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  1. powerangle

    Cincinnati schedule Nick and Novak to share the same court for practice

    Calculated move by the organizers or they jdgaf? (y)
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    Which table would you sit at?

    Nevermind, just saw another thread on this. Mods, please delete.
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    Djokovic liked this instagram post about Kyrgios

    Thoughts? Is Novak trying to take the **** out of Nick?
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    Is Sampras salty that Djokovic also passed his slam tally?

    Not one player, not two, but now three active players have passed him up on the majors tally. He mistakenly thought it super secure when he retired shortly after the 2002 US Open, but now less than two decades later three men have moved above him. In this article Pete states that Roger, Rafa...
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    Novak (overly) confident?

    But what about his serve, Djokovic was asked. "He has improved his serve. I see he has a slightly different service motion that has worked very well. With everything he possesses, adding to that also a lot of free points on the serve makes him much tougher to play against." Then the now-15...
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    Is Nadal now closer to Federer in terms of achievements, than Djokovic is to Nadal?

    In light of the glorious La Decima... What do you think?
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    Novak fans: design his schedule for rest of 2016

    Doha Australian Open -------------------------------------------- Dubai (since he's required to play two 500s in a year, if I'm not mistaken) Miami MC Rome French Open Wimbledon Rio Olympics Cincinnati US Open -------------------------------------------- Beijing Shanghai Paris London The...
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    Novak fans: would you "sign up" for 3 more slams?

    If Novak were to "only" win 3 more slams, and nothing more and nothing less, would you sign up for it? Or would you rather leave it to nature, where you gamble in that he may win a lot more, less, or even no more slams. What's the break-off point where you would "sign up" for? Of course you...
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    Who will end up with more slams, Stan or Murray?

    What do you guys think?
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    Andy Roddick: ´Novak Djokovic Can´t be Compared to Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal´

    Andy speaks the truth. :) He is candid about Novak's place in history and telling it like it is. http://www.**************.org/Andy-Roddick-Novak-Djokovic-Cant-be-Compared-to-Roger-Federer-and-Rafael-Nadal-articolo23238.html I say let Novak's racket do the talking. 8)
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    Better slow hard court player? Agassi or Djokovic?

    Both Andre and Novak had/have excelled in the slow hard court conditions. Both have found major success in fast hard court conditions as well but they are known for their slow hard court prowess. Their careers and games are similar in that respect. Who do you think is the better player on...
  12. powerangle

    Happy for Novak's win but....(about Novak declining)...

    Yes, I said it. I know Novak just won two of the last three slams, but I can't help but feel that he is just taking advantage of the other top players all struggling. Nadal is still rusty, Federer not even reaching the second week of a slam...etc. I did not feel confident at all going into...
  13. powerangle

    Djokovic and Murray groundstroke practice Abu Dhabi

    Ok, so this may be 2013 footage, but in the spirit of the new year, I share with you some nice laser forehands and backhands (towards the end). I like that Novak and Andy are friendly with each other. :) The amateur "commentating" from the camera man (and his friend) are funny...
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    Novak fans: Apart from RG, which slam would you most like him to win (another one at?

    If he could win only one more slam, which slam would you like him to win another at (apart from RG)? In what order? For me: 1) US Open - He "deserves" another one here. For all of his consistently deep showings here, it just feels wrong that he's only won here once. 2) Australian Open - It...
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    If you could change the result of one slam final for your favorite player...?

    For my favorite player, Novak: I'd change the 2012 RG final result. It'd give him the "Nole slam". I would have picked 2011 RG semi, but there is still not a 100% guarantee Novak would have beaten Rafa in that final (however likely it may have been ;)). For my other faves: 1) Fed - 2006 RG...
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    Nadal and Murray have already fallen, will The Big 4 hold off the Young Guns?

    Two members of "The Big 4" have already fallen, courtesy of some inspiring play by the younger players. Will Djokovic and Federer uphold the honor of The Big 4 in the semis by slaying Dimitrov and Raonic, respectively? Or will The Young Guns storm through and take more scalps? Will the...
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    Best Rafole tribute?

    I love me some Rafa and Novak clashes! Here's my favorite tribute to Rafole...epic: What's yours?
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    Who currently is "greater"? Hewitt or Murray?

    Who has accomplished more in terms of stats and hardware? Hewitt 2 slams (Wimbledon and US Open) 2 more slam finals 2 WTFs 2 Masters 1000s 2 year end #1s 80 total weeks #1 29 singles titles Murray 2 slams (Wimbledon and US Open) 5 more slam finals 0 WTFs 9 Masters 1000s 0 year end #1s...
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    Who will end up with more Masters 1000 titles? Federer or Djokovic?

    Federer is in the lead 21-15 at this point. But it looks like Fed may be getting at most a total of 1 or 2 more of these titles...he's really been slowing down a lot this last half a year or so. Djokovic looks good to capture 1 or 2 of these per year for the next few years. He can have a...
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    Who is greater? Sharapova or Djokovic?

    Who is greater between the two? In terms of tennis statistics and their overall impact on the sport? Maria has 4 slams to Novak's 6, but Maria has the career slam. Both have been to #1, though Novak has had more time there. Both wins 95% of the time (ish) but loses more often than not to...
  21. powerangle

    Which combo of the men's and women's finalists do you want to win USO?

    We have the #1 facing the #2 in both men's final and the women's final this year! So who do you want to win? Novak/Serena? Novak/Vika? Rafa/Serena? Rafa/Vika? Vote now.
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    Serena: "Hard courts have gotten so slow since when I started playing"

    Q. Rafa is undefeated on hard courts this year and you're undefeated on clay. Patrick said this year balance was really important with your clay game. I wondered about transitioning from clay to hard courts, what the challenges have been? SERENA WILLIAMS: Well, actually, it's a lot easier...
  23. powerangle

    Who will end up with more weeks at #1? Nole or Rafa?

    Before Rafa started his massive run this year, it seemed like Novak, being the consistent robot that he is, was going to continue racking up weeks at the pole position and roll his way past Agassi, Rafa, Borg, in the all-time list. I believe Novak currently has 97 weeks at the top...
  24. powerangle

    ATP "World #1" Celebration (Video on Demand link provided)

    I thought it's pretty cool to see all the legends and current tennis greats (though some were notably absent, like Sampras, Agassi, Becker, etc) on one stage, talking tennis, and congratulating each other. At about the 56 minute mark, they start going onto the stage, one by one, with the...
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    Djokovic's #1 ranking under serious attack... Nadal. Novak needed to outperform Rafa after Wimbledon (which he still can of course), but so far has been outperformed by Rafa. The chances for Rafa ending the year #1 is getting better and better. I still give Novak the edge at this point (slightly)...but if Rafa wins the US Open, I...
  26. powerangle

    "Career Golden Masters"

    The ATP coined this phrase for a player that wins all the Masters 1000 events (as Novak is going for it this week in Cinci). What do you think of the name? I like it, but I usually associate the term "golden" with a medal. People have suggested stuff along the lines of "career masters...
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    Top 10 tennis outbursts Any other nominations? :)
  28. powerangle

    Novak: "I lost to all of you"

    ...referring to his junior days :)
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    Is this the squeakiest match in history?

    Perhaps kind of what you expect from Djokovic v Murray match (a noisy squeaky match), but damn...
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    Is Djokovic the least respected "all-time great" ever?

    I consider him an all-time great (feel free to disagree) because of his resume (6+ slams, plus quite a bit of other achievements with tons of Masters, weeks at #1, a couple WTFs, a super-dominating year, etc..). But anyway... Is he perhaps the least respected all-time great? I've seen a lot...