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    My Wife's UTR is Plummeting!

    My wife plays almost entirely singles in 4.0 18+ and 40+ USTA leagues, and she wins about 4 of 5 matches. (Other captains often put a 3.5 player against her). Last year, due to Covid, she played only one match before the USTA (Southern in upstate SC) abandoned the season. Going into this...
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    I am enjoying WTT

    In years past, I've considered WTT a sideshow, mostly because there were so many WTA and ATP tourneys to watch. I'm very impressed by the level of play in the matches, as well as the team camaraderie. It must be an interesting arrangement for the players to be sequestered in West Virginia for...
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    UTR tourney on Tennis Channel

    Because I have no interest in watching previously played matches, I really wanted to like the recent UTR invitationals on Tennis Channel, but found it almost unbearable to watch because the pace of play was so slow. Without ball kids, the between-points picking-up and sorting/sending of the...
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    Why is Patrick M still Serena's coach?

    Other than carrying her bags into and out of tournament venues, what does he actually do for her? I was somewhat impressed that Serena didn't fire him after his signalling debacle v Osaka, but thought maybe she's keeping him around due to loyalty. Since then, he's had one job: Help Serena win...
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    clamps for Ektalon Model H

    I need to replace both clamps on my model H, Can anyone suggest where I might find them?
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    Serena's player box at USU

    When the TV camera is on Patrick M, Serena's coach, there's a guy sitting right behind him with a little dog in his lap. Is it Serena's dog? Is it her "support animal" because of all the adversity she constantly faces?
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    Authentic frame?

    In looking for a specific frame on a popular on line auction site, I found three of them, all new, at a relatively low price. I was about to buy them, but wondered: could they be knock offs? (Do knock offs exist?) The frame is a Technifibre.
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    Added lead at 10 and 2--now what

    I play with a Dunlop Bio 400 Tour and had added 8g of lead at 6 and 9. After playing with it like this for almost a year, it never felt quite right, so I took it off and added slightly less at 10 and 2. This feels much better and I'm getting more penetration on my forehand, which is my weaker...
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    Gut questions

    I strung my frame with Pacific Tough Gut 16L in the mains and Nano Vendetta 1.25 in the crosses at 50/48. I pre-stretched both the gut and poly. After an hour of hitting, I've noticed significant notching in the gut, which makes me wonder if maybe I should have done something else during the...
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    Michael Chang's hat

    I, for one, was very glad see that Coach Chang had deviated from the mundane clothing sponsor (Nike, adidas, Lotto, et al) baseball hat and instead wore one that said (I believe) "Pieology Pizzeria."
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    Dunlop Bio 400 Tour

    Is it possible to get this frame with a 4 1/2 grip? I see TW has it in stock, but only with a 4 3/8. I have two of these (in 4 1/2; I add some lead to the hoop, so I don't want to have to build up the grip and change the balance, etc. Thanks.
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    Tennis in Greensboro NC?

    Will be in Greensboro NC (specifically Colfax) 8/18-22 and would like to play with a 4.5 or strong 4.0. Thanks.
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    tennis in Greenville SC

    Am looking for information from anyone who can comment on the tennis in Greenville SC. My wife and I are looking to move to that area in the next year or so, and tennis is big part of our lives. I'd appreciate comments regarding clubs, public facilities, leagues and the overall tennis climate...
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    leather grip installation

    I've installed many grips over the years, but can't seem to get the new (Head) leather grip started on my frame. The adhesive won't stick well, so the first rotation slides up the knob. To install leather, do I need to anchor it with one of those little staples (that are usually found on new...
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    Double Bounce hitters

    This drives me nuts: When I'm rallying with a guy (ie to warm up or just to practice) and he intentionally allows the ball to bounce twice before hitting it back. I'm not talking about replying to a weak shot or a mis-hit (we all, on rare occassions, hit those on the second bounce); I'm talking...
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    I'm moving: Asheville NC or Johnson City TN?

    Wife and I are planning to leave the frozen northeast for somewhat warmer climes. We welcome comments on the tennis "community" in Asheville NC or Johnson City TN (and elsewhere in the vicinity). I'm a part time (though well-credentialled) teaching pro, so I'd be looking for regular teaching...