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    Thoughts about Volkl V-Cell V1 Pro (2021)

    Volkl is about to release (25th of June) the new Volkl V-Cell V1 Pro. I have been waiting for this release as I previously played with the Vsense version which I really liked a lot. Anyway, what are your thoughts of the previous versions of...
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    Arm comfort: Stiff strings strung loose or flexible strings strung tight?

    Hi, Had a bit of a problem forming the subject line for this question. For "arm comfort", is it better to have stiff poly strings strung "loosely" (less than 23 kg/51 pounds) or to have flexible poly strings strung tightly (+ 24 kg/+53 pounds). I normally use Volkl Cyclone (1.25) at approx...
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    Kswiss shoes with harcourt outsole

    Anyone knows why Kswiss don´t sell any of their great tennis shows with hardcourt outsoles in Europe....? I love the Hypercourt Express and Ultrashot. But, not everyone has the luxury to play on clay all year around..... I live in Scandinavia and I am sure that most of northern Europe plays on...