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    Max Mirnyi to join Nishikori's team

    Interesting move by Nishikori. I guess Nisikori wants to improve his attacking game - approach, covering the net, etc. But, Mirnyi was all about attacking using his size, power, and reach rather than working his way upto the net with his groundstrokes and positioning. So, I am a bit skeptical...
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    Does Federer have the most compact forehand on tour?

    I think Federer's forehand has become more compact. Ferrer and Mischa Zverev also have pretty compact forehand, probably more than Federer's in my opinion.
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    What are you looking at when you're at the baseline and your opponent strikes the ball?

    I don't know if players focus on a single point per se. It's more of capturing the whole scene, the moment the opponent strikes the ball, opponent's stance, position on the baseline, etc. But, you do need to be aware when the opponent is making the contact.
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    Does a string pattern matter for REC players?

    Yes, different string pattern will impart different amount of spin and pace on the ball. More open string pattern results in higher spin and pace, and more dense string pattern means more "feel / control". I believe 18x20 is the most dense string pattern whereas 16x19 are commonly seen and...
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    Water Abuse

    I do this in order to cool down. My thick short black hair heats up too much from the sunlight.
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    Was Sampras a servebot?

    Clay did neutralize his serve but the primary reasons are that the surface exposed his defense and poor consistency on the baseline and he wasn’t a great mover on clay. He did make it to SF one year and beat some good clay court players on the way.
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    Federer vs Nike - "tension between parties for sure, but no official split"

    IMO, Nike has a history of disagreements in contracts with players nearing retirement - Sampras and Agassi (though it was more amiable with Agassi, I think) Federer has more to lose by walking out - he's looking at 1~2 more years on the tour and he doesn't need unnecessary trouble of finding...
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    Del Potro Is a Serious Threat to Nadal

    Soderling is a better mover than Del Potro and has more offensive backhand at this point. And, Soldering has only beaten once out of 4 after his FO win against Nadal. This isn't to doubt or underestimate Del Potro's capablity to beat Nadal. I think it depends on how healthy Nadal is feeling.
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    Del Potro Is a Serious Threat to Nadal

    Del Potro can be a threat to anyone, but I don't think he can outmanuver Nadal on clay, and clay is slow enough to neutralize Del Potro's power. Interestingly, last time they play against each other on clay was in 2008.
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    Being on the same page

    You get on the same page via discussing what's happening on the court. It's higher percentage play to look for a return coming back to middle against a down the middle serve. But, the returner began to read your play from you taking the step. So, you gotta adjust now, maybe take the step a bit...
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    "Practicing" during a match

    The fact that you won the first 5 points puts your opponent in a situation to try something different to win. It's completely UPTO him how to play -risky, safe, consistent, junk balling - that's his freedom. You don't DICTATE his mind or decision.
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    Prettiest serve motion?

    Feliciano Lopez and John Isner.
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    What is the best tasting bottled water?

    DASANI all the way. Otherwise tap water + filter
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    Volley practice video

    On the backhand side, it doesn't look like your hips are turning at all - your right foot is pointing forward when it should be pointing about 45 degrees in ward. This is preventing you from getting your shoulder behind the ball, and making you to swing sideways. Also, look at your left leg...
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    Reconstructing my FH (video)

    Would you say forehand at 0:29 is a classic example of what you said? And forehand at 0:44 is better executed?
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    Buying a new racket coming from the Pure storm

    Why not stick with Pure Strike VS if you liked it? I liked Pure Storm a lot, and I thought Blade 98 18x20 (the older black and green model) had somewhat similar feel. Blade 98 had a bit more weight and control in my opinion. I didn't like Pure Control at all.
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    Changing Shots/Pace

    Against a opponent clearly below your level, it's usually a good time to try shots that you want to work on. This gives you a bit of margin to fail and resort to your original game. It also depends on the opponent and your range of shots. If you are trying to figure out a competitive...
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    Federer will never play clay again because...

    informative post.. I hope Federer does make a farewell appearance at French Open before he retires though....for the sake of tennis fans over there.
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    What are the keys to be able to just rally with a higher level player?

    One thing you can do right away is - watching the ball closely as it leaves your opponent's string. As cliche as it sounds, this will help you recognize the shot trajectory earlier and prepare much earlier - which will allow you to handle these shots better. This starts with recovering from your...
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    Chung losing to Isner ???

    Well Isner is a good player who can beat anybody with that monster serve of his. Federer hit wide serves in a row on the ad side in one game and Chung couldn't get any of them back, which made me think he's vulnerable to wide serves. I didn't watch Chung vs Isner, but I wonder if Isner's...
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    Chung's serve should have never happened

    I think it's more related to his hip/trunk/rib cage mobility than anything else. Service motion is a lot like throwing upward motion where you need to be able to load weight on the right hip, and be able to push up and rotate forward. He doesn't quite have this motion. His serve motion looks...
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    Chung's serve should have never happened

    How do you know whether he had a proper technique?
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    Aiming kick serve

    I always struggeld with kick serve on the deuce as well. Personally, I try to swing more vertical and less side ways (from 6 to 12) whereas on I try to go from 7 to 1 in order to get the serve out wide. This means that my body moves more straight down and up on deuce side. On ad side, my body...
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    Extreme Western Grip

    Sure, those are all risk factors for arm injuries. But, extreme grip engages wrist, elbow, and shoulder joints at more acute angle, which might result in greater torque on these joints, increasing the risk for injury....
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    Extreme Western Grip

    Doesn't look like continental at all.
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    How many racquets do you need?

    At least 2 identical ones so that you have a back up. Personally, three identical ones are ideal. Third one at slightly lower tension.
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    How to avoid "arming" the one-hander?

    Obviously a shoulder turn as many of us know. Also, really anchoring the front leg before you swing.
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    Point of diminishing returns with coaching

    I think the question is what do you think your coach can provide in the extra hour? Drill? Technique? Watch your match play and provide feedback? The only way to find out is to try out.
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    Federer was surprisingly short sighted

    Federer wanted the number 1 ranking and he changed his plan to accomplish that knowing there will be other sacrifices and losses. At the stage of Federer's career, the oldest #1 is once in a life time opportunity - a legacy with much more weight than another Master's 1000 title.