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  1. Lukhas

    Tsitsipas match used racquet with real specs and SW

    It could be the same way Federer's Pro Staff 90's specs were achieved: rebuild the handle from scratch and/or work from a bare hairpin.
  2. Lukhas

    how do people decide between 1hbh and 2hbh?

    You can equivalently argue that there were 11 different men's slam finalists with a 1HBH in the last twenty years, four of which (Kuerten, Sampras, Rafter, Philippoussis) had a good chunk of their career in the 90's. I couldn't care less: individual player prowess doesn't matter to me when...
  3. Lukhas

    how do people decide between 1hbh and 2hbh?

  4. Lukhas

    how do people decide between 1hbh and 2hbh?

    C'mon, that's harsh. I simply disagree on that a single player at a single tournament over six matches means a whole lot to the current state of the tour, no matter how good that player is. That's the exact same kind of argument some people have been writing off the 1HBH because of Federer vs...
  5. Lukhas

    how do people decide between 1hbh and 2hbh?

    It does, I mentioned it: higher potential spin and power assuming you have time to set up. What I also do say is that I don't think six matches in Novak's career say a whole much about the 1HBH on tour, and my opinion isn't based on that. I'd say the same about Nadal too: my opinion isn't based...
  6. Lukhas

    how do people decide between 1hbh and 2hbh?

    But is it a statement about the 1HBH, Djokovic, the Nadal Paris French Open, clay court tennis or all of the aforementioned? :p Jokes asides, you'd surely agree Djokovic's prowess in Paris doesn't mean too much here. This is a nerds-only topic here, not GPPD! :whistle:
  7. Lukhas

    how do people decide between 1hbh and 2hbh?

    If you're hitting comparable open stance 1HBH to a 2HBH, I sincerely applaud you. Really. Because most of these pros may have done so in the past (in particular Dimitrov), but none of them can reliably do so. Therefore I don't think that changes much to the fact that the 2HBH simply is a better...
  8. Lukhas

    how do people decide between 1hbh and 2hbh?

    At the rec level, anything that can get the ball back once more on a shot that generally is a defensive shot is valid. Which is why I wrote that I thought a two-handed bunt is interesting due to the forgiveness it gives. To me, all of these are less interesting than the ability to hit a...
  9. Lukhas

    how do people decide between 1hbh and 2hbh?

    I have a 1HBH and to be honest, I think the 1HBH is essentially obsolete in the modern game at higher levels. It has a few upsides, but the downsides aren't worth it; especially as slices are less effective than ever before. The best slice on tour when not used defensively only earns his owner...
  10. Lukhas

    Why are there more double bagels in women's tennis?

    It does tell you that it means that every other woman serves worse than that on average (or return way better than men, your choice). I can let you draw the conclusions on what happens when someone happens to have a Dementieva-day out there, like Swiatek's drubbing of one of the best servers on...
  11. Lukhas

    Why are there more double bagels in women's tennis?

    You could check out Tennis-Abstract. The best three female servers this year (minus Serena) are Osaka, Barty and Brady. Osaka has a 52.5% 1st serves in, wins about 63.5% of her points on serve and holds about 80% of the time. She also wins a bit above 50% of her 2nd serve points, which is pretty...
  12. Lukhas

    Musetti and Berrettini Racquet from the source

    The article claimed a 20mm beam, so that was what I put in the search filters. Nothing else.
  13. Lukhas

    Musetti and Berrettini Racquet from the source

    It didn't appear in my search filters since TW doesn't list it as a 20mm beam (22-23-21mm); to be honest, I wasn't aware there even was an Extreme that was smaller than 100in².
  14. Lukhas

    Musetti and Berrettini Racquet from the source

    Reminds me of the AO 2008 final: both Tsonga and Djokovic were using a Blade paintjob, yet the racquets weren't alike at all. At least Berettini's racquet could pass off as an actual Extreme, unlike Jo and Novak whose racquets certainly weren't Blades at all. I went through Racquet Finder to...
  15. Lukhas

    What are the cons / disadvantages of customizing your racquet ?

    Depends how neurotic about it you are. The biggest downside is basically knowing that you most likely never really have two racquets that are the same. I probably was better off not knowing how bad racquet QC generally is... :whistle:
  16. Lukhas


    You mean Sascha Bajin? I recall he had dropped Mladenovic to partner up with Yastremska. Sure Mladenovic wasn't exactly the most exiting endeavour ever and everyone but her could see it coming if he were proposed a younger promising player; that being said, the Frenchwoman's results were...
  17. Lukhas

    Womens vs Mens shoes, same size

    Unless specified otherwise (because there are/were some unsex tennis shoes), women's shoes will be narrower.
  18. Lukhas

    Djokovic should give up on Monte Carlo

    Just a bit of harmless fun with it to be fair; I don't believe in such things either. Anyway, here comes the "official" Tennis TV highlights. For once they actually bother posting... 4 minute long highlights. Meh. Between them not posting highlights and the WTA posting highlights but oddly not...
  19. Lukhas

    Djokovic should give up on Monte Carlo

    To be honest, at some point you've got to wonder if it's not a curse. How do you even explain that?
  20. Lukhas

    What is Federer's most significant Grand Slam win that we forgot about?

    As a single win or as a winning run? If it's the latter, I'd vote for 2008 US Open considering the stinker of a year he was having relative to his previous seasons. Got beaten black and blue by Nadal at Roland, lost at Wimbledon while playing shaky tennis for about two sets, lost the #1 ranking...
  21. Lukhas

    Toni Nadal hired as the coach of Felix Auger Aliassime

    To be fair, Toni does speak good enough French to be needlessly interviewed during matches on French TV to explain why Rafa's not the favourite, Roger/Novak is (because rankings or something); all while his nephew was pulverising some dude on Chatrier a few rows below. Imagine getting...
  22. Lukhas

    connection between player height and serve stance? There are a bit of interesting takes. Federer hits the ball as if he's 6'5" even though he's listed at 6'1"; just as high as fellow platform user Raonic who happens to be listed at 6'5", or as high as pinpoint server Del Potro, who's...
  23. Lukhas

    New PC Build

    Unfortunately, it seems that as I feared months ago, the first M1 line of computers still have quite a few things that need to be ironed out. The sarcastic man in me would dare say "ironed out... in time for the next versions", though I don't really wish that upon anyone. That being said, it...
  24. Lukhas

    Anyone else tearing holes on the sides of their shoes from sliding?

    It has been talked about on the forums. To be honest, with its rubber patch, the Court FF2 is as good as it gets, and apparently it has lasted until your outsole became slick out at least pretty much slick, which is pretty good for a tennis shoe. Otherwise, I put compounds similar to Shoe Goo...
  25. Lukhas

    What happened to my buttery Kirschbaum synthetic gut?

    Speaking of Pro's Pro, there's Hot Stuff. Exists mainly in 1.33mm (15L) and even 1.40mm (15) should your grommets be wide enough.
  26. Lukhas

    If Thiem had peak Gasquet's backhand.....

    If we look at the numbers... ...Gasquet may have the best 1HBH statistically, but it wouldn't be enough against Nadal for Thiem since the Spaniard is more solid than he is from the baseline regardless. 3 stars is average for the Top 100, 1 star way below average, 5 star way above average...
  27. Lukhas

    Fellow Cage 3 which shoe are you going?

    I saw the GR8 on sale in a French shop (Decathlon) for a good price and tried them. For the life of me, I never managed to wear a pair of these: I have thin ankles and they tend to run too shallow at the ankle for my taste. The GR8 I tried doesn't have it as bad as some of the older models like...
  28. Lukhas

    Deep Dive Into Tennis Analytics

    All being said, there is a player who got the memo and doesn't hesitate to target Nadal's forehand on the first serve. It's also a player who does make use of statistical analysis: Daniil Medvedev. There is very little data on his second serves (about 33 second serves were charted), but on the...
  29. Lukhas

    Deep Dive Into Tennis Analytics

    I just noticed the ATP website now has a serve and return tracker, allowing you to see where a player prefers to serve or return, and the percentage of points won for each zone. It's not much considering the limited scope of the data (Masters 1000s since 2011, Next-Gen Finals since 2017, ATP Cup...
  30. Lukhas

    Serve rules and others that deserve consideration of rules change...

    To be honest, the absurd level of fragmentation of tennis makes it very difficult to get any sort of agreement on rule changes; nevermind any sort of consistency. Another thread on tennis analytics (which you can find here...