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  1. ttbrowne

    Big Banger Blue vs Original

    Anyone know if there is more than just a color difference between the BB blue and the original orange/tan color?
  2. ttbrowne

    Wilson Syn Gut Power breakage issue

    We've had 7 beds that have broken almost immediately after stringing. It's the latest "Power" syn gut 16 from Wilson. This all came from 2 batches of individually packed string. We're thinking we got a bad batch. Anyone else having issues?
  3. ttbrowne

    ATP Ignoring Djokovic

    Conspicuously absent from the ATP website....any mention of the Novak Covid-19 tournament disaster. Unbelievable that the #1 website for pro tennis would completely ignore top news of one of it's own.
  4. ttbrowne

    USO Maureen Connally Statue

    Here's hoping the USO already has a Little Mo statue. I hear Althea Gibson is getting one and Connally was head and shoulders above anything Gibson did. It wouldn't be right.
  5. ttbrowne

    Alexis Will Call Lines!

    Recently we took Alexis to one of our matches. Set her up on the water station by the court. On close calls, we'd ask her if the ball was in or out. She was right 98% of the time!
  6. ttbrowne

    WTA...Rating Has Fallen

    With Serena's win at Wimbledon, the WTA has just gone from Weak to Weaker. When will it fall to Weakest?
  7. ttbrowne

    Andy Murray UA Shoes

    I'm seeing Murray wearing UA shoes at the Davis Cup match? Are those available somewhere?
  8. ttbrowne

    Babolat PD Headguard Nightmare

    I just changed a headguard on the new Pure Drive and it is truly a nightmare. Nine pieces and they have pieces that have 9 grommets on one side while the same piece for the other side has 8 grommets?? This is crazy for Babolat to produce a racquet like this. Grab a pitcher with some extremely...
  9. ttbrowne

    Number 1 Thing Left On Tennis Courts

    I work at a tennis club. Take a guess. Also what are some thing you've left on the courts.
  10. ttbrowne

    US Open Street Poll

    Did my own poll at late last night at a party. Who will win the US Open Men's Final? Nishikori or Cilic? 16 said they didn't know because they never heard of them! 2 said Nishikori. 1 said Cilic because it sounded like Chiclets gum. 4 were not interested. (BTW...ALL but 3 said they had knew who...
  11. ttbrowne

    New Babolat PD with White

    I happened to see a Bab brochure in the office last night. It was for the PD and the color scheme was changed to include a lot of white. It was really nice looking. I was busy stringing so I didn't get to read all of the brochure. Am I the last one to know about this?
  12. ttbrowne

    Babolat head guard suggestions

    Out of all the racquets I've stung in my short stringer life (a couple of months and 100 racquets), the Babolat head guard for the Pure Drive gives me fits. I worked on one the other day for 2 hours. Any suggestions on how to get these way-to-small head guards to go on easier?
  13. ttbrowne

    Satisfied With USTA? Poll

    Just curious as to how high the USTA rates with it's membership.
  14. ttbrowne

    How much are your coin washers?

    Had to use a coin laundry the other day. They were $1.25 for wash, $1.25 for dryer. What are they in your area?
  15. ttbrowne

    Anyone switch from a Prince Black to ???

    I have played with this racquet for years but I have broken every one of them at the 10/2 position on the head. Not a great racquet for mis-hits on overheads. Have any of you switched from the Black to something else with good results. I work in a club and have hit with a wide array of Wilson...
  16. ttbrowne

    Nole Played It Smart To Win IW Title

    I couldn't help notice how smart Novak played the set from 6-5 down to Fed. I'm guessing he decided to change to a slower tempo because in the last game of the set he never ripped a ball like he did in the previous games. He just got the ball in. He must have known Fed would be nervous(I...
  17. ttbrowne

    Cheap Way To Practice Knots

    I had some old racquets laying around that were broken. I cut the mains to where they were fairly long about two head lengths. Then just put them through the cross holes and practiced knots while watching tv. They don't have to be in the machine. It's cheap and you won't have to use your good...
  18. ttbrowne

    Giorgi Questioned On Alleged Shady Business Dealings

    Seems to me the reporter gave her all the room to honestly give her take on the situation but she just wanted to talk about "tennis". I agree with the reporter. Money IS part of the game and if there is a major story out thee about Daddy & her ripping off investors, it's news. Tennis news. The...
  19. ttbrowne

    K-Swiss Big Shot 2

    I took a chance on these and really am glad I did. I was wearing Adidas and these shoes feel so much lighter. They didn't have a break-in period for me, I just put them on and they felt like I'd been wearing them for a year. All except for the new soles, I busted my *** because they had traction.
  20. ttbrowne

    Percentage of Shots Hit Below The Shoulder

    I am looking for any study pertaining to how many balls in 3.0, 3.5, 4.0 play where the ball is below the shoulder of the net player, as he is hitting the ball, while he (the net player) is playing from inside the service box to the net. This is not a bet, This is for a written study...
  21. ttbrowne

    Bouchard - Justin Bieber??????

    Who would you date? Bouchard sez Justin Bieber??? WTF???
  22. ttbrowne

    How will Nadal handle his eventual decline?

    Just thinking of Fed and his recent fall in the rankings. Seems like he's in the mindset where he's thinking more of failure than of success. Nadal will eventual get to this point also. How will he handle it? Will he retire sooner than Fed or stay and fight it out?
  23. ttbrowne

    Typical Kneejerkers Come Out! Are You One of Them?

    Seems like just after a major the kneejerkers appear with the same old panic drivel. What's wrong with Nole?? Why can't Nadal sustain his level of play, blah. To them I say, Man, It's Tennis. There's nothing wrong with either of them. They just are a victim of the usual up's & down's of any...
  24. ttbrowne

    Top 100 Players on Tennis Channel Make No Sense

    The Top 100 Players on TC makes no sense to me. They had people who'd won 8, 5, 3 Majors taking a backseat to people who'd just been in the FINALS?? WTF?
  25. ttbrowne

    ESPN 3 Has Fed & Nadal Thank Gawd!
  26. ttbrowne

    Radwanska: Screamers Shut Up!

    Thank Gawd for Aggie. She says it's time to stop sceaming. Can we get a write-in campaign going to the WTA? WTA Strong is Beautiful Shreiking is Ugly
  27. ttbrowne

    AO: Stosur obviously not using PEDs

    Good god, look at the size of Stosurs arms and upper body. Reminds me of Barry Bonds & Mark McGuire. C'mon, can someone tell me with a straight face that she's not using a PED.
  28. ttbrowne

    Meniscus Knee Adventures

    Hurt my knee about 5 months ago. Quit playing immediately. Haven't been on court since. Diagnosis after MRI: Slight tear in Meniscus and strain of ACL. Treatment recommended: Physical Therapy. Had injection of cortisone 3 months ago. Pain went away but I carried 13 boxes of files up to attic...
  29. ttbrowne

    Woz, McIlroy Affair Hurts Ex-GF

    When your man hugs the dogs first instead of you, you know it's over. Sad story.
  30. ttbrowne

    Dementieva's Reaction to Husband Hockey Fight

    Elena is married to Maxim Afinogenov, who plays in the Russian league now. Her reaction to seeing him fight....