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  1. BigGriff

    My Wise 2086 Tension Head Died!!!

    Horrible timing for my Wise 2086 to die :( Strung up a few sticks. Grabbed a beer came back and my display was blank. Only thing lit up on the display was the decimal point. I consider myself tech savvy so I checked my outlet with a volt meter and everything was fine. Disconnected the wiring...
  2. BigGriff

    Sacramento Tennis?

    Was gone on deployment and I recently moved to the Sac area. I wanted to find a hitting partner and find out where the tennis hot spots are in this area. Feel free to contact me with any recommendations or advice.
  3. BigGriff

    FS two Wilson K6.1 95 16x18 L3 grip!

    I am parting with my K 6.1 95's! Both are L3 (4 3/8) grip. They are both 8.5/10 condition. I have references under this name if you do a search. I will sell both of them for $225 shipping included. I wanted to make a switch from my PDR's but this isnt the stick for me. They are just...
  4. BigGriff

    New String: Topspin Concept Pure

    I just got a couple of packs of a new poly from Topspin called Concept Pure. Anybody try it yet???
  5. BigGriff

    Wanted: 2 Head Microgel Extreme Pros

    I am looking for 2 Head Microgel Extreme Pros grip size 4 3/8 (L2).
  6. BigGriff

    Does anyone know what site will be streaming the PLO?

    Does anyone know which site will stream the Pacific Life Open action? Thanks in advance.
  7. BigGriff

    A few pics of my Mutual Power Titan 7600

    I finally had enough time to put my new toy together. I will add the Wise after I get it factory calibrated. I hope you guys enjoy the pics.
  8. BigGriff

    Alpha Revo's will be back ordered for a while!

    I know there is a ton of interest in the Alpha Revo so I wanted to let everyone know that it will be hard to get a hold of the Alpha Revo 4000 before the tennis season really kicks into high gear! Below is a cut and pasted response from Newtech Tennis. Hi, The Revo's are selling faster...
  9. BigGriff

    FS: 2 Babolat Pure Drive Roddick Standard 4 1/4

    I have two Babolat Pure Drive Roddick Standards for sale. One of the racquets is 8.5/10 with scuffs on the bumper guard from normal play. The other racquet was a spare (9.5/10) and has a few hours of practice time on it. I had both racquets less than 3 months. I have racquet covers and...
  10. BigGriff

    New Tennis Instructional Video

    I saw this and couldn't stop laughing! I hope you guys enjoy.
  11. BigGriff

    Anybody see Gael Monfil's 120mph forehand winner?

    I got this link in an email. Hope you guys like it. It was from this years AO. I was amazed at how fast the ball jumps off his racquet!
  12. BigGriff

    FS (2) i.Radical Oversize (1) Radical Tour OS

    I am selling (2) Head i.Radicals OS and (1) Radical Tour OS that are in 9+/10 condition. There are no scratches on the bumper guards!!! The handle size is 4 5/8. I am asking $75 for both of the iRads or $40 for one plus shipping. I will accept the best offer for the Radical Tour. If you buy...
  13. BigGriff

    Grommet/Bumperguard set for Ipex 7.0 MS

    TW, I want to order two grommet/bumperguard sets for my Gamma Ipex 7.0 MS racquets but did not see them on your web page. Do you have them available for sale?
  14. BigGriff

    FS: 2 Head i.Radicals OS

    The Racquets Have Been Sold!!!
  15. BigGriff

    Wanted: 2 Gamma Ipex 7.0 Mids

    I am looking for 2 Gamma Ipex 7.0 mid size (98) racquets in 9/10 condition. I prefer size 1/4 but willing to settle for 3/8 sizes.
  16. BigGriff

    Anybody using a poly as a cross?

    I usually use a poly as my main (Kirschbaum P2 17L) and a syn gut (Gamma TNT 17) as a cross. I wanted a little feed back on people that use either a multi or syn gut as the main and a poly as the cross. How did it feel? How long did the mains last? I want to try a Gamma Revelation as the...