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  1. QuadCam

    In praise of Kevlar/ZX hybrid!!!

    What are you using for tensions these days? I come and go away from the Kev/zx all the time. I'm thinking of trying it again in my 315ltds. Have a reel of 17 kev and some packs of zx lying around.
  2. QuadCam

    In praise of Kevlar/ZX hybrid!!!

    Yup. PITA to tie off without snapping
  3. QuadCam

    Adidas Ubersonic 4 Thread

    I think they meant that the cushioning in the heel is plush as you walk from heel to toe. But overall, it's a firm and stable, low to the ground cushioning.
  4. QuadCam

    What Whisky Are You Drinking?

    Haven't tried that one but their "Rare Breed" is phenomenal.
  5. QuadCam

    Adidas Ubersonic 4 Thread

    Interesting. I wasn't aware of lightstrike. My favorite tennis for comfort were the adidas crazy light boost (lowtop bb shoe). It had full length boost and they never wore out (on clay.) The cushioning always stayed plush and responsive.
  6. QuadCam

    Adidas Ubersonic 4 Thread

    Still no full length boost midsole. Could have been amazing
  7. QuadCam


    The OS was very light and low swingweight. The Mid was close to mid 11 oz strung with a SW arround 350-360
  8. QuadCam

    Puncture marks are visible on both Rafa's knees

    That'd be one huge needle! Look at the size of those marks.
  9. QuadCam

    Nike Zoom GP Turbo official thread.

    It's possible but if they are true custom orthotics, you can have them make them thin under the toes. Most orthotics focus on the arch. The shoes are so "cushiony" that you easily wear them without the stock foam insole.....which is reasonably thick, btw.
  10. QuadCam

    Nike Zoom GP Turbo official thread.

    Very comfy tennis shoes. To me, the toe box isn't narrow or small. Those areas are fine.... It's that there isn't a lot of room vertically for your toes. Not sure if that makes sense. The distance between the insole and the top of the shoe is short. I find that I don't have much room to...
  11. QuadCam

    How can a racquet be good at slice but not topspin?

    You really have to change your technique for penetrating slices depending on the openness of your string bed. Every once in awhile, I'll pull out one of my old Michael Chang Princes. (95 sqin. 14x18) Using the same technique that I use with my 16x19 tecnifibres does not result in the same...
  12. QuadCam

    How can a racquet be good at slice but not topspin?

    Have you ever seen Dolgopolov's backhand slice? I've never seen or heard anything like it. the ball whistles like a wiffle ball coming off his strings. It's nuts!
  13. QuadCam

    How can a racquet be good at slice but not topspin?

    Great "slicing" racquets tend to produce a low bouncing "drive" type of slice shot. Meaning... you can hit a slice shot with a very flat trajectory, enough backspin so that it bites and skids off the ground and stays low on the bounce. These tend to be 18x20 patterned racquets. Open patterned...
  14. QuadCam

    Ask the Racquet Designers of the New Tecnifibre TFight RS Racquets Questions!

    I really hope you consider bringing back the 315 Ltd frames. They are a fantastic platform racquet for customizing! I own 3 of them that have all been extended 1/2", pallets changed to the wilson shape.... they are all matched in weight balance, and swingweight. I even have added the...
  15. QuadCam

    Milos Raonic is an example sportsman and a hardworking individual

    I agree. I can't say why though. There's just something unusual about a creepy serial killer kind of manner. I see him like "Private Pyle" from Full Metal Jacket.
  16. QuadCam

    Low powered, spin friendly platform frame requested

    they aren't for sale anymore
  17. QuadCam

    R P N Y Head replacement pallet installation

    What tape are you using for the pallets? I need to find something stronger/stickier.
  18. QuadCam

    Lower level d1 schools

  19. QuadCam

    Softest, most arm and shoulder/elbow friendly poly?

    Here's the simple and expensive answer. FRESH poly! Change it it every week and your body will be happy
  20. QuadCam

    UTR to USTA conversion 2020

    Both utr and usta use margin of victory in their calculations. I think it would be better suited to go by wins and losses. Sometimes a close win can bring your rating down. As we all know, you don't always play your best every time you go on the court. Sometimes, you have to struggle to win...
  21. QuadCam

    UTR to USTA conversion 2020

    as you likely already know, they are seeded by a rolling annual points system that are earned by round wins at tournaments. Their points from tournament round victories are the same value whether it comes from a 6-0,6-0 slaughter or a 7-6,6-7,7-6 squeaker. The UTR rating of the #1 pro to the...
  22. QuadCam

    UTR to USTA conversion 2020

    Both systems are flawed since there isn't a human (eye test) element to the ratings. They both rely on the game score differential to determine how it'll affect your rating. . Firstly, this means that you are supposed to go out and try to pummel your opponent. I hate that idea! If you only...
  23. QuadCam

    Nike tennis shoes ID

    This is the full view of that side of the shoe. The other side has a similar pattern but different colors.
  24. QuadCam

    Nike Turbo GP Information

    There is only one zoom unit but the upper unit would still have to be a sealed air chamber for it to make a difference.. It can be just air but it should be sealed. If it's not sealed, what's the point? Can someone with these shoes pull their insoles out and check the upper air chamber, please?
  25. QuadCam

    Nike Turbo GP Information

    Just sent mine back to TW as it seems the upper air units popped in both shoes. I hope this is an anomoly. I noticed that the shoes weren't quite as "bouncy" feeling. I'd only played in them 3 times and had owned them for a week. I've enjoyed the cushioning in these shoes. I removed the...
  26. QuadCam

    Shot Put Record is 30 Years Unbroken

    ... and Lance Armstrong......
  27. QuadCam

    Nike Turbo GP Information

    I saw those. There's way too much going on.... Colors, patterns, etc. Could have been great.
  28. QuadCam

    ALU, Twice tried, 2 different impressions

    DON'T BUY any of the colored Alu Powers. Buy the original silver 16L.. That's The magic string! I've tried the red and the lime and theb limited edition Purple. They shouldn't even be called Alu Power! they're ok pokys but they aren't Alu Power.
  29. QuadCam

    Tankless hot water heaters?

    I've had the Niagara Industries Titan SCR3 tankless water heaters for about 15 years. They are small but power hogs! I have a 220V / 70 Amp breaker on my unit! Over the years, I've found the best way to use it. Don't set it to the max power! If you do, the unit will only last 2-3 years...
  30. QuadCam

    What happened to US men's tennis?

    "Lower ranked players"... That's what I was implying. With tennis' ranking system and tournament seeding, the higher ranked are supposed to beat the lower ranked players.