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    Trying to get a tennis job with little experience. Advice?

    I'm about to go on a job hunt in my local area for a tennis job. I'd primarily like to string and teach younger kids. I'm a college student and my only tennis experience includes stringing for the school team and a few private lessons. I was thinking about looking for a country club because I...
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    I need some new tools

    Mainly wire cutters, pliars, and a good starting clamp. Do you guys have any preferences or should I just go with the cheapest I can find?
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    What are some good/fun practice drills for 20 people?

    What are some fun ways that players of different skill levels can practice while having fun? I'm trying to get a few extra ideas to make practice more fun instead of players just hitting with each other. Only 1 feeder will be available to give instruction so that leaves a lot of inexperienced...
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    WTB: Hyper Pro Staff 6.1!

    Must be 16x18 and 5/8 grip.
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    Looking for a Poly for myself and a cheap sythetic gut for customers

    I have a few people who would like me to string their rackets so I'd like to buy a reel of cheap synthetic gut. They are occasional tennis players and just want me to string the racket for a low price. I was looking at Prince duraflex, I've used it before and it seemed alright for the price...
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    WTB: Hyper Pro Staff 6.1!

    Looking for a hps 6.1 with a 5/8 grip and 16x18 pattern.
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    Looking for a HPS 6.1 replacement

    I've got two 6.1 frames and I'd like to get two more 16x18 replacements. I've gone too long without getting extra rackets and I want something almost exactly the same. I've never preferred any racket over these and if I could, I would get brand new ones. To my knowledge, anything "new"...
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    Looking for something like Pro Supex Maxim Touch

    I really liked the string, but it breaks a little too quickly. I used 17 gauge. Are there other strings (maybe a poly) that hits similarly? I want to keep the price below $10 a package and I don't mind if the string is a little stiffer.
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    Looking for an Under Amour long sleeve shirt for cheap?

    I can't seem to find a decent price on another Under Armour long sleeve shirt. It's the kind that tightly fits around your body and arms to keep you warm. I think the material is nice and I've used it for other times I'm running in the cold besides tennis. Are there imitators who sell...
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    Looking for a strining machine for myself and a tennis team

    I have very little experience with stringing rackets, but I'm fed up with breaking a racket a week. Also, the tennis team at my school asked for an extra person to string rackets so I could also make a small profit on the side. I live in a small apartment so that limits me to a table top...
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    Need another frame. I have 2 6.1 Hyper Pro Staff rackets

    I was looking for a third 16x18 6.1 hyper pro staff, but the only one I could find with a 5/8 grip is $100 bucks on ****. Is there a newer version of the same thing for cheaper? Or perhaps a place to find used rackets with the 5/8 grip? I could not find one for sale here :(
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    Looking for something similar to NXT

    I have big strokes and I use a wilson 6.1 pro staff. I've been using nxt for a while and I really like it but I'm looking for something a tad cheaper...or something similar so I can buy a reel. Does anybody have suggestions?
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    help me chose a stringing machine - budget 500 bucks

    i'm a college student and i broke the strings on 6 rackets in under 2 months (2 of them weren't even mine!). so i'm looking for a table top machine. i've been playing for 10 years and i can definitely tell when i ask my stringing guy to raise or lower the tension by 5 lbs. i'd like an accurate...
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    2 wilson n61 16x18 in northern jersey

    i'd like to pick up two of these rackets if they're in good condition (paint chips are fine...)
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    i just don't know what's wrong...i play terrible when i'm not with the coach

    i'm at a loss here. when i play with my coach, i hit great shots. i'd say most of my forehands go in (i think i'm a 4.0 player? maybe 4.5? who knows) when hit with my coach, yet every 1 out of 5 or so i'll just miss playing outside. and it seems to be for a different reason each time, too...
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    Crank vs. drop weight

    i'm looking real hard at the gamma progression 2....but the price keeps turning me away. the dropweight machines are available at much more attractive prices. i'm not concerned about the time it would take, rather the tension. are drop weight machines less accurate than cranks? that's what...
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    my legs hurt after tennis

    i notice that the longer the practice (and the longer i stand), the more my legs and back hurt. are my shoes worn? i have barricade 4s and they're a year old. i don't remember my legs hurting before, so i'm assuming my body is fine.
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    NXT replacement. what would you suggest?

    i've been using only nxt 16g for about a year. i like it, but the price is starting to bother me. i hear a lot of "nxt is decent, but there are better strings." where are they? i want something similar to the nxt- control, power, FEEL, tension (cannot be worse than nxt) but cheaper. durability...
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    i'm using a wilson 6.1 hyperprostaff and i need something else

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    I'm getting pain in my toes!

    i've been using the same shoes and socks for the last year. all of a sudden, my toes started to swell after playing. (i play once a week) i can feel some of my nails getting curled forward. i haven't grown, and i know my barricade 4s aren't old...what the hell?
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    Friend is CONVINCED that straightening strings ruins tension

    this guy is a good 4 years older than me and he thinks he's played much more tennis than i have (though it's possible i've hit more balls...). so we played today for the first time in a while and i wanted to try his racket. i started walking back from the net after we exchanged rackets and...
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    What car do you have?

    year make model old thread seems off topic
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    I just pulled a muscle in my upper leg...

    and i want to get it healed asap. i've iced it for 2 hours total today, and the accident (sprinting to the net) happened at about 6 today (10 30 now). is there anything else i can do besides ice and rest?
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    Other tennis forums?

    are there any worth visiting?
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    Walking down stairs...and tripped ouch!

    it was raining out and i slipped on some stairs...the last one :(. i don't remember how i landed, but if i push off with the outside of my foot (literally. sitting down, i flip my right foot and push the top/outside down) and i can feel some pain. just walking hurts, but not enough to justify...
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    Possibly for sale 2x wilson 6.1 hyper pro staff rackets

    i'm not sure if i should let these go is the regular version with a 16x18 pattern, and the other is the tour version an 18x20 pattern (has a slightly flatter feel. not really noticeable unless i switch rackets back and forth a few times). regular has all of the playability that it...
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    i want the gamma x-st. any reason why i shouldn't buy? is there any other machine that offers the same quality as this machine for a similar price?
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    approaching down the line...not always best?

    i keep reading on these forums that people are religious when approaching down the line...but i just don't understand it. if a short ball is 3 feet above the ground or higher, hitting down the line is a no-brainer. but, if the ball is very low and short, hitting crosscourt is the only shot...
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    best spin string?

    i've used prince topsin before. i'm just curious what string will give me the most string, with somewhat decent durability (must last AT LEAST as long as prince topspin).
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    Placed my order for Barricade IV's

    I really like my II's but they're so worn out my feet and knees hurt. i hope the IV's are even better! (and that i didn't waste my money. there isn't a single place near me that has a pair of barricades my size, let alone any decent tennis shoe)