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    Shoes for Recovering Stress Fracture?

    Hi, I had a third metatarsal stress fracture earlier last February. It took 6 weeks in a boot to recover from it. I have started to feel some of the same symptoms again and have decided to stop playing until I am pain free. I have noticed that my foot tends to hurt more in my tennis shoes than...
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    Sprained Ankle won't go away

    I sprained my ankle about 6 weeks ago. Unfortunately i did not take very good care of it the first week. I was on my way to a vacation and thought it wasnt a big deal so i didn't take the correct precautionary steps like icing reguarly or elevating it. The first 3-4 days it hurt to walk and i...
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    WTB- Beatup Babolat Aeropro Drive 4 3/8

    I basically want to demo a Babolat Aeropro Drive but want to be able to stick my own strings in there and stuff. I don't care that much about the condition so long as it plays well. Looking for around $60-$80 max.
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    Moving On From M-fil 300

    As my collection of m-fil 300's dwindles down, i've decided a racquet switch is in order. I like the general feel of the 300's but i'd like a little more heft, power and stability, especially on returns and volleys. I feel like lately i've been getting pushed around by bigger hitters...
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    FS: Dunlop M-fil 300 4 3/8

    Selling 1 Dunlop M-fil 300 4 3/8 grip. Excellent condition, very few scratches, at the very least probably a 8-8.5/10. Just restrung with half big ace (in the crosses) and half synthetic gut in the mains at 55/59 lbs respectively. Asking for $45 + shipping. Email all offers to...
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    FS/T: (2) Dunlop M-fil 300

    I'm selling 2 Dunlop M-fil 300 racquets. Both of which have a 4 1/4 grip size. 1.) Probably 7.5/10- Recently changed bumperguard- some scratches from low volleys ect- structurally perfect- plays great Strung - Mains- Pro Supex Big Ace 17 @ 52...
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    3X Dunlop M-fil 300 varied grip sizes

    I am selling 3 Dunlop M-fil 300's in various grip sizes and condition. 1. - Grip size 4 3/8, condition 7.5/10- no structural damage/very few scratches on the actual frame- just a worn bumperguard. Strung with 1/2 Big Ace 17 and 1/2 Forten Sweet 16. Send offers...
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    FS/T Dunlop M-fil 300 4 3/8

    I am selling/trading a Dunlop M-fil 300 in a 4 3/8 grip size. I would estimate its around an 8/10, normal wear but nothing severe. No structural damage. I can probably take a few pictures if anyone wants that. Its currently strung with Gamma Zo Life @ 55 lbs. (polyester string) I would love...
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    Where to go from M-fil 300

    Im a junior player currently using the Dunlop M-fil 300, my current set-up is Mains- Head RIP control 16 @59 Crosses- PSGD 16 @ 55 I've decided i need to move on from these and am looking for something with a little more heft/solidity on returns, and overall power for serves ect. I dont want...
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    Comfortable, Durable set-up

    I am currently using a set-up consisting of PSGD 16 @ 59 on the mains and Big Ace 16 @ 55 on the crosses. I love it, except it only gives me around 4-6 hours of play before the PSGD is toast. I tried putting Big Ace on the mains and lowering the tension to 57-53 except that hurt my arm. Does...
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    Picture of Asics Gel Resolution (blue)

    Would anyone care to post a picture of their blue Asics Gel Resolution. I personally think the TW pic of them looks sick but i've seen pics on other websites where they do not look quite as flattering. So, If someone could post a pic of them it would be much appreciated. thanks
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    comfortable but durable string

    Lately i have been stringing my Mfil 300s with maxim touch 16 in the mains and big ace 16 in the crosses. However, i've started to play a little more and now break that combo within a week to 10 days for both racquets alternating days. They both broke in a tournament over the weekend which left...
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    FS/T Dunlop M-fil 300 4 1/4

    Hey i am mainly looking to trade away my Dunlop M-fil 300 in a 4 1/4 grip. I'd be willing to trade for a combination of overgrip/string. I'd probably trade for almost any type of string although i am looking for synthetic gut in particular. For overgrips, i am a fan of Wilson Pro although i'd be...
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    Differences between synthetic gut reels

    I am looking for a synthetic gut reel, the main thing i am looking for is decent all-around play and good durability (for a synth. gut). I noticed psgd is much more expensive that other synthetic guts. Is there a good reason for this, or would it be fine just to buy a reel of Gosen Micro for 30...
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    Racquets matched but play different?

    I leaded up my M-fil 300's so that they are now the exact same weight and balance (320g/about 3 pts HL). However, i can still detect very noticeable differences between them. One has a "crisp" sort of feel, less power and for some reason it seems more manueverable. The other feels very...
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    FS: Dunlop M-fil 300 4 1/4

    I am selling a Dunlop M-fil 300 in a 4 1/4 grip. I'd say its in about 7-8/10condition and pictures are available upon request. I have had it for about a year and it has normal wear and tear on the sides from low volleys ect but no structural damage. I am only selling because i moved up to a 4...
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    Kadishack- great seller!

    I bought two Dunlop M-fil 300's from him and he was very prompt and polite throughout the process. Managed to get the racquets to me with very quick shipping. I would highly recommend this seller.
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    Wanted: 2X Dunlop M-fil 300 4 3/8

    I am looking for 2 Dunlop M-fil 300's in a 4 3/8 grip size. It'd be great if they were matched, but as long as they are close enough to be pretty interchangeable thats fine. Email me at with offers please
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    Racquets for Beginners

    I have a couple friends who are just beginning tennis and are looking to buy their first racquets. They are both pretty athletic but with about average strength i guess. They have progressed pretty quickly and are looking to develop more "professional looking" strokes (right now they are...
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    How to make your own balance board

    I see you can do this with "a dowel and a yardstick" according to TW's customization page, does anyone have any idea how?
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    Poly Shearing

    Hey, heres the deal. Last summer i had severe poly shearing problems, like i could not get a set of CyberFlash to last mroe than a couple hours. But, this winter, i switched to PHT and had seen no problems. So, thinking i was home free, I strung up my M-fil 300 a couple weeks ago with the setup...
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    Big Ace vs. Cyber Power

    Ok, well i have been doing a little research and it appears that cyberpower and big ace are pretty similar strings, a soft, powerful poly. I am coming from PHT hybrid and am looking for a softer more powerful string. Lol, so yeah which do you guys like better, for maaayyybe a full job (gonna...
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    Good doubles drills for 2 people

    I play with my friend (and probably HS doubles partner) alot and i am looking for some good doubles drills we can do with just us. Playing him in singles or just hitting is basically a waste of time because despite the fact he is a pretty good doubles players his singles skills are lacking. Any...
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    How can i get my racquets matched

    Ok, i play with 2 Dunlop M-fil 300's and one of them is easily heavier and have a more head heavy balance than the other. And it is very easy to tell. I like the heavier one much better so it sucks when the strings break on that one and i have to use the other. Is there anyway i get get the...
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    What's your mile time?

    I thikn there was one of these a while ago but i didnt feel like finding it and i wanted to see how fit most tennis players are list your age, mile time and height/weight (only if you wanna) Age- 15 Height- 5'8 Weight- 125 Mile Time- 5:10 (only cuz i run XC)
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    FT: 2 Dunlop M-fil 300 1/4 for 3/8

    I am interested in trading my 2 Dunlop M-fil 300's in a 4 1/4 grip size for 2 of the same racquet in the 3/8 grip size. One of the racquets is in about 7.5-8/10 condition while the other is about 8-8.5/10. I am looking for the same or better condition. Pics are available upon request email...
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    Looking for a little more pop

    Ok, i currently string my M-fil 300's with a combo of Babolat Pro Hurricane Tour in the mains at 53 lbs and Forten Sweet in the crosses at 57 lbs. I was thinking of putting a more powerful string in the crosses, like a multi or something but dont want it to be all that expensive, maybe like 8...
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    Returning a cracked racquet

    Ok, i have a cracked Dunlop M-fil 300 at the throat area. My friend said i could return it to Dunlop with a warranty and have them send me a new one or something along those lines. I am interested in doing this so does anyone know how i would go about doing it?
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    Approximatley how long does 1st class mail take?

    I ordered a couple sets of string with 1st class mail last sunday and since they dont have any tracking i have no idea when i'll get them. Can someone who has used 1st class before or TW chime in? by the way i live in Massachusetts
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    Dunlop 300G/M-fil 300 grommet

    This grommet set has been out of stock for a while now i believe at least 3 weeks and its said 10 days for a few days now so do you have any ballpark estimate of when this item will be in stock? i need it for my next order which i hope to make relatively soon. thanks