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  1. QuadCam

    Bringing back Prince XT Poly ?

    With TW and Prince having such a close relationship, I'm curious if you'll be bringing back the Prince XT Poly. It was an 18 ga round poly that was absolutely amazing. IMO, it was the real 18 Ga of Lux Alu Power. I think it's been gone for about 3-4 years. It was the best Prince poly out...
  2. QuadCam

    FS: 2 Donnay XP Dual 102 Racquets (4 3/8") with Xtra Grommets and Custom Kits.

    Item Description (Brand/Model/Year): Donnay XP Dual 102 Grip Size / Size: 4 3/8" Quantity: 2 Head Size (if a racquet): 102 Sq. In. Condition (x out of 10): 7 - 8 *Specific Time Used (must give specific time, must be over 30 minutes): about 6 months *General Description (including any cosmetic...
  3. QuadCam

    Is this a hindrance?

    There's a guy i come across in league play. In doubles, when his team is returning serve but he is not the returner, he will move right up to the service T during the service motion. It seems to be an intentional move some at distracting the server. He does it every time. It used to bug me but...
  4. QuadCam

    2018 Yonex shoe lineup

    TW, Do you know when the new Yonex lineup of shoes with hit the US market? Specifically, the Eclipsion 2 ? Thanks, Andrew
  5. QuadCam

    Yonex Vcore SV 95 playsight spin numbers ??

    Thank you for reviewing this racquet. I'm interested in pulling the trigger on buying it but I have a question about the racquet review you did. Everyone in the review had hugely higher than average spin numbers reported by playsight. This isn't a hugely spin oriented racquet with s wildly open...
  6. QuadCam

    Inconsistant Playtest Data

    Firstly, I love all of the playtest videos TW posts on YouTube. But, Now, that you have electronic court data for each player, I wish your video editors would be consistent with the info they provide in the playtests for each tester. For example, it varies with each player whether you are...
  7. QuadCam

    Have we seen the best of Sock ?

    I'm always pulling for the young American but I think his best days may be behind him. He used to pop high 130-low 140 mph serves. Now, he rarely hits one over 125 mph. His devastating forehand doesn't seem like such a weapon anymore. It used to be jaw dropping. Now, it just seems spinny and...
  8. QuadCam

    Where is Jack Sock hiding?

    Sock has been mysteriously absent from the grass court tournaments. Since his 1st round exit at the French Open, I haven't heard a single mention about him. He didn't play much of the clay season either. I think he played in 1 tournament prior to RG17. If he plans on showing up at Wimbledon...
  9. QuadCam

    Purple Alu Power not the same as Silver

    Has anyone else tried the purple anniversary edition of Alu Power? I bought a couple sets as regular silver Alu Power is my favorite match day string. Freshly strung, silver Alu is special. Buttery smooth, amazing control, power, and spin. It's really only special like that for a match, but it...
  10. QuadCam

    WeissCannon Blue Rock N Power

    Anyone else played with this string? I bought a set after having fun testing out WC Ultra Cable. BRNP looked to be a slightly thinner, possibly livlier string compared to UC but with the same nasty bite on the ball. I strung BRNP up and immediately noticed how stiff it is. This was very...
  11. QuadCam

    Stan Smith Boost

    Is tennis warehouse going to carry the newly released Stan Smith Boost shoes from Adidas?
  12. QuadCam

    TW University Question: String Energy Return

    I was looking at the string performance database, and it's quite a great tool you have put together! My question regards the Energy return data: Is the energy return figure testing performed when the string is totally fresh and before the full tension loss has occured? I am guessing that it...
  13. QuadCam

    Anyone tried new Pocket Radar Ball Coach??

    I just saw that pocket radar came out with an undated radar unit. It;s called the Ball Coach. Looks like a much better unit than the original. The original had issues with having to perfectly time when to press the button to pick up the ball speed. If you were off on pressing the button...
  14. QuadCam

    tension recommendations for Tour Bite 19

    I've been stringing in the 40s recently and having fun with it. I bought a pack of TB19 and wanted to hear people's thoughts on where to string it. I've never played with any of the tour bite strings so I have no sense of the characteristics of TB. IS TB19 too powerful and springy for...
  15. QuadCam

    Were these Special Edition Vapor 9s ???

    Are these special edition vapor 9s or were they just the summer offering in 2012 ? I've never seen these before.
  16. QuadCam

    5 jaw vs 3 jaw clamps

    My stringer has 5 jaw clamps and I noticed that their are similar machines with 3 jaw clamps. Additionally, i have found that I can buy the 3 jaw clamps to "upgrade" my clamps. Can anyone tell me what the real difference in these clamps are? benefits? etc? :confused: thanks!
  17. QuadCam

    Anybody still experimenting with Gamma Glide??

    I haven't heard anyone talk about Glide in sometime, now. Does it really add significant spin? What about the longevity? I remember something about the string becoming very stiff with age... and causes arm pains for some. I have a packet of it, but haven't strung it up yet. I'm...
  18. QuadCam

    First time string RPM Blast 18

    I just bought a few packs of RPM Blast with the recent sale that TW has going on. I figured I'll check out what all the hype is about. Most polys, I'll string up at 50 just to get a reference feel for. I think that may be too low for Blast 18 though. I noticed when prestretching it, that...
  19. QuadCam

    Anyone tried the ARMAID for Tennis Elbow???

    I came across this product with which looks like it could really work for tennis elbow. Seems like it could relax tight, ropey forearm muscles. Anyone have any feedback on it????
  20. QuadCam

    Pure Control Tour Plus Demo???

    I just saw that Babolat added the Pure Control Tour Plus to the US lineup. It's available for sale, but no demos are available. A few years ago, I finally decided to get new racquets after playing with Prince Titanium Michael Change MidPlus racquets for almost 15 years. I couldn't get...