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  1. ShooterMcMarco

    My RF 97A review

    I'll start off by saying I own a small collection of Wilsons and have played with each model throughout the last 10 years which includes: the Original Prostaff 85 and 95, Ncode 95, K Factor 90, Prostaff 95 Blx, and the Wilson Six.One 95s. All grips are 4 1/4. The PS 95 Blx is my current choice...
  2. ShooterMcMarco

    Keeping the racquet head up on FH?

    One of my friends who is an ex-college player mentioned to me that part of the reason why Federer's forehand is great is because he keeps the racquet head up for a long time during his preparation. When he told me this, I became aware of this aspect with my forehand and I noticed that I tend to...
  3. ShooterMcMarco

    My first pro event: DC observations

    So I finally went to my first professional tennis event. As soon as I entered the stadium and saw the players hitting around, I got butterflies in my stomach. In short, it was exciting to see these guys play in person and see how impressive the pro game is. I plan on watching either Indian...
  4. ShooterMcMarco

    My LTD black IV's came in (pics)

    Here's some pics of the gold dragon :twisted: these shoes look sharp in person:
  5. ShooterMcMarco

    Body's reaction to sodas

    I found this from another forum: Start replacing your cokes with water ;)
  6. ShooterMcMarco

    Opinions on my dilemma

    Ok so here's the deal, I just went to a Nike Outlet and found a pair of Breathe Cages for 59.99. Insane huh? The problem is that its a size larger than what I normally wear. For reference, I wear BFII's in size 8 and the cages are obviously 9's. Just to secure them, I ended up buying them...
  7. ShooterMcMarco

    Federer's new commercial Smooth guy eh? Hitting on a married woman ;)
  8. ShooterMcMarco

    Masterclass in fluidity

    I'm not sure if anyone here seen these before, I haven't:
  9. ShooterMcMarco

    Pros that retire the most when losing

    An interesting article came out on has analysis on which of the top players retire when losing, as opposed to when they're ahead, interesting results. Original link:
  10. ShooterMcMarco

    The 300 workout

    Short clip: “300” 25x Pull-ups 50x Deadlift @ 135lbs 50x Push-ups 50x Box Jump @ 24” box 50x Floor Wiper @ 135lbs 50x KB Clean and Press @ 36lbs (KB must touch floor between reps) 25x Pull-ups 300 reps total I don't think I'd be...
  11. ShooterMcMarco

    Unlock your car with a tennis ball

    I hope this isn't a repost, if it is, its still pretty interesting. I'm gonna have to try it to see if it works on my car.
  12. ShooterMcMarco

    Federer vs. Nalbandian

    Roger up 1-0, I'm watching on live stream
  13. ShooterMcMarco

    Masters Series Draw out

    Nadal plays Blake first round and Federer plays Nalby, gonna be some good matches :D edit: in case you can't see the pic or it moves: RED: 1. Roger Federer 2. Ivan Ljubicic 3. Andy Roddick 4. David Nalbandian GOLD: 1. Rafael Nadal 2. Nikolay Davydenko 3. Tommy Robredo 4. James Blake
  14. ShooterMcMarco

    Federer vs. Tursonov

    lmao, Tursonov popped the collar, lets see what happens here.
  15. ShooterMcMarco

    Target moisture wicking stuff is pretty good

    Target has a sale on their activewear, I recommend that if you don't want to spend too much money on moisture wicking clothing like me, you should go there and check their stuff out. I spent 40 dollars on 4 different items, 2 shorts, a shirt and a sleeveless top. The shorts are very light and...
  16. ShooterMcMarco

    Greatest One Trick Pony of All time? (GOTPOAT)

    Who do you guys think is the GOTPOAT? My vote goes to Agassi, even though I'm a fan of his ;)
  17. ShooterMcMarco

    The ShooterMcMarco serve (clip) critiques

    Voila. Click here to watch serves1 Suggestions? **UPDATED**, see post #28
  18. ShooterMcMarco

    Caption this: hardcore tennis gamers

    Venus Williams loses 6-0 6-0 to World #1 Roger Federer in a game of topspin 2 (a foreshadowing of the future should they play in real life)
  19. ShooterMcMarco

    Nike Air Smash TW review?

    Do you guys plan on reviewing this shoe? In addition, will there be any other colors that will be released?
  20. ShooterMcMarco

    How many of you use Nalgene bottles?

    A lot of people at the courts I go to typically carry a nalgene with them. I'm one of those. I usually carry my nalgene in a cooler with my Platypus. As a matter of fact, even in my house, i carry my nalgene practically everywhere I go. i drink a ton of water :mrgreen:
  21. ShooterMcMarco

    Are your racquets bone stock or modified?

    the only modified racquet I have is my 6.0 95 with 4 grams at 3&9 and 4 grams on the handle. how many of you guys play bone stock, or have modified racquets? Btw, dampeners or overgrips/replacement grips dont really count ;)
  22. ShooterMcMarco

    Is your racquet bone stock or modified?

    the only modified racquet I have is my 6.0 95 with 4 grams at 3&9 and 4 grams on the handle. how many of you guys play bone stock, or have modified racquets? edit: see my poll version
  23. ShooterMcMarco

    17k will get you a lesson with Sampras

    Just saw it on espn hollywood. Sampras had an auction for a private tennis lesson at his house, a seat with him at the US Open, and a dinner with him for an AIDS charity. The winning bidder paid 17k. i wish i had won the lottery the day before :mrgreen:
  24. ShooterMcMarco

    Johnny Mac on Conan's show

    Anyone else see this? He did the "Year 2000" gig. One of his lines was, "Conan O'Brien will take up tennis and become the first ever mixed singles champion." :lol:
  25. ShooterMcMarco

    Agassi on Jim Rome's show

    Did anyone watch it? it started at 1:30. basically he just interviews agassi about his career and asked the usual question if hes playing again. rome asked him if fed is the greatest ever and he said yeah, "once the ball leaves your racquet you never feel safe against him."
  26. ShooterMcMarco

    one handers - analyze my vid clip

    asdf.wmv i shot this a few months ago. i plan on taking some new footage of my strokes later on today. dont mind the blue screen, i accidently hit capture way too fast.
  27. ShooterMcMarco

    recommend me a shoe

    right now i use some cheap wilsons, they work pretty well but i want to get something new. i'm 5'5", feet are narrow and somewhat flat. i play on hardcourts mostly. on the shoe i use now, most of the wear has been on the inside part from dragging.
  28. ShooterMcMarco

    inverted backswings

    when i was hitting around today, i just wanted to experiment with my swing and tried to do an inverted backswing. all of sudden i was making sweet contact with the ball. it felt like i had more spin too, which is probably the result of clean contact.
  29. ShooterMcMarco

    Batman begins *may contain spoilers*

    I just got back from watching the movie, and it was just awesome. it makes the other batman movies look like poop. christian bale did a terrific job as batman, the special effects were amazing and the story was just excellent. 2 big thumbs up from me. go watch it.
  30. ShooterMcMarco

    using crosstraining shoes for tennis

    When I went to the new nike outlet store nearby, I asked if they had any tennis shoes, and the guy said that they didn't have any. He said I could use normal crosstraining shoes and it will work just as fine. Does anyone agree with this? Why or why not? I tried on a pair that felt great, and it...