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  1. FreeBird

    What happened to Nadal's passing shots?

    I remember 'going to the net and inviting Rafa for passes' meant death 90% of the times. Since 2015, there has been a sharp decline in his passing shots. In fact, apart from improvement in Federer's backhand, this is one of the primary reasons Federer has been able to turn around the rivalry...
  2. FreeBird

    Djokovic will still struggle during Toronto/Cincinnati

    As I have written in the other thread, in this W, Djokovic played at a solid level but there are plenty of holes in his game which cant be exploited on grass. On HC, he will need more power and penetration in his shots. It will take some time to be improve physical strength and I guess at least...
  3. FreeBird

    Sentinel and Co Astrology and Prediction thread

    Amid the dissapointment that we have gone through after BertieB's and Fiji's repetitive horrible predictions, it's time to pass the baton to our luminary, Sentinel. This thread will provide the astrological predictions of Sentinel et al. Cheers!!
  4. FreeBird

    Wawrinka joins the elite group of people who have defeated Big 4 in slams

    Can you tell me the names who have defeated Big 4 in slams or more specifically Big 3? These players come to my mind: Big 4: Tsonga Berdych Wawrinka Big 3: Murray Tsonga Berdych Wawrinka Anyone left?
  5. FreeBird

    When was the last time we had all the QFists of a slam had Slam finalists or winners?

    From PassingShotDTL on MTF. No journeymen in QFs. P.S. Sorry for the english..Didn't see what I had written.
  6. FreeBird

    Miami 2015 R2: Novak Djokovic (1) v/s Martin Klizan

    I say Klizan in 2 or Djokovic in 3. Klizan has the most pathetic fitness in Top 100. If this goes to 3, he will lose. Needs to finish in 2.
  7. FreeBird

    Wawrinka's legacy....

    Where would you rank his legacy? He has: 1 GS 2 SFs 5 QFs. 2 WTF SFs 1 Master 2 Finals 1 Davis Cup Doubles Gold 9 Titles How does he fare against other GS winners? Can he be a potential Hall of Famer (or he already is)?
  8. FreeBird

    Can Bernie make it to Top 10 this year?

    Currently 11th in race. :D
  9. FreeBird

    Donald:"I feel my time will come."

  10. FreeBird

    Gulbis: I like clean tennis and as a spectator, I like to watch guys like Novak.

    From CK, MTF: See the bolded part: Welcome to Djokovic fanboy Club, Ernesto. :twisted: Also, Raonic and Kyrgios. :cry:
  11. FreeBird

    Nishikori's peak delayed due to missing 1 and a half year in 2009-10?

    There has been a lot of talk regarding comparison of Nishikori, Dimitrov and Raonic. But what people forget is that Nishikori won his first title at the age of 18 beating guys like Blake and Querrey. Defeated Ferrer at USO 08. But then due to elbow injury, lost 1.5 years. Starting from the...
  12. FreeBird

    Djokovic's inferiorty complex against Federer is excruciating to watch...

    I know this is just a 500 but I will never understand why Djokovic gives too much respect to Federer? He is 2-4 against Federer in last 6 matches. Even in the two matches he won, he failed to serve out the match and made it more tense. In 2013, Federer was below par. Accordingly, Djokovic...
  13. FreeBird

    Fiji's Astrology and Prediction thread.

    Since Fiji keeps in touch with astrology related to tennis and comes up with dozens of threads predicting different winners (and subsequently bumping those which are in his favor), why not make a thread which will consist of all the predictions of Fiji and BertieB? This way,we will be aware of...
  14. FreeBird

    2015 Players Performance Report

    2 months have already passed. Let's see how the players have performed: Djokovic: Continued from where he left in Nov. Stan: Best player after Djokovic imo at present. Will finish in Top 6. Nadal: Fitness still a huge concern. Federer: Not dominating like last year. Murray: 2012-13 Murray...
  15. FreeBird

    Lucas Pouille

    Nice aggressive game. Only 21 (on Feb 23rd). And World No. 115. Wondering why he is not in the discussion? How do you think he will fare in 2015 and onward?
  16. FreeBird

    It's time to accept that Andrew Castle knows nothing about tennis and is full of bias

    Pathetic commentary in women and men finals. At least try to hide your bias. :evil: Right from the start, it looked like he felt deep agony whenever Novak hit a winner. Not to mention how he has some hidden crush for Dimitrov. Even he accepts it.
  17. FreeBird

    Nishikori's dumb tactics against Gasquet and Wawrinka

    With a pretty good record against top players, surprisingly, he falls short against Gasquet (0-5) and Wawrinka (though 1-3 against him is not that bad). He keeps hitting to their BH 70-80% of the time. It's not like these players are forcing him to go to their BH. Even when he gets a FH, he...
  18. FreeBird

    Predict Year End Rankings for these players (2015)

    Donald Young JerzY Janowicz Martin Klizan Borna Coric Nick Kyrgios Thanasi Kokkinakis Bernard Tomic Dominic Thiem Jiri Vesely Yuki Bhambri 8) Alex Zverev Marius Copil
  19. FreeBird

    Is Djokovic-Murray the most under-rated rivalry in terms of quality and drama?

    I think so. They have produced classics like AO 12, RG 11, Shanghai 12. Moreover, USO 12 was also exciting despite being low quality due to wind. The first 2 and a half sets today were sheer exuberance. Compare it to Fedal. Every time they meet (even today), media goes gaga over it. I...
  20. FreeBird

    Djok is 5-0 in finals since RG 14 loss (including W and AO finals).

    So much for Finalovic. :twisted:
  21. FreeBird

    Novak Djokovic 201X CYGS thread!!!

    It's that time of the year when the followers of Lord Egg rise from the ashes. Let's make this a regular event since Djok almost always wins AO. We are into the 5th edition of our Djokovic CYGS mission. After missing by a whisker in 2008,2011,2012,2013, when posters were saying 'Djokovic will...
  22. FreeBird

    The reason why Djokovic's 2011 feat is special.

    Looking at the stats for total number of different semifinalists at the 4 slams for the 16 slots: 2007: Federer (4) Djokovic (3) Nadal (2) Davydenko (2) Gonzales (1) Roddick (1) Haas (1) Gasquet (1) Ferrer (1) Total: 9 2008: Nadal (4) Federer (4) Djokovic (3) Murray (1) Tsonga (1) Monfils (1)...
  23. FreeBird

    Who are you cheering for? Cilic or Nishikori?

    What's the opinion of TT?
  24. FreeBird

    Federer had 28 W/17UE but still lost...

    Hopefully, no more idiotic 'Match is on my racquet' comments. :lol: Moreover, He lost the first set 6-3 with W/UE of 10/3. Time to get rid of the veil of delusion.
  25. FreeBird

    Kohlschreiber - An underachiever?

    I don't follow him much apart from at GSs but I feel befuddled that why this guy has not achieved much more. He took a set from Rafa at USO 13. Had a pretty close match with Novak at RG 13 and defeating him at RG 09. Not only does he come up with jaw-dropping shots, he has the game to win...
  26. FreeBird

    Jerzy Janowicz Vs Raonic/Karlovic/Isner - Stark Contrast

    Just amazed that how much Jerzy Janowicz is different from Raonic/Karlovic/Isner despite possessing a huge serve. 1. Serve: Funny thing is that Raonic/Karlovic/Isner rely on their serve and if they somehow manage to break, they generally win the set. But even if JJ breaks, you can feel that...
  27. FreeBird

    Best Passing shots

    Best passing shots in modern game (Current players only) My rankings: 1.Rafael Nadal: Undisputed. 2.Kei Nishikori: Those who have monitored his game know what I am talking about. 3.Andy Murray: A close 3rd. 4.Novak Djokovic: Pretty inconsistent but when on, a treat to watch. 5.Roger Federer 6...