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    FH footwork

    I am hitting with a new coach and he is really pressing me to hit off the front foot on FHs. Ive basically been driving solely off the back foot most of my life and it works most of the time but, watching some video I can see it can lead to alot of shanks or can put me in a bad recover...
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    Help with back stiffness

    I was watching video and I could not believe how stiff I looked. I am pretty sure this is a remnant of lower back pain I had years back and I cant seem psychologically shake the fear of twinging it again. Anyone know any good stretches or exercises to help the flexibility in the back?
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    Anyone else see him upsetting Wawrinka? There was so much attention drawn to Kygrios in that last match that people seem to have overlooked how well Gasquet has been playing. He is hitting with alot more pop than I have seen in the past and moving really well. Kyrgios IMO was getting...
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    travelling to Korea. Bojong Dong in Yong in. Will be here for a while but lookin

    I AM TRAVELLING TO BOJONG DONG in Yong in. Seoul...near Pundang and Suji. I am looking fo r a hitting partner and am open to doubles. 5.0 player looking for someone who can hit the ball around for an hour or two.
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    South Jersey

    Hi guys. Will be in the south jersey, cherry hill area next couple weeks on holiday and looking for someone to hit with. There are quite a few good public courts nearby so please send me an email if interested. Probably a 3.5 self ranked.
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    Balance on serve

    Ever since switching to platform, I get really streaky on serve. When I am off, I am shanking it off the frame into the net or hitting it so late I feel it in my shoulder. The problem is I am using too much bsck or too much front. Anyone else experience this? Any tips to help the balance?
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    Should timeouts be allowed in the ATP?

    I was watching an older match from early 2000s and one of the broadcasters (I think JMac) suggested allowing limited timeouts like the NBA. This was before the challenge system but I think that is essentially what the challenge system has become as players sometimes use them to catch a breather...
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    Service grip

    Pros and cons of the Edberg extreme eastern grip which most pros seem to use or a milder eastern/continental? I struggle with my serve when I dont practice at least 2 times a week and I use the former and send alot spinning into the net when I get tense.
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    Searching for a racket

    I am trying to find an old racket I had back in the 1980s but I cannot remember the name. It was a Japanese company (or at least the name was). I remember I bought it at a wall mart type store so it was pretty cheap but it was interesting because it was incredibly head light. The frame was...
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    Where will Nadal be at in 6 months

    So it looks like Murray takes Nadal's place at 3 but how much further will Nadal's ranking slip before he comes back? He does not have a lot of points to defend going forward but 6 months is a long time to be absent. Is there some chance he may not even qualify for YEC?
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    Dead Arm

    I recently played 5 days consecutive days despite playing once a week for the past year. On day one I was sluggin it in clouds of felt. By day 5 I was just getting back rally balls. I played again today and I could not even get a serve in and most balls were hitting the net. The ball felt...
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    Iside out fh

    Forgotten how to hit inside hit inside out fh. Used to be a shot I hade but the best I can do is fh down the line. I noticed the cross court is better than ever. I wonder if topspin is the culprit. Maybe I am hitting to far in from to the ball.
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    Leading the racket

    I have been playing around with an extra 2grams of weight on the racket for a total of 4 and its already pretty heavy. I frequently read here about people adding 10grams or more and it makes me wonder if we are using the same measuring system. For instance, the power strips I use are 1/2 gram...
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    No 5th set tiebreaker rule.

    They need to drop this insane rule. I am watching the Cilic/Querry match and the tournament is pretty much over at this point for both guys regardless of who wins the match.
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    Dangerous draw for Nadal

    He may get upset in the first rd against Bellucci who looks like he might break though this year. He has serious firepower including a huge left forehand. He likely has Kolshreiber/Haas in the second and both have the game to pull an upset.
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    French Open Dark Horses

    I mean true dark horses. I can see Bellucci getting deep and upsetting Nole. He has a big serve, moves well on clay and a big lefty forehand. Raonic. Huge serve and probably the best 2 shot player on the tour now. If he is serving well, I dont think Nadal will be able to defend...
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    help with slice bh

    I use a conti grip for slice backhands and find that its a much better stroke when I strike the ball out in front. When I have to reach a little bit or try to slice down on a high ball, I have a tendency to cut under it too much so it floats. Sometimes I actually chop the ball down with the...
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    Sacrifice forehand for BH or vice versa.

    So I have been experimenting with lower tension and I have noticed a few things other than losing all my matches. Serve takes longer to warm up but overall it is better. FH is monstrous but only on offense. I seem to have lost my ability to hit a deep topspin looper on defense. BH is really...
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    Playing after changing dead strings.

    So I had 3-4 sessions with dead poly before a restring. I thought everything would be much crisper after the restring but the racket felt quite dead and the strings had no bite on the ball. All of my FHs were going into the net. Particularly on short balls. I wonder if I am just suffering...
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    Smaller head for 1hb

    Does a smaller heavier racket head benefit a 1hb (maneuverability)?
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    Brush over or hit through the forehand?

    Normally I hit forehands with alot of vertical movement so the longer strings tend to shift alot from side to side and I have to bunch them back into the center. This created a tendency to open up to early with the shoulders so I tried to focus on keeping the shoulders closed with less vertical...
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    Whats the view on Anacone now?

    No slams since hes joined but Fed's game is clearly more consistent and better. He rolls through the early rounds like has done even more so than before. However, has to fight wars to beat the other 4. He clearly mixes it up and is striking the ball better but it takes him3-4 winners to put...
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    Na Li

    Was watching a bit of WTA for the first time in a while and I just noticed what a great game Na Li has. Movement and footwork are Federer-like and great form on the ground strokes. Wonder why it took her so long in her career to get to the top?
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    Serving against lefties

    As a right hander, my big serve from deuce is flat down the line. This is usually a winner or a weak return off the BH against another righty but its right into the wheelhouse of the lefty forehand and they can just block it back hard to the ad court for a winner. The alternative is to try and...
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    Advice for Federer

    Forget the Davis Cup. Take a few months off from the tour until the Australian OPen. Work on the center serves, good returners are sitting on the slice wide. Dont be afraid to rally against the Nadals and Djokers. I think really the downturn happened when Fed decided to follow an attack...
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    Federer becoming like McEnroe

    In terms of serve. He gets alot of aces and winners but it seems its mostly from guile and disguise. Most of his aces are the result of the opponent being completley fooled and leave them frozen. OTOH, if they get a racket on the ball, they can usually hit a decent return. In the past, Fed...
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    Second serve woes

    I have a pretty good first serve, particularly on the deuce side but I struggle some days tremendously on the ad side. All in all I am about about 70 percent on the deuce and 30 on the ad. The real pressure comes from not having a decent second serve. All my service games have several deuces...
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    1hb slice approach or drive put away

    On short balls I tend to slice an approach into an angle but this usually let's the opponent have one more shot at a passing shot or a lob. I have good control on the slice approach but sometimes it's not deep enough and it ends up being a bit of a sitter so I get a tough volley. On the...
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    Leading up babalot aerostorm

    I've been using the aerostorm 320g for about 6 months. Its a good racket with a good combination of spin and control but it's a bit head light and hard heavy shots like a good serve seem to overwhelm it. Probably need to apply a bit of lead. Has anyone here had experience leadig up this...
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    Better spin on serve with continental grip?

    Ive been experimenting alot to help my consistency in serving, particularly the second serve. I used to serve with a conti grip when I was younger but, after a not playing for years, Ive been using an eastern backhand grip to generate more spin. However, I seem to be hitting it flat or slicing...