    Excellent Transaction with #LT

    Great seller. Couldn't ship right away due to a business trip, so he threw in some extra string. Good guy and I wouldn't hesitate to deal with him again.
  12. tarheels2323

    FS/FT: Yonex RDS 001 mid 4 3/8

    Up for sale or trade is an RDS 001 mid: 9/10 condition with the only scratch being the word 'Demo' on the throat. Trades I'm looking for are a Wilson k factor tour 90 or a Head FXP Prestige mid in 4 3/8 grip. Otherwise, I'll sell outright for $105.
  13. tarheels2323

    FT: Pro Kennex Redondo 4 3/8

    Looking to trade my Redondo for a Wilson K factor tour 90 in 4 3/8 grip. The Redondo is in 9.9/10 condition, only hit with it twice for a total of an hour or two - it just doesn't fit my game. Email me: with offers.
  14. tarheels2323

    For Sale: 4 Midsized Players Racquets

    All 4 3/8 grip: Pro Kennex Redondo Type C 9.9/10 (used once, no scratches) $105 Prince Tour Diablo 8.5/10 $80 Yonex RDS 001 mid 9/10 (the word 'Demo' is scratched into the frame, though it's the only scratch) $105 Wilson nCode 6.1 Tour 90 9.5/10 $100 References...
  15. tarheels2323

    FS: Wilson n6.1 tour

    I have an n6.1 tour that I'm selling because I just don't use it. It's in a 4 3/8 grip and 9.5/10 condition, only used for two hitting sessions (about a total of 6 hours or so). Pictures avaliable; references here under tarheels2323. Looking for around $100 OBO. Email me at...
  16. tarheels2323

    FT: Wilson n-Six-one tour 90

    4 3/8 grip. Excellent condition with only 4 or 5 hours on it (it was an impulse buy that didn't work out). First string job still on it (BB ALU Rough mains with VS Gut crosses). Pictures are avaliable (took them this morning). Looking to trade for a Wilson kFactor tour 90 or a Head FXP...
  17. tarheels2323

    FS or FT: Wilson nCode Tour 90 4 3/8

    I've decided to try out the new kFactor 90, so up for sale is my eight month old nCode 90 - 4 3/8 grip, 9/10 condition. I bought it new while trying to find my "holy grail," but the nCode wasn't it for me. Four or five hours of playing time max, still on its first string job with a BB ALU...
  18. tarheels2323

    Nike Warranty... Does this qualify?

    Long story short, I'm pretty sure the outsole on my BFIIs is well worn through, to the clear-grayish cushioning underneath. From my perspective, this qualifies for the 6 month warranty. I took a picture of the bottom of the right shoe, but I'm really too lazy to sign up for a flickr account or...
  19. tarheels2323

    The Wonder Years

    Anyone remember this show? Did it mean anything to you? Any special time your reminisce about - like that summer between 7th and 8th grade? It's definitely a little bit corny, but for some reason it had that air of innocence that we can't even find in today's cartoons.
  20. tarheels2323

    Craig Quan is an excellent seller!

    Got a great racquet from Craig. Prompt responses and quick shipping made this a great deal. Racquet was exactly as described, with great pictures provided. Would definitely do business with Craig again.
  21. tarheels2323

    FXP Prestige Mid

    Looking for a Flexpoint Prestige Mid, 4 3/8 grip in decent to good condition. Email me at Thanks.
  22. tarheels2323

    Hologram Sticker

    I just bought a racquet from somebody on these boards, a Prince Tour Diablo. I just noticed that the hologram sticker on it isn't hologramed. In fact, it looks more like a bad photocopy. Is it a fake? The person I bought it from has good feedback, so I'm hesitant to call him out on it...
  23. tarheels2323

    Shawn James is a great seller

    The racquet was exactly as described, in perfect condition and he was even nice enough to drop it off at my house. I would highly recommend Shawn to anyone, and wouldn't hesitate to do business with him again.
  24. tarheels2323

    Prince Bags

    Hey guys. Do you know if Prince will be coming out with a new line of bags to replace the current Prince Team Collection anytime soon?
  25. tarheels2323

    Which Bag?

    Okay, so I'm planning on getting a new bag for Christmas. Here's the deal: I play club tennis and we will be traveling next semester, perhaps overnight. I will probably carry three or four racquets at any one time as well as warms-ups and extra clothes/shoes. I'll also be carrying misc. items...
  26. tarheels2323

    Prince Tour Diablo Grommet Strips

    I wasn't really sure where to put this but... does anyone know where I can purchase grommet strips for a Prince Tour Diablo mid racquet? I tried searching on here and googling it and no luck. Any help is appreciated.
  27. tarheels2323

    vkartikv - Kartik Venkataraman is a great seller

    Another great transaction with Kartik. Very prompt shipping and racquet was exactly as described, if not better. He's a great guy and great to deal with. Don't hesitate to do business with Kartik.
  28. tarheels2323

    The Pro Staff 6.0 85 is Amazing!!!

    Over the weekend I got to hit with the Pro Staff Original 6.0 St. Vincent version that I recieved last week and WOW. I now realize why people love this racquet. I served better, volleyed better, and yes, I even hit groundstrokes better with a racquet that many feel cannot be competed with in...
  29. tarheels2323

    WTB: Redondo mid 4 3/8

    I'm looking for a Redondo mid in a L3 grip size (4 3/8"). Condition must be 8/10 or better (maybe a conservative 7/10). Pictures are a plus, but not necessary if you have positive references. Please send all offers to Thanks.
  30. tarheels2323

    Great Transaction with Ford Oliver

    Ford Oliver (name on the boards) is a great seller. He shipped promptly and the Pro Staff St. Vincent (thanks again!) was in exactly the condition described, maybe even a little better. I wouldn't hesitate to do business with Ford Oliver again.