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    Too much ESR -> Balls to the other side fence

    I recently started training with a former ATP player, now in his mid 50. Have a problem i want to fix. Hit the ball with too much power but mostly flat and very inconsistently. He had a look and said :” well you have only one major problem. Too much ESR, no or limited ISR and as such racquet...
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    Fullbed ZX and tension

    I have been playing lately due to pain (mild GE) with NG/poly at 26/24kg. Problem is i cut mains at 5-6 hrs max. As a former user of ZX I tried it fullbed at 26/25. Prestretched the life out of it and strung it. I used a winch to prestetch it so you get the idea. First 4 hours felt boardy at...
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    Super humid day on clay courts - string tension for NG/poly setup?

    Hi all, i have a huge issue when playing during suoer humid days in clay courts. Nit the best technique and mostly hitting flat with a PS97 strung 55/53 lbs with Klip Legend/Irucandi. I have far too many balls sailing long, the stringbed locks immediately even when newly strung and can’t get...
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    Mgr/I and racquet length - question for Trav

    Hoping Trav will read the below consideration of mine: i had been playing with a shortened racquet by 1cm. 348,5gram, 31.5 balance 326 SW. I decidedto test out again a normal 68.5. All the lengths are strung lengths. Assuming you extend the above by 1 cm the new balance point would move to...
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    Fed Cincinnati outfit

    Has anyone seen this available online anywhere? If so can you pls post a link?
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    Bought recently an action camera to use during the holidays with the family. So thought to combine usage and got to film a couple of my sessions. I was quite surprised to see that: 1. I did not have enough torso rotation although my take back was just fine and to generate power I was using the...
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    Wilson UT - drilling pattern issue

    Has anyone ever experienced a problem with the drilling being totally off? No proper alignment which surfaced at 7H and that led to serious prblemish in crosses at the head. I knew sh****y Wilson QC BUT NEVER THOUGHT THEY COULD F*** up the drilling!
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    Skipping outer mains in a 18x20.....

    ...what are the beefits in turning it to a "16x20" type of racquet? What should one expect?
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    Strung Kev/Zx @ 90/40...can I re-string crosses?

    For the experts and as the title suggests, I strung my PT 630 at 90/40. I played once and feel I want the crosses 1-2 lbs tighter. Can I cut out the crosses and re-string them? And how? I have a gamma progression 200.
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    Nicolas Jarry serve

    Have you spotted this guy's serve? First time i saw him was at Rio with Schwartzman. This guy had a tremendous kick!! I mean Schwartzman is not tall but look at the 2nd serve of the first game! The ball bounced twice Schwartz height!
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    Wilson UT - Handle weight

    Has anyone tried to mod an UT and removed the foam pallet to find any weight in the handle?
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    JayCee vs. JET differences

    I have been reading quite some info about this technique. Please correct if if my understanding is wrong: The difference is in the tensions or tension pattern used in the crosses. The JayCee suggests the first two crosses at same tension as last last two mains (T). Then until last 2 crosses at...
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    Stencil on Kev/ZX

    Has any user of Kev/ZX stenciled the racquet and noticed that the Kev movement is limited on ZX?
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    Different racquet -> Different balance?

    Don't know if any of you have faced the following situation and therefore thought to share my experience: Polarized vs./ Depolarized racquets I have experimented heavily in the past trying to come up whit an ideal set up for me. In all fields whether racquet selection, stiffness, balance...
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    Switching to a less HL setup.....!!

    "Accidentally" i moved from 7pts HL to 4 and fell in love.... I like to custom paint my rackets. The process sheds quie amount of weight when stripping the old paint and definately makes the new painted frame more flexible. I have 2 Donnays Pro 1 GTs and grown some elbow pain. Rackets suddenly...
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    TGK 231.5 - Info

    what can Head speciaists say about this? Same pattern and mold as 231.3 but different layup?
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    Ashaway Kevlar +

    Had strung my racket on February 18th, with Ashaway Crossfire ZX and played with it around 6-7 times. Unfortunately at a return yesterday I broke the ZX crosses. And took it out with the intention to keep the mains (Kev +). They were strung at 60/40lbs on my Head TGK 231.1. I was very surprised...
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    Monogut ZX mains - Soft/hard Multi cross

    i am in an experimenting mood today. Will syring moans with ZX and was thinkng to test multi cross either Xone Biphase or Isospeed pro classic. Any other thoughts for multi cross? Would it fit better a soft or a more stiff multi?
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    TGK 231.3 or TGK 260.1 or what? (Authenticity check)

    Well here is a puzzle (for me at least) I recently bought a Head Pro Stock which is or supposed to be a TGK 231.3. I got it in my hands with the intention to repaint it. Today I started taking out the paint. As it came as a hairpin I confirmed the sticker on the handle to write 231.3 which you...
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    TGK 231.3

    There is a hairpin which i can buy at the moment in 16x19 pattern and was wondering what is a fair value for an 8/10 condition plus, if anyone has played with one, how does it feel like?
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    Eastern forehand grip - Racket face

    I use an EF because feels very comfortable to me and mmuch more than other grips i have tried (SW). My problem is that many times during the lag (naturally geneated with a completely loose wrist) my arm rotates in a way that racket face is too open to properly spin the ball and it generates...
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    Pro Stock rackets / Advice for selection

    After an Odyssey in finding my Ithaka as regards the ONE, ind cided in light of Christmas to give myself a treat amd go for the purchase of a promstock racquet. My problem is thatbthere are so many to select from, Wilson H19, H22, Head PTs, TGTs, TGKs etc. Considering thstbi don't have any...
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    Donnay Pro One pentacore (16x19)

    Been using for some time now the P1 GT (16x19) and I am very fond of the feeling I am getting. Has anyone tried the new pentacore so as to comment on potential differences?
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    Donnay Pro One 97

    Being intrigued by the nice review of some people about the new Donnay Xenecore rackets, i took advantage the fact that a tennis shop brought them and grabed for a demo, the Dual Silver, Pro One amd Pro One GT. I play with a cutomized Wilson PS97 and a PS97 LS (340gr, 320SW, 8pts HL). It tunrs...
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    Strings for a 18x16 racket??

    Been tryng to find a set up for my Wilson PS97LS. Unfortunatley no matter what I have tried does not offer the beldn of feel/durability I am after. I have tried hybrids with NG/Poly, Multiu/Poly, full mutli (multi: Xone Biphase, Poly: Lux Alu,). My last attempt is to string this with Prionce Syn...
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    Elongation Ranking

    Apologie sif this is hiddden somewhere in the posts - been unable to find it. Does anyone have the X One biphase 17 elongatoin metrics (Total, Remaining, Elastic)? Or alternatively is there any updated table like the stringway for 2015-2016 strings? Thnaks in advance for any help
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    Advice needed...Flat shots with PS97 don's land in...

    Guys, I write here in search fro some tuning advice. Here is teh background I had a PS97 paint stripped and repainted under a new PJ. This changed the specs of thet racket to a certain extent and allowed me to customize it to 355gr, 10.4HL, 325 SW. Unfortunatley I got a TFCC so I decided to...