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  1. anirut

    RF85 Specs

    Hi, Due to various confusing discussions, I would like you to please confirm if the published specs of the RF85 on TW product page come from actually measuring the currently available RF85 itself? Please confirm this, as there are sayings that the RF85 is the same as the recently 're-released'...
  2. anirut

    PS85: Chicago or St. Vincent?

    I just wondered ... We discuss so much about the SV model. What about the Chicago ones? Are they liked as much as the SV? Any love for them? Do they play differently? In fact, the Chicago ones should even be considered the 'real original' PS85. Opinions welcome.
  3. anirut

    << Oldest racket(s) still in production >>

    What's ('re) the oldest racket(s) still in production and readily available today? Not considering the re-issues. I should think it's the original PK 5G & 7G. What makes them so lasting in the market place in spite of technological changes?
  4. anirut

    Re-tacky-ing leather grip ??

    Is there a way I (we?) can make the leather grip tacky again? Mine has become very slippery after re-gripping my racket a few times using the same leather, and the grip is new. I removed it to make adjustments to the over-lap twice and adjustments to the butt-end - twice, I think - and since...
  5. anirut

    Question on a prototype I held at TW in May ...

    When I paid pilgrimage to TW HQ in May, Chris, Jason & other crews showed and let me hold a black "prototype" of a racket brand using a famous mold ... if you remember what it was. It's got a very nice balance. Feels solid in hand. Seems like a very interesting stick. I'd like to know...
  6. anirut

    Radioactive Contamination - Please explain how it works.

    Hi all, I'd like to understand how radiation-contaminated food/clothing/stuff/etc. maintains that high dose of radiation they have gone through. For instance, let's assume canned milk that has been radiation-contaminated from a nuclear accident. How does that the canned milk...
  7. anirut

    TW HQ Visit - GREAT TRIP!!

    Hi ALL TW staff! My trip to TW HQ facility was a great one. Spencer, sir, thanks a ton for taking care of me and my other half, taking us for a tour around the facility. It really shows how hard ALL of you guys are working to ensure best-possible customer satisfaction. My best wishes to...
  8. anirut

    Big, big THANK YOU to Hall of Fame Racquets

    I really don't know how to thank our forum member enough, Hall of Fame Racquets, for inviting me, my wife and my friend (fellow board member "znoopie") to see his great racket collection at his home. Seriously, seeing the collection in person was a great jaw-dropping experience. Words just can't...
  9. anirut

    Make a visit to TW?

    In May I'll be in LA on official business for two days and plan to stay in the US for another week. Would it be possible if I visit TW headquarters? I'd feel much honored. Please let me know if this is possible so I can plan my trip and prepare some luggage space for some tennis stuff. ;)...
  10. anirut

    Stiffest Racket Ever - 312 !!

    It's the Gamma 340X Team. Just the specs on TW -- Stiffness: 312 And will there be any pop? -- Swingweight: 64 OMG! (To TW staff: Don't ban me for pointing out the error.)
  11. anirut

    PK Asymmetric - concept behind it?

    As suggested by SteveI, I'm posting the same question in the classic section too. So, what's the idea behind the PK Asymmtric? I haven't seen the racquet, but sort of "caught on" with the name. The reason I'm asking this asymmetric thing is because I tried placing small weights in the hoop...
  12. anirut

    PK Asymmetric - concept?

    Can someone please explain the concept behind the PK Asymmetric? If I understand correctly, it seems weights are arranged asymmetrically in the head area, but for what reason? I tried this out on my Redondo and it seems to work wonders, but I don't understand why. I'd like to get the physics...
  13. anirut

    About PK Graphite Saber ... ?

    I have zero idea of how the Saber series play. How good are they? Any worth hunting for them? Compared to the Ace series, are the Saber's considered lower level or the same? Please provide any info on the series. Thanks.
  14. anirut

    Rant: I HATE IT!

    Please allow me to scream and rant here. I just hate it when I was outbid by 1 sec and for just 50 cents on a nice stick -- Teal Copper Ace!! Damn!!!! :evil: :evil: :evil: End of rant.
  15. anirut

    I just won a Competition Edge

    I'm a happy dude now. Just won an AA Competition Edge. If I rememeber correctly, this should make my Competition collection complete with Comp I, Comp II, Comp III, LC and this new Comp Edge. Any other stick of the Competition series out there? Please let me know. But one thing makes me...
  16. anirut

    Topspin X 90 - Anyone played with it?

    I just saw the Topspin X 90 racket on a website. The specs look interesting. Anyone had a chance to play with it? How does it compare to other rackets in the same class, like the Prestige, Redondo, Black Ace, and other 18x20 mids sizes? Thanks!
  17. anirut

    US High School System - Please explain

    Hi guys, In a few weeks my son will be coming to San Antonio, TX, for a year under the AFS (American Field Service) program for his 11th grade. Can someone please help explain the high school system in the US? For your understanding, here, in Thailand, school students will go through a...
  18. anirut

    *** Beam width & Stiffness: Power, Comfort and Control ***

    Was just wondering ... Say we have two rackets, R1 and R2, of the equal headsize, weight, balance and swingweight, and strung with same string type and tension. Both have box beam of equal x:y ratio: - R1 has 18 mm beamwidth, and 66 stiffness - R2 has 22 mm beamwidth, and 63 stiffness...
  19. anirut

    Black Ace 93 Modification - for those who asked.

    Many have asked me how I turned my Black Ace 93 into a maneuverable "cannon" ... I guess it's all about SW and weights in the right places ... I must confess that I really don't know how I did it. Things came to my head and it was all serendipity. A lot of the stuff I did were primarily to...
  20. anirut

    How can we determine "mass" in space

    OK, if an object of unknown weight (and mass) is taken to space, in zero-gravity environment, how could it's MASS be determined? Let's see your creative answers ... all for fun. I don't think there'd any be any "correct" answer, but let's see the possibilities. Cheers!
  21. anirut

    K90 PWS Question

    Does anyone know exactly what's the PWS of the K90 is like? Is the PWS a solid piece of "bulged" graphite material, as in #1? Or is it "hollow" to the frame shape, as in #2? See conceptual pic below. Thanks guys.
  22. anirut

    Please help contribute - my racket museum

    Hi everyone, I'm coming up with a museum on my web-site ... OK ... it's just to show the younger generations pics of older rackets that I have (and of those who are willing to contribute) with some stories of them. Pictures of the rackets I can take, but I have not their "history". So...
  23. anirut

    Need Translation help

    On a Thai educational webboard that I frequent, there suddenly appeared a "weird" message as shown below. Anyone knows what it means? Please help. Thanks. -------------------------------------------------------- Das tasagal detregalum tin Thailand? Usshaha baja seij baqtaga hallalpa...
  24. anirut

    Borg VS McEnroe in BKK

    Anyone dropping by the City of Angels anytime around November 22nd? Borg VS McEnroe exo in BKK here. Tickets on sale at around US$ 60. There'll be a doubles exo too: Borg+Paradorn VS McEnroe+Danai I'm thinking of going to see it -- if my wife permits. ... ummmm ... if only I can...
  25. anirut

    +++ About Klip strings +++

    I'm quite intersted in Klip strings ... Please share you experience about Klip products, - Natural Gut (which I believe to be very, very good) - Polys (and co-poly if they have) - Multi's - Syn gut - any other type of strings How would you rate their products' durability and the...
  26. anirut

    ** Natural Gut and Care **

    Yep, I'm very new to gut. And I haven't found answers to taking care of gut. (Well, there may be, but I'm not a good searcher.) What post-playing care do I need to take to keep my gut in good playing conditions? I've heard things like cleaning the gut with dry cloth and waxing or putting...
  27. anirut

    Different tension -- any point?

    Just wondering ... Is there any point in stringing mains and crosses of SAME string at different tensions? e.g. Stringing syn gut mains at 56 and the very syn gut crosses at 58. This, of course, is a two-piece string job. In this case, would the resultant feel be something like a...
  28. anirut

    Ultimate Racket Grip Shaping DIY

    FIRST OFF: IF you need to quote this post, please DO NOT quote the whole post, as the pictures will be big and can be problematic to slower connections. Please quote only the text. If you don't know how to remove the picture quotes, then, please do not quote. Thanks. Alright guys, grip shape...
  29. anirut

    *** SW & Heavier ball ***

    This may sound stupid, but ... How can a racket with 15 grams more weight in butt cap area & along the grip, 3 pts more HL, and strung 3-4 pounds tighter, hits significantly heavier/more impacting shots? I welcome explanations in scientific terms too. (Trav, where are you?) The reason I...
  30. anirut

    Wooden rackets & strings

    I'm thinking about having my mint JK ProStaff & JK Autograph strung up and play with some of the younger people, just to let them know the feel of wood. What string & tension would you suggest to be suitable for these sticks? Objective is that they should be able to be used to play...