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  1. EclipseRydr97

    best folding table for table top stringer?

    hi, i have limited space at my home and i think the best solution is a folding table. i have a gamma progression 602 table top drop weight stringer... i was looking to see if anyone uses a personal folding table or if any suggestions about which ones could be good for it? thanks
  2. EclipseRydr97

    Missing piece on Gamma Progression 602

    Hello, I've had this Gamma Progression 602 machine for over 10 years and it's been amazing. One thing it is missing though is one of the post lever lock rubber pieces. I've taken a picture and circled where it's missing and circled the part on the other side. TW do you sell these parts? Anyone...
  3. EclipseRydr97

    FS: Gamma floor stand for stringer

    Miscellaeneous: Gamma floor stand for stringer Item Description (Brand/Model): Gamma Progression II and X-Stringer Floor Stand Quantity: 1 Condition (x out of 10): 9/10 *Specific Time Used (several, a little bit, barely is not acceptable):couple hours to string a few rackets *General Description...
  4. EclipseRydr97

    FS: Babolat and Prince Rackets

    Item Description (Brand/Model/Year) Babolat Pure Control, I believe 2014 Grip Size: 4 3/8 Quantity: 1 Head Size: 98 sq in Condition (x out of 10): 9.5/10 *Specific Time Used (must give specific time, must be over 30 minutes): 1 hr and 30 minutes *General Description (including any...
  5. EclipseRydr97

    WTB: Nike medium purple tennis shirts *pix*

    I am looking for the following shirts in size medium, if anyone has any, please email me eclipse rydr AT yahoo . com (without the spaces)
  6. EclipseRydr97

    WANTED: Nike Men's 2k11 2k12 tennis shoes

    Looking for Breathe 2k11 or 2k12 shoes. Will consider most colorways, but mainly looking for the white/black, and the black/white/purple. Must be in excellent condition and size 9. I'm located in Southern California. Email me at eclipserydr AT yahoo . com
  7. EclipseRydr97

    b0mb34man is a great buyer!

    Prompt communication, quick payment. easy to deal with. would do business with again. thanks!
  8. EclipseRydr97

    Bicep Tendon

    Over the last couple weeks, I've experienced some on and off pain on my bicep tendon according to muscle/tendon charts. I'll feel it once in a while if I'm reaching to put my socks on, or turning the steering wheel counterclockwise with my right arm, or while Kaepernicking (I don't do this on...
  9. EclipseRydr97

    Gift Card checker

    where do I go to see how much I have left on my TW Gift Card?
  10. EclipseRydr97

    Shaggy Steering wheel covers

    I'm just throwing this out there... does anyone know where to git a similar steering wheel cover like this in black? :-?
  11. EclipseRydr97

    8x pairs of Nike shoes in excellent shape w/ pics

    I have some Nike shoes for sale, all 8 have pairs have been used maybe once or twice on the court. All shoes are size 9. I'm selling because I just don't really have the time to play as much as I would like. 9/10 condition - Breathe Cage II white/black - $40 9/10 condition - Breathe 2k10...
  12. EclipseRydr97

    Lump between thumb and index finger *w/ pictures*

    OK so about 3-4 weeks ago I was doing some pushups and felt a little tweak in my right hand as I was pushing myself the from the ground up. Well I thought it would go away overnight and it didn't, I played tennis the following morning and i felt the pain. I only feel the pain on the...
  13. EclipseRydr97

    Return Policy

    I've read the return policy, but I had a question about the return shipping labels. Do they expire? i.e. if they are several months old, but still less than 365 days? if so do we request a new one?
  14. EclipseRydr97

    Not allowed to post WTB tickets?

    i tried to start a new thread in the wanted section for indian wells tickets, but it never showed up. am i not allowed to ask to buy those tickets?
  15. EclipseRydr97

    FS: Nike Breathe 2k10 Black/White/Red Great Condition w/ pics!

    i have some nike breathe 2k10 in black/white/red colorway, size 10, in great condition 9/10, only used on the courts for a couple hours, very light use, see pictures, i do NOT have the original box asking $45 + shipping, local pickup welcome, i am in orange county, CA email me eclipserydr...
  16. EclipseRydr97

    FS: 3 pairs of Nike Vapors 6, 7 w/ pictures

    I have two pairs of Nike Vapor Tour 6 in black/silver, one is in 8/10 condition, the other is better than a 9/10 condition, both pairs are size 9, selling for $45 and $65 respectively. I do NOT have the boxes for these shoes. I also have a pair of Nike Vapor Lunarlite in...
  17. EclipseRydr97

    WTB: 2 matching Babolat Pure Storm GT 2009 4 3/8

    as title says, looking to buy two identically weighted 2009 babolat pure storm gt's in grip size 4 3/8, preferrably 7+/10 condition please email me what you have, eclipserydr AT yahoo . com
  18. EclipseRydr97

    Non-severe ankle injury, I think

    I'm a 26 yr old 5.0 singles player and Thursday night just before my singles match started (I was on the court right about to start warming up with the first ball), I felt this slight twinge on the outside of my left ankle, almost like a little muscle moving incorrectly. During the match, I...
  19. EclipseRydr97

    FS: 4x Babolat Pure Storm Team in great shape

    I have 4x Babolat Pure Storm Team rackets, the orange and black rackets, below is a picture of the type of racket that I found on the internet. Grip size is 4 1/2 for all four sticks, all four sticks are about 8.5/10 condition, maybe better, each stick will come with a brand new grommet set...
  20. EclipseRydr97

    What ankle wraps does John Isner use?

    What ankle wraps does John Isner use?
  21. EclipseRydr97

    Slight knee pain, how long should i stay away?

    so i've been rather injury free for some time now, i'm 26 y/o male, 5.0, was rallying with a friend, just a ground stroke game, i hit a backhand then i jumped straight up with both legs, landed standing straight up and i believe on my toes, when i landed my left knee felt odd, no sharp pain at...
  22. EclipseRydr97

    White/Black RF Hat

    I noticed it's on your website but it is sold out, when will you have more? Thanks
  23. EclipseRydr97

    WTB: Nike Breathe 2k10 Size 9

    Looking for these shoes, hopefully in great condition, looking for the white/yellow or the white/black/red or black/white, let me know what you have in size 9,
  24. EclipseRydr97

    FS/FT: Nike Vapor VI size 10.5 (oreo, black/red, black/silver)

    I have 3 pairs of shoes for sale, all sizes are 10.5, Nike Vapor VI Tour. I have the Oreo colorway, Black/Red colorway, and Black/Silver, each pair of shoes has a few hrs of use on them, maybe a bit more on the Oreo's but plenty of life left, I'd say 9/10 for the black ones and 8/10 for the...
  25. EclipseRydr97

    FS: Nike Vapor Tour VI Federer Black/Red Excellent Shape *pics*

    I have a pair of Nike Vapor VI Tour shoes for sale in excellent shape, easily a 9+/10 condition. I only used them on the court once for maybe a couple hours, just to hit lightly. These shoes are size 12, they are $65, shipping will depend where you are in the country. Please see pics. Please...
  26. EclipseRydr97

    Wanted: Nike Vapor Vi Size 10 1/2

    Looking for this Nike Vapor VI Federer shoe in size 10.5 prefer the black colorways, email me with what you have eclipserydr @ yahoo . com
  27. EclipseRydr97

    FS: Volkl Tour Scorcher 4 5/8 9+/10

    I'm selling this racket for my father, it is a Volkl Tour Scorcher, grip size is 4 5/8. He tried it for 30 minutes on the court when he realized the grip was too large for him. Racket is currently strung with Tecnifibre NRG2 17g string and is 9.5/10 condition, it is NOT brand new, he is...
  28. EclipseRydr97

    WTB: Nike McEnroe Shorts (pic included)

    Looking for these white Nike McEnroe shorts, I think they were last year's model, size medium, please email me at eclipserydr @ if you have them Thanks
  29. EclipseRydr97

    Nike Men's Basic Feather Light Visor II

    I only see colors for navy blue, do you anticipate getting some black ones? Thank you in advance
  30. EclipseRydr97

    FS: Nike Vapor VI Size 11.5

    i have two pairs of shoes for sale, both 9/10 condition, only used a couple hrs on the court, selling because the shoe size is too big for me nike air zoom vapor vi, size 11 1/2, black/silver colorway and black/red colorway if you need pictures, please contact me eclipserydr @