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  1. Lukhas

    Prince Beast O3 98 Stringing Instructions

    Hello, I cannot find stringing instructions regarding the Prince Beast O3 98; especially regarding stringing it one piece; potentially using the Around The World (ATW) method. Considering it has an asymmetric grommet design, I suspect it could have a long side and a short side. Alas, I cannot...
  2. Lukhas

    FS: Three Yonex VCore SV 95 L4 (4 1/2)

    Item Description (Brand/Model/Year): Yonex VCore SV 95. Grip Size / Size: L4 (4 1/2). Quantity: 3. Head Size (if a racquet): 95in²/615cm². Condition (x out of 10): 7.5 to 9. *Specific Time Used (must give specific time, must be over 30 minutes): at least 1 hour per week since February 2020...
  3. Lukhas

    Premium Stringer 8700 Electro string slippage from the gripper

    Hello, My tennis club owns a Premium Stringer 8700 Electro. The gripper physically looks more like the one you find on the 9200, which has an open design, instead of the "original" one that has a closed design. I consistently get string slippage with slick strings like monofilaments and...
  4. Lukhas

    VCore 95 grommets

    Hello, I've ordered the latest VCore 95 (the all red one) grommets before even checking if they actually were compatible with the VCore 95 SV (previous model) that I own. Can you confirm whether or not it's the case? Thanks in advance.
  5. Lukhas

    Federer vs Djokovic [COURT LEVEL VIEW] - Full Match - London 2019

    Something tells me you should download the video while it's still online... but that's just me.
  6. Lukhas

    Sloane Stephens announces partnership with ex-Sharapova coach Sven Gröneveld

    The Dutchman had notably led Maria Sharapova to seven titles including Roland-Garros 2014.
  7. Lukhas

    Sascha Bajin to collaborate with Maldenovic

    EDIT: Yes, I know about the typo in the title. Can't find how to edit it. At the very least in Miami. That's a... challenging choice for Bajin after departing with Osaka considering how Mladenovic has been playing for about a year and an half (if not more).
  8. Lukhas

    Dominic Thiem's six hours daily workout

    Also, his new YouTube channel. Can't say he's not committed to being fit. Also starring: Jean-Lennard Struff, Dennis Novak and Ernests Gulbis.
  9. Lukhas

    What can I expect from this?

    Aside from the billions of paint scraps and chips, the rotten grip held by a rusted staple, the dust mixed with rust, the missing trap door and being left in the open for days and days on end, it's not in that bad of a place... purely structurally speaking. The bumper even seems usable...
  10. Lukhas

    "Quantifying Cakewalks, or The Time Rafa Finally Got Lucky"

    A nice article from Tennis Abstract that helps putting in perspective the perceived difficulty of a path to a slam semi or slam win. Interesting especially since it factors in the actual path and the players met, not the supposed path as laid out by the draw...
  11. Lukhas

    [Essential Tennis] The Journey to Improvement: Student Interview

    There's something touched about here that I like and it also was touched upon here of course, but also in a Bollettieri video for the Tennis Channel called "Commitment, Responsibility, Work Ethic". The title is extremely explicit. Trusting the good of the change you're trying to make, committing...
  12. Lukhas

    [Essential Tennis Interview] How To Quiet the Noise in Your Head During Tennis Matches

    An interview with Bob Litwin about the mental side of tennis.
  13. Lukhas

    2016 Monte-Carlo Masters - Practice Court Live Streaming

    All in the title.
  14. Lukhas

    Brad Gilbert: "Winning Ugly" | Talks at Google

    In this video, Brad Gilbert and Steve Jamison, writers of Winning Ugly discuss the book and coaching in general as well as answer questions. The audio issues clear up around the 3 minute mark.
  15. Lukhas

    Overgrips for dry hands?

    To add a bit of background to this, I'm in a position where I enjoy and even need overgrips over my leather grips. However, considering I have really dry hands, I'm unable to make tacky overgrips actually tacky with my sweat; and obviously, dry overgrips are a no-go. So feel free to suggest...
  16. Lukhas

    Possible Davis Cup and Fed Cup Format changes Page 11-12. David Haggerty, the new chairman of the ITF has proposed the following: - "Final Four", where the semi-finals and finals would be played during a week on a neutral ground; - First round "bye" for the winner of the previous...
  17. Lukhas

    Prince Response 97 Dampener

    Hello, I wish to know something: I did demo the Prince Response 97 a while back and I'm curious to know if it was possible to remove the red dampener in the bridge of the racquet? Or more accurately, to remove it and still be able to not only string the racquet, but also to avoid breakage as...
  18. Lukhas

    Prince Response 97 Demo

    Hello, Just asking if you plan to make the Response 97 available for demo. Thanks in advance.
  19. Lukhas

    Essential Tennis' Couch: "Rafael Nadal's Forehand is Terrible"

    Obviously the easiest way to answer without watching (and the easiest way to get likes) is to say that his "terrible" forehand gave him 14 GS... However, it indeed somewhat highlights the dichotomy between what Nadal practices and how Nadal actually plays his matches.
  20. Lukhas

    "The Serve: Height, Risk vs Reward and Other interesting Things About Serving"

    Yup, a pretty long title, and a pretty interesting article too.
  21. Lukhas

    Head Revolt Pro and Lotto Ultra Raptor 4 Fit

    Hello TW, I watched the review for the Head Revolt Pro and got interested in the shoes at the mention of the rather narrow fit. The Lotto Raptors 4 fit my foot extremely well and are kind of my reference shoe concerning fit. Does the Revolt fit similarly to the Raptors? EDIT: And if they do fit...
  22. Lukhas

    ATP World Tour Finals Practice Court Videos

    The ATP published on one of its YouTube accounts stream replays of several practice sessions. Interesting to watch; although they didn't bother to edit it (nor to put time stamps) so you have to "search" a bit for the actual content.
  23. Lukhas

    Wimbledon '14 Qualifying Day 1 Court-level point compilation

    Enjoy. :) Damn, not even Rajeev Ram uses a Mid anymore. He had a HEAD Prestige earlier this year.
  24. Lukhas

    Wawrinka had a malaise; stuck in bed with fever, he may not play Wimbledon

    Seems there's no thread about that in this section. or maybe I missed it. In French: He was hit by a sudden and violent fever on Monday; a fever that continued on Tuesday.
  25. Lukhas

    So, how was the Pure Drive Cortex?

    Hi, Tried to search the forums, didn't found what I wanted, so I'm asking here. So I found a classified ad about a pair of circa 2007 Pure Drive Cortex Plus. Extended length and my gripsize which is hard because of the over abundance of grip 2 or 3 racquets in Europe. 100€ (think $100 dears...
  26. Lukhas

    Orange Bowl '13: Boys and Girls 18 Finals Video

    Some of you already know the results. Some of you may even have already seen those matches. But anyway, here are videos of the actual finals with the time between points cut down. For those who don't know, the finals pitted Francis Tiafoe (red shorts) vs Stefan Kozlov and Varvara Flink (white...
  27. Lukhas

    [ATP 250] Open 13 Marseille 2014

    The draw:
  28. Lukhas

    Australian Open Boys Final 2014: Anyone watching it?

    Well, I do. For what is left of the match anyway; we're well into the second set. This Zverev guy is born in 1997 and hammers almost at 200kph on 1st serve. EDIT: Correction: over 200kph. Doesn't move quite bad, hard groundies. Of course fast strokes always are impressive, but that guy does play...
  29. Lukhas

    Seems Goran Ivanišević has humour sense...

    Enjoy. :)
  30. Lukhas

    "Live Ball: Tennis done differently (and better?)" - article A bit "free for all": the game doesn't really stops between points, if it stops at all. Emphasis on quickness and fitness rather than actual match play. Removal of the serve. Discuss.