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    Tennis Clubs in Toronto

    Anyone here ever hit at Bayview Golf and Country Club in Toronto? They have six great clay courts and a friendly staff as well.
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    Rafael Nadal’s New Babolat Aero2 Bag

    Please check out the below link to Nadal's new racket bag which coincides with the release of his new Aero Pro Drive GT racket.
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    Federer gonig East?

    Just wondering what everyones views were about Federer's forehand grip, and whether or not his eastern forehand grip, being one of the main reasons his game is in decline?
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    My Hit With Roger and Rafa

    Great article on an experience of a life time at
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    Loop versus straight back forehand analysis

    Nice artilce on the different take backs of the forehand at Enjoy.
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    Nadal/Federer wrist bands and bandanas

    I know the north american market will not carry these accessories for the aussie and and french opens, my question is why? I have never understood why nike does not release these items, even if it is on limited release.
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    Nadal/Federer U.S Open wrist/head bands?

    Hello TW, Just wondering if Nadal or Federer will be wearing any blues/greys/yellow, wrist/head bands for the US Open, and will you be caring them. I know last year you did carry them. Thanks!
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    If Federer took off the rest of the year what would he be ranked?

    So what do you think? If Fed wins/loses in Australia, takes off the rest of the year, what do you think his year end rank would be. I still think he would be top 10.
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    Nike Mens Fall 2007

    I saw the fall 07 line today, some nice stuff. The primary colours are Zest, Blue Graphite, Argon blue. Zest being yellow, Blue graphite looking more grey and Argon blue being a dark blue. Line looks something like this: Nadal: global power sleveless, wimby: white/blue graphite, U.S open...
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    Mens Air Max Breathe Cage

    Hello TW, Just wondering if TW will be caring the Mens Air Max Breathe Cage. As well as how much it will cost, colour styles and date available. Thank you.
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    dj rudee

    Any tech house fans out there. I heard this guy spinning at a few Toronto clubs over the weekend and he is awesome. Not the same stuff everyone plays, he mixes it up well and plays lots of non cheese tracks. I truely have to give props to a guy that can play different types of house music, tech...
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    Air Zoom Court Motion

    Hello TW, Just wondering if the 2007 Air Zoom Court Motion is suppose to be similar to the air court motion international of 2001-2002. Thank you.