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    Roger Federer: A very good deed indeed!

    A touching story.
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    Is lead tape the heaviest?

    Hello, I'm in need of adding around 90g to the handle. Is lead tape the heaviest tape one can get or is there a tape or material that is heavier? I bought a roll of lead tape from a golf store - but to get 90g it requires a lot of tape - this makes it very bulky was wondering if there any other...
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    Richard Gasquet 1HBH analysis

    Hello, I am looking to find a detailed analysis of Richard Gasquet's backhand with very little success. I would've thought there would be tons of video analysis on this shot. But I've had very little luck. Found a couple 1min clips of this on youtube. There are many high light reels but no...
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    Pancho Gonzales and service rule

    Hello, Could anyone verify if the Tennis authorities during the Pancho Gonzales prime changed the service rules for a period of time? I was under the impression, they modified the rules to remove the second serve. Players only had one serve and were not allow to serve and volley. However, I...
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    Unable to keep arm above shoulder

    Hello, A friend of mine has a strange injury. He can lift his arms above the shoulder, however once it's above the shoulder he is unable to keep it there. He loses all strength to the arm, once it's above the shoulder. His doctor thought it was a rotator cuff issue - but the scans came back...
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    SSC - Is this it?

    So I've been following quite a few thread here on SSC but I still don't feel I have a good understanding of what it is. So in my quest understand this subject I've decided to look at other sports and see if I can understand it better there. This is a video from a well established Badminton...
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    Sports injury treatments: trigger points

    Came across this interesting article about treating sports injuries.
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    Eastern Medicine perspective on healing from injuries

    Here is a video on Eastern medicine perspective on healing from injuries. He is against using ice. Hopeful it will help some people.
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    Cryosauna - cryotherapy

    Apparently, this thing is replacing ice baths. Any medical professionals care to share their opinions on this. According the video it pretty much cures everything. One other question I have is would a cold shower work just as well?
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    New Casio Camera Exilim EX fc500

    New camera from Casio targeted to the golf market - might work for Tennis. Only available in Japan for now. Any opinions?
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    Modern FH - Opinions on this video

    Found this on youtube. Hopefully, it's not been discussed. Search came up empty here - so I thought I would post it and get some opinions. I like it. Thanks
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    Modern FH and racquet head feel

    I am trying to convert to a Modern FH from old school forehand. I'm having trouble with the following. In the old school forehand - I knew exactly the location of the racquet head. In the Modern FH - I am not sure where it is and also the acceleration is so fast I am not sure where the shot...
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    Which 1Hand Backhand

    Hello, Which 1Hand Backhand should I model. Most important criteria for me is it must be basic, simple and compact. I was thinking maybe Tommy Haas or James Blake?
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    Is the forum very slow?

    The site is extremely slow for me. Every time I pick a thread get the message "waiting for" (or something similar to that message). Just checking if it's something to do with my system or if there are others seeing the same thing. Thanks JRS
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    Lead on the handle - safety concerns

    When putting lead on the handle underneath the grip - does it need to be covered with plastic or some other material? Since lead is toxic - does it require any special treatment to prevent any health issues?
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    Bell shaped weight test results?

    There was a strange thread about a Bell shaped weights in another section. OP in that thread created some test weight and send it out for testing. Because of the strangeness of the thread TW locked it. I am interested in finding out the results of the test. So if the tester can post the results...
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    Racquet weight tungsten putty

    Has anyone used tungsten putty to adjust the weight of the racquet...
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    Rod Laver's racquet in this exhibition?

    Would one you racquet experts be able to identify the racquet Rod Laver is using. Looks like a Wilson Juice. Any idea which model? Thanks in advance
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    Chalk powder on hard courts for line call calls

    Would chalk power on hard court make them slippery? I was thinking if brush small amount of chalk powder along the lines - you will be able to see ball marks to determine in or out similar to clay. Provided the courts don't become too slippery.
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    Babalot Pure Storm Ltd with more power

    Hello, I love the Babalot Pure Storm Ltd frame (2008 version). However, my game is not good enough to generate the power it requires. I am fooling around with the strings now to see if I can increase power. I was wondering if there are newer frames that would be similar to this one with more...
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    Stringing patterns

    If I have racquet that has 18 x 20 pattern. Is it possible to string it with a different pattern to get more power? For example, I was thinking of skipping holes, to make the strings less dense. I don't string my own racquets - so no experience or idea about what is possible and what is not. (I...
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    Are there any issues with this forehand

    Does this forehand have any issues? Would it be a good model to use for improving a person's forehand? Thanks in advance PS: I was thinking either the coach or Cibulkova - although I think her forehand seems to be a little more simple
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    Federer and Edberg Q&A from Toronto

    Interesting video from Toronto Aug 2014. 2:20 question had a funny answer! (Hope it's not a repost)
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    Most powerful string for Babalot Pure Storm LTD

    With various trades, I've ended up with a Babalot Pure Storm Ltd. Love the way the racquet feels - however, it doesn't have enough power for me (could my lack of ability). What would be best strings and tension for me to get more power from the racquet. Thanks in advance
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    Doubles: Partner likes to lob

    Level: Club 3.5-4.0 My question is how to play with a partner who likes to lob. I am not clear on how to construct point around this type of game. I have an all court type of game - I can play net or hit consistent ground strokes. Any tips on what I should be doing, when decides to start...
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    Rules - Balling spinning back and hitting net

    I didn't know this rule - neither did the ATP umpire for the match. Apparently if one person hits a ball with a lot of back spin, it crosses over the net and spins back and hits the net - the point is over. The person who hit the shot wins the point. In the doubles match, one team (A)...
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    Forehand: How to accelerate on contact?

    Anyone have any tips on how to accelerate the racquet on contact. I seem to slow down on contact. I don't get the pop on the hit. When I do a practice swing - it appears to be ok, however, when hitting a ball - I seem to slow down and appear to be guiding the ball. Any suggestions would...
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    Doubles: Player positioning

    Playing level 3.5 - 4.0 Both players Right handed One player (Player A) has extremely strong forehand and extremely weak backhand. Player B: has average Forehand and Backhand - not over powering but consistent. Player A due to the strong forehand prefers to play deuce court...
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    Doubles: Minimum strokes for effective doubles

    If you were to coach someone for doubles - would these be the basic strokes? 1. Kick serve down the middle 2. Cross court service return 3. Strong FH & BH volleys at the net 4. Consistent over head With these 4 shots a person should be able to play proper doubles or am I missing something?
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    Footwork tip required

    I noticed during a league match - I wasn't moving my feet. Apparently, in tough situations, I stop moving my feet. Anyone have any tips or suggestions on keeping the feet moving rather than standing and reaching for shots? Thanks in advance