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    Kevlar string recommendations?

    hey there forum, I'm usually a lurker on this forum but I have a question regarding kevlar strings and wanted some opinion and feedback. Been looking into trying kevlar recently and had some choices in mind, namely Prince Problend and Ashaway Crossfire ZX 17. My racket of choice is an oldie, the...
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    Yes, another tension advice thread

    Hi there, everyone. Got some tension questions for some string I have coming in, I play a solid all-court game but tend to switch to aggressive baseline when I feel pressured. I'm a fairly good 4.0-4.5 player, plenty of topsoil and a good backhand slice. I have 2 Babolat Pure Aeros (2018...
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    Seeking Advice for personal set-up

    Hello all, I recently purchased two packs of Head Velocity, one in 16G and one in 17G, both black. Once my current set-up loses tension and power, i will be stringing up the Velocity in my main racket, Yonex Vcore Pro 97 (330G). I have a very heavy spin oriented game, slice and topspin on both...
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    Replacing just main string, is it safe?

    I hate the main string on my racket, and i want to replace it, is it safe to replace just the mains, or should i restring the entire frame?
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    I feel I am weird in this regard...

    I know from experience stringing a lot of other people's rackets and from reading comments on this board, that most people tend to use multifilaments in either full bed or as just a cross string. For me though, I've found that I get more spin and comfort putting the multi in the mains with a...
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    What to do when captain puts me with weak partners?

    I play in a 4.0 mens league and for the last two matches my captain put me with two inferior partners who cost us the matches both times. I'm one of the stronger players on the team and I prefer playing with partners who are equal or stronger than me, I cant stand being made to 'carry' weak...
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    Forten Aramid Gear

    Hey has anyone tried Forten Aramid Gear? I have a set coming tomorrow and don't know what to expect. It looks very promising on the TW main site.