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  1. fullwesternforehand

    What does TW offer in extra racquet services?

    Hello TW, is there anywhere on the website where it lists what extra services you offer? For example, racquet customization/matching, etc I was thinking about getting the new rafa aero (starburst color) but saw somewhere in the YouTube comments where troy mentioned for an added fee they can...
  2. fullwesternforehand

    Genesis/Ytex Tennis string?

    Hey TW, are there any plans to sell genesis tennis string in the future? Also, why is there not the full selection of ytex string reels or even the sets when they have so much more? Just curious as I tend to use both genesis and ytex
  3. fullwesternforehand

    String Question for Andy

    According to the TW's snapchat story for today, you said your favorite string was something confidential from Solinco :eek:!!! Any idea when it'll be released/announced/if you guys will do a TT forum playtest? Any special characteristics?
  4. fullwesternforehand

    Bryans out of Rio

    Recently posted in their facebook that their family's health comes first and that 2012 gold meant so much to them. Well, at least the red white and blue still has the Williams :)
  5. fullwesternforehand

    Tired of waiting, when are we going to get M...

    Murray's Under Amour shoes? Watching Big John right now against Andy and can't help but wonder how long he has been wearing them and we the fans don't have at least some sort of derivative of them available :(
  6. fullwesternforehand

    Original Aeropro Drive [Fake?]

    Hello, I recently acquired the holy grail of all hardcore Rafans, which is an original aeropro drive (non cortex) in pretty good shape. I have suspicion that it could be fake, but can't find a way to confirm or deny my claim. I've been digging around here and have done a couple of tests. My...
  7. fullwesternforehand

    Shipping from TWE to U.S.

    Hi TW, I am looking into buying string that is discontinued here in the US but TWE seems to have it. My questions here are 1) Can I purchase from TWE with an american credit card? At what rate will I get dollars to euros? 2) TWE has free shipping with 100 euros worth of product. Will TWE...