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    TT Bandit Midplus (4 3/8)

    Wanted: a TT Bandit Midplus(4 3/8 ) in any playable condition meaning not so scratched up but does not have to be perfect. If you could also throw in Pro Hurricane 16 and VS Natural 16 half strings sets, I would like those strings too(not necessary if you can't). Respond in this thread or email...
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    French Open predictions

    If you think about, the next slam is just around the corner. Who has the best chances of truly reigning as "king of clay"? My picks: Top contenders for the title: Coria, Federer, Safin, Gaudio, maybe Nadal and Canas Darkhorses: Roddick, Hewitt, Agassi, and some others who have nothing...
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    Wanting more control and spin with the same frame

    I am very pleased with my TT Bandit OS, but I feel like I am lacking a bit of control and spin. Would switching to the midplus version enable me to generate more control and spin?
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    Ankle Supports availability?

    Will TW ever carry ankle supports for players who have ankle problems instead of them purchasing some else where? I would like to see them specifically in the Kallassy and ASO brands which are most popular to the pros and general public.
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    Players you have seen play and where?

    I've seen Andy Roddick, John McEnroe, Sebastien Grosjean, Aaron Krickstein, Brenda-Schultz McCartney, and Chris Evert all at Andy's Charity Event in December. It was only $25 for general seating with all proceeds going to Andy's Charity, I should have thanked him for letting me come, rather than...
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    Using the modified western fh grip?

    I adopted this grip not knowing it, but just through personal preference, and I guess it has been effective so far LOL. In the semi-western and western fh grips, your knuckle is on a specific bevel. On my grip, my knuckle is on the edge which is between the semi-western and western fh bevels...
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    What do you look for in a shoe?

    I look for support/stability, traction, comfort, and cushioning. All which my current Figjams have.
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    What do you look for in a shoe?

    I look for support/stability, traction, and comfort. All which my current Figjams have.
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    What is you serving stance?

    My stance is pinpoint.
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    Roddick vs. Haas Predictions/"SPOILER"

    Predictions and "Spoiler" Roddick has not really brought his A-game lately but somehow he's pulled out with a win in tough matches because of his serve. If Roddick is flat again today, his serve will help him get out of a tough spot. Roddick in 3 sets.
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    Battle of the Sexes?

    Would you like to see a "Battle of the Sexes" again? It was Riggs and King, now I think soon it will be S. Williams vs. Andy Roddick. Roddick has said that he would like to see how his serve stands against Serena and Serena has said that she has beat guys from the ATP circuit when they were...
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    Best racquet-breaking form?

    Andy Roddick has the best racquet-breaking form. Putting the racquet into the non-dominant hand, holding it by the neck, then throwing the racquet down. LOL
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    One-hander or Two-hander?

    What kind of backhand do you have? Reason why? I use a two-handed backhand because I started off using a one-handed and it did not feel comfortable, so I was taught the two-handed and been using it since, I do use the one-handed backhand slice also.
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    Gameday shoes? Practice Shoes?

    Out of these three shoes: Reebok Figjam DMX, Matchday Pump, and 3D Roddick Trainer, Which is better to use for a match Figjams or Matchday Pump? How is the 3D Roddick Trainer as a practice shoe?
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    Best poly/gut combo for TT Bandit?

    What is the best poly/gut combo for TT Bandit? I am not too concerned about price, mostly performance, but if you could request strings that are cheap and perform, that will be okay. How is Pro Hurricane 16/VS Natural Touch?
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    I would like some input from you on adding lead tape to my frame in this thread: I would also like to know if I could send my racquet to you for you to do the customization. What would the estimated price be? How much would a local tennis...
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    See this poster on Ace Authentic?

    This is the best tennis player poster I have ever seen, but a bit much for $12 plus S/H, but, wow, I would love to hang this up. If anyone could get it and sell it to me for a better deal, I would appreciate it. ANDY RODDICK
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    Increasing racquet weight and stability without making it even more head-heavy?

    I would like to add lead tape at the 6 o'clock position on my TT Bandit which is already slightly head heavy. Will adding tape there give stability and increase racquet weight without making my frame even more head heavy?
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    Best Vibration Dampener?

    What has worked best for you? Rubberband for me.
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    "Scraps Rankings"

    Who do you think are the current top 5 ATP players regardless of their true ranking points, but based on what you think? 1. Marat Safin: Working with Peter Lundgren has done wonders for Marat's game. He seemed to maintain enough consistency throughout the AO fortnight. Safin beat Federer...
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    Wanted: Kallassy Right and Left Ankle Supports

    I am looking for both in order size small/medium. I am willing to trade a pair of my BIIs for these. Please reply in this thread or email me at if interested.
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    #1 weapon in your game?

    Speed/footwork- run through a wall if I have to LOL
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    Could you compare these racquets TW Staff?

    What are the similarities and differences between the Yonex SRD Tour Mid, Yamaha Secret 10 Mid, and Prestige Classic Mid? I would like to ask the staff because these are fairly outdated frames and you may know more information.
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    What is the best poly/natural gut combo for Yamaha Secret 10 Mid?

    VS Team/Big Banger Alu Power 16L is a combo I know of. How will it work on the frame? Any other suggestions on poly/gut combos, any other from Babolat and Luxilon? What tension should I get them strung at next time I get my frame strung?
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    What is your workout routine?

    I am 15 years old, about 5'5" tall, 120-125 lbs, how do you like my workout?: Pumping the iron- 20lbs-6 sets of 30-daily Pounding the pavement- 6 sets of 30-daily Running- 5k-10k, don't know the exact distance since I run hills, but I know it is between ^there-2-3 times a week, as much as I can
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    Who is the best current ATP player in each playing style?

    Baseliner Serve and Volleyer Counterpuncher All-around In order: Agassi Henman Hewitt- my idol for his tenacity and court speed, I love his whole game and the fact that he has bulked up to increase his court speed even more Federer
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    What is your playing style?

    I am a counterpuncher/all-around.
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    Wanted: Nike Air Oscillates size 9 or 9 1/2

    Trade: I would like to trade my two pairs of Adidas BIIs in size 9 and 9 1/2 for two pairs of Oscillates. If you only have one pair, that is okay. I don't mind what color they are. Just that they are in size 9 or 9 1/2 and that they are not very used/worn out. Please email me at...
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    Yamaha Secret 10

    Anyone ever play with this racquet? A friend of mine gave it to me and I got it strung with Prince Synthetic Gut Duraflex 16 to the max. Can anyone tell me how this plays? I know this a fairly old racquet. Thank you in advance.
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    Wanted: Babolat Pure Drive Plus Midplus or AeroPro Drive Standard or Plus Midplus

    I would like to trade a Prince TT Bandit OS about 9-9.5, maybe even perfect condition in 4 3/8 grip size, barely used because I use the midplus version. I would like one of the Babolat racquets in 4 3/8 grip also. Please respond in this thread if interested.