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    How can you hate Nadal?

    I am a huge Federer fan. The guy got me playing tennis. I root for him every tournament. And I couldn't watch last night's final past the first set, thinking that Rafa will just come back and break Wawrinka's heart. Even dreamt so. But I wake up, find out Stan won, am happy (because Nadal's...
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    Where is Toni Nadal?

    On vacation?
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    Why wasn't Fred Perry knighted?

    Andy Murray won Wimbledon and there's talk of him getting a knighthood for it. Why didn't Fred Perry get one for being such an accomplished tennis and table-tennis champion? Just wondering.
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    Walkovers and retiring.

    I was shocked at how many top players were injured and had to retire in the 2 nd round. Vika, Isner, Cilic, Darcis, Stepanek...
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    FS: Dunlop Biomimetic 200 4 3/8

    9/10 condition. No strings. $80 shipped CONUS.
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    Did anyone mute their TVs while watching Sharapova/Azarenka?

    Holy moly, all I did was watch a few minutes of their highlights and I wanted to kill myself listening to their screams.
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    Why does Berdych wear H&M?

    Awful looking. At least Novak's Uniqlo looks good.
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    Will French Open be on internet TV (with subscription)

    I want to watch the French Open but don't have a TV (or cable subscription). Will it be on the Roland Garros website where I pay a certain amount to stream live matches online?
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    Binoculars to watch US open from nosebleeds (AA stadium).

    Anyone here know what kind of magnification I need? I am concerned that my nosebleed seats (I'm talking about near the top) will not allow me to enjoy the game. Thoughts? Should I be able to make out the action fine without binocs?
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    FS: Two Yonex RDiS 100 Mid 4 3/8 grip

    Both in 9/10 condition. Strings are a bit used (but it's Babolat Pro Hurricane on mains, Xcel on crosses). $100 shipped. Pics available upon request. I have feedback on TW.
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    FT : Two Yonex RDiS 100 Mid 4 3/8 grip

    One is 9.5/10 condition Another is 9/10 (with a paint chip) Both strung (fresh) with Pro Hurricane Tour (Main) and Xcel (Crosses) at 60 lbs. I have used one racquet a few times after the new string job. The other is unsused. Would like to trade for some Babolat Pure Drives in similar...
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    I love Roland Garros.

    Was there 2 years ago, I remember kids were chanting "po po po po po po" and the crowd would respond "OLE!!!" (does anyone know how this started?) Listening to it while watching this year's broadcast brings back memories. The clay, the sounds, the potential rain, the feeling of sophisticated...
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    How many of you can watch the ball all the way to the stringbed?

    If you watch the pros, most of them can watch the ball travel all the way to their stringbed as they are about to hit it. I've tried it, the ball is too damned fast!
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    Why do some racquet brands not sponsor anyone?

    Is it money? Are there plenty of pros who use Volkl or Gamma or Pacific or Power Angle etc?
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    Does Djokovic have a condition he doesn't share?

    He sometimes has breathing issues. Does he suffer from asthma or some other condition that he doesn't share with the rest of the world?
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    Anyone members of an indoor tennis club?

    I'm currently in the m i dwest and it's not easy to find tennis partners on Craigslist or I'm so used to playing tennis for free back in TX. I can't find it in me to pony up $2000/year (assuming 2 hours played a WEEK) but apparently, that is the best resource for tennis in these...
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    Ana Ivanovic is sickly skinny.

    I did a google image search on her and she was smoking hot when she had some meat on her. Now she's so damned anorexic skinny...Gaunt.
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    FS: Prince Triple Threat Warrior MP 4 3/8

    Freshly strung with X1 Bi-phase 16 (red) with Wilson Extreme Synthetic Gut crosses. In 8/10 condition. Asking $60 shipped and paypal-ed CONUS.
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    Just watched Sampras/Agassi 1990 US Open Final.

    Sampras is just amazing and fun to watch. What a player. You could tell he was going to win a few.
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    Stretched/bent natural gut (Babolat VS)

    I bought some VS from TW and part of the strings were bent pretty strongly. Anyone else got a pack of gut like this? I strung with it anyway because I thought stretching it on the stringer would help...and I didn't want to have to ship it back to TW and wait for another pack anyway.
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    What happened to Tommy Robredo?

    Is he injured? He had a bad string of results before retiring in Umag before resurfacing in Romania today.
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    How hard do you grip your racquet?

    I tried gripping it tight yesterday while playing, I find I have more control and technique. When I allow it to be looser, I flop a bit. So are we meant to grip the tennis racquet pretty tightly?
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    WTB: Babolat APD Cortex 4 3/8

    Email me with description of it, asking price, and pics if possible please. Looking to pay not more than $70 shipped.
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    Are you a male or female?

    Just wondering whether we have female posters or not. Seems like everyone on TW is a guy.
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    Remember 2006, when Nole retired against Nadal in the FO?

    He claimed that he could hang and everyone laughed at him.
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    Too much tennis makes me suck.

    I find that if I play a few days in a row for 2-3 hours each time, my form and energy levels start to dip. My backhand starts to look bad, my forehand not as potent and accurate, and my legs feel a bit like jelly. I will take a day or two off before resuming, of course. I started thinking...
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    I appreciate Federer,Nadal,and Nole.

    Am I the only one who doesn't hate on one or the other? I appreciate each for what they all can do individually, be it the graceful easy tennis of Roger, or the mental fortitude of Rafa, or the shot-making of Nole. I enjoy watching their matches because it's tennis of the highest quality...
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    Who's the toughest mentally on the WTA tour?

    Sharapova? Serena? Throw in a few names for discussion.
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    Caroline Garcia, future world #1?

    That's what Andy Murray tweeted. Might want to pay attention to her. Sampras predicted Nadal would one day be #1 when he was 17 after watching him play.
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    Babar (Fawad Babar) is a good seller.

    A+++ will do business with again. Got back to me via email promptly, sent good pics of racquet (Prince TT Warrior), and delivered as promised.