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  1. skip1969

    The lesson from Musetti-gate: It's not a crime to retire from loss of condition.

    The oddly-timed retirement of Musetti at 0-4 of the fifth set in his match against Djokovic has been much talked about. It has been used to bash Musetti; to bash his generation; to bash other players not even in his generation . . . But instead, it made me wonder why a player who had absolutely...
  2. skip1969

    Fashion Police: Roland Garros 2021 Edition

    So, it's a been a couple of days now and we've all seen some matches. Any kits worth talking about? The pickings look . . . slim. Lets have it. Give us the good, the bad, and the fugly.
  3. skip1969

    Who is more desperate for a new Roland Garros champion, the RG organizers/sponsors or tennis fans?

    If there is one tourney that needs a new champ, it has to be Roland Garros. Having one player dominate for so long can't be good for drumming up sponsor dollars or putting customers in seats. Dynasties tend to kill overall interest within the casual sports fan community. The lengthy domination...
  4. skip1969

    Do you want the Big 3 Era to end?

    Federer, Nadal, and Djokovic. Are you tired of the dynasty or do you want it to continue?
  5. skip1969

    The irrational obsession with Slam draws in the Era of the Big 3

    Everything has become a contest since the arrival of the Big 3. Who is the most sportsmanlike? Who is the most arrogant? Who has the biggest fanbase? Who has the best fans? Who makes the most money? Who is the greatest of all time? These debates have raged for years since the domination of the...
  6. skip1969

    Melbourne Fashion Week: 2018 Australian Open Edition

    Welp, it's near the end of week one and by now we've seen plenty of kits to thumbs up or down. Savvy tennis consumers that we are here at TTW, lets post some images and share our thoughts about how well (or poorly) the manufacturers have done to sell us their wares.
  7. skip1969

    Fashion Police: US Open 2017 Edition

    Well, tourney's more than half-way through. By now we've seen just about all the kits on offer. Rain is in the forecast for this week, so at some point, we'll need something frivolous to talk about. So, lets post the good and the bad of what's on offer for our hard earned money.
  8. skip1969

    The Official Fifth-Set Tiebreak Thread

    With the 2017 US Open right around the corner, I thought the time was right to introduce a statistical thread about best-of-five set matches. Part of the reason is to have a thread that can be bumped every time the topic comes up . . . and it does come up. If we don’t bring it up here on the...
  9. skip1969

    Who's the best dressed pro at the USO?

    It's only day two and I've already seen so many wretched kits/outfits on court. I figured it might be easier to document those pros who are doing their work on court with some real style. janko is lookin' dapper in fila.
  10. skip1969

    Robin Soderling [6] v Thomaz Bellucci [25] 3rd Round, Wimbledon 2010

    i got up nice and early for this.
  11. skip1969

    US Open Men's Final 2007: Federer v Djokovic Live Match Thread

    let's get ready to rumble! or at least watch a couple of lanky guys smack a tennis ball around.
  12. skip1969

    Blake vs Koubek

    he's under the lights again tonight. hope he comes up with the goods. i'm actually looking forward to this match.
  13. skip1969

    Nikolay Nicolas

    i'm sure i'm not even gonna catch a whiff of this match on tv today . . . but this was actually one of the few second-round matches that caught my eye. kiefer is on the comeback trail so i was looking forward to seeing how he might do against davydenko, who is so tough.
  14. skip1969

    Roland Garros Men's Final 2007: Federer v Nadal Live Match Thread

    it's the match so many people wanted. i only hope it lives up to all the hype.
  15. skip1969

    Roland Garros Women's Final 2007: Henin v Ivanovic Live Match Thread

    well, here we go. hope it's a good match!
  16. skip1969

    A Jonas moment!

    i had to go to work today, which was a bummer . . . but i got my 'feel-good' moment before i left. i hope i'm not spoiling here (though i doubt many people were hanging on pins and needles about the result of the bjorkman/hernandez match) . . . but ttc showed bjorkman's reaction after winning...
  17. skip1969

    Men's Final: Federer v Roddick Live Match Thread

    well . . . i guess it's what SOME people wanted.
  18. skip1969

    Women's Final: Henin-Hardenne v Sharapova Live Match Thread

    i am ready. let's hope the players are.
  19. skip1969

    mauresmo v sharapova

    mute button, activated!
  20. skip1969

    henin-hardenne v jankovic

    nerves are a given, i guess. but i hope to see some good tennis, too.
  21. skip1969

    restoring "my faith in the human spirit"

    let me just say that i thought the tennis played during the agassi/baghdatis match was inspired. i wish i could say the same for everything else. and while i don't want to make a mountain out of a molehill (a big fuss over nothing) i did want to share a thought or two. when asked about the...
  22. skip1969

    Final: The Official Federer vs Nadal Live Match Thread

    got the idea from the forum (free plug) so i cannot take any credit. but they've kept the world cup matches (and discussions) quite organized this way. so i thought it would be a good way to do the men's final. i'm sure they'll be plenty of people talking about the match.
  23. skip1969

    Nicole Vaidi-choke-a

    i know i'm being mean . . . and she's only seventeen. i know she had a great run and she's a rising talent. but MAN, just when you thought she was gonna waltz into the final with some aggressive tennis and some mental toughness . . . she falls apart in the semi against (a not-overly...
  24. skip1969

    the kiefer match

    is anybody watching it???? good stuff. though if chris fowler tells me ONE MORE TIME that this guy gicquel is 29 years old . . . i'm hiring a french hit man.
  25. skip1969

    now that there's a match results forum . . .

    . . . let's talk, people. when is it safe to talk about a match in the general pro player discussion forum? especially now that match results isn't even a subforum of this forum, but is a forum all its own? the reason i'm asking (and i'm not pissed off or anything cos i woke up at the...
  26. skip1969

    Pierce v Hardenne: SPOILER

    Could this be the first competative women's match at the Open?? I hope so, cos I just had to sit through 45 minutes of inane chatter on USA!