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    Weeknight Club/Court Availability?

    I've never been a member of a tennis club until a few years ago, when one opened near my home. It is indoor, 8 courts (four on each side of a center aisle /mezzanine). I'm curious what people generally see with court availability during the week nights in the winter at other clubs of similar...
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    Self Talk @ Big Moments

    It happened again in last night's match: I'm a stronger 3.5, playing up 4.0 @#2 singles -- my goal going in is to get 3 games per set in this situation (I know my opponent, and he is a solid 4.0 player). --first set down 0-2. Serving to get back on track. up 40-0, wind up losing on a...
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    scorecard ettiquette

    I find this to be mildly annoying, but actually I'm more fascinated by the behavior...I find it to be odd: singles players taking a bench on opposite sides of the court from one another, so this means one player has the score cards right there next to him. On changeovers, the player opposite...
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    Tennis Identity Crisis?

    This one is for the more advanced/lifelong players here: Anyone ever have a match that really just rattled your psyche? Like questioning if you should even bother to keep playing tennis? And I don't mean just plain old losing a match, but, a) losing to someone who simply is just not nearly as...
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    NYC or BJT Tennis Ctr -- 1/23

    I'll be arriving to NYC (staying in Chelsea) the afternoon of Wed 1/23 for AM meetings on Thursday. Would love to hit at the BJK Tennis Center Wed evening (I'll have a car)...sort of bucket list thing. I'm a hi 3.5 player, regularly play 4.0...I'd be happy to play a match, or even just rep/hit...
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    TR colors?

    Sorry if this has been posted -- I could not find the answer by using the search function (mods feel free to merge if necessary): On the Tennisrecord site / match history page, what does it mean when the (ratings numbers) are highlighted red or green?
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    How many USTA league matches did you play in 2018?

    I havent started a thread in a while, so here goes...I was at a party with a bunch of tennis friends the other night...turns out I played almost 60 USTA league matches this year, including men's, mixed, and combo (being a 3.5 means plenty of opptys to play). This does not include matches from...
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    Muvi K Series -- Recording Question

    Hi All. I have researched the Muvi site + here + the rest of the web and cannot find the answer to this: When I record matches, the recording is broken into 15 minute files, so for a regular match i wind up with about 6 files. Not a big deal, just an extra step i'd rather eliminate if...
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    Dealing with Pests - #2

    I thought the other thread with the same title was about this: What's a good way to deal with pests? I mean the flying kind? We play our summer matches outside, usually starting around 6:30. When it starts to get into the evening hours, out come the bugs...and it can get really bad. I wear...
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    string of tie break losses

    Funny game this far in 2018 I'm 0-5 in match tie breaks (all doubles matches). Meanwhile, I feel, and everyone in my circle, is saying I'm playing the best tennis they've ever seen me play, technically and tactically (about 10 years playing now). Do any of you do anything different...
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    Fast-Four Format?

    Hello, new poster here... Just played this format for the first time a few weeks back in a USTA NTRP Sectional tourney. I personally have mixed feelings (mostly negative, some on-court, some off-court/logistical matters). I've talked to several people and also noodled around the web (also...
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    Wilson KFactor - Which one is the Next Gen?

    Searched the net and this board and cannot narrow down the results: what is the next gen version of this racquet? (my current) K factor 6.1 team 18x20, 95 sq in 10.2 oz, 4 pt HL it looks like the closest match is one of the BLX sticks, but i cant tell for sure which one. thanks in...