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    Tecnifibre 315 RS thoughts?

    The 315RS is endorsed by John Millman
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    CX 200 OS vs CX 200 (LS)

    The Dunlop CX200 is a nice all around racquet, but is not stable enough. It needs lead tape and/or head guard tape for added stability and plow through. I liked the CX400 Tour more. This would be my choice from this line of racquets.
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    2021 US Open Tickets

    Haven't heard anything yet regarding when individual tickets go on sale. If you sign up for US Open Emails, you will get notified when individual tickets go on sale. You are better off getting the cheapest seat in Arthur Ashe than a Grounds Pass. The price difference is not much at all. And...
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    Microgel v Youtek

    Both the Microgel Extreme MP and the Youtek Extreme MP are stiff racquets. They are both extended length racquets. Is there a particular reason you are looking at these racquets as a Ti Radical OS replacement.
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    Tennis Bags Are So Unimaginative...

    I have the Yonex Pro Stand bag which is a stand up locker style bag. It has worked out very well for me.
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    Synthetic gut to help with wrist pain?

    Taking time off from tennis is the best for letting the wrist heal. I wore a light wrist brace when I had to take time off from tennis from my wrist injury. Then when you start playing again, it would be best to not have any poly in your racquet. A full bed of NXT which you are already using...
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    Hydrosorb Pro vs sweat

    I found that the Head Hydrosorb Pro grip can get very slippery. The Head Hydrosorb Tour grip is a better choice if you want to stick with Head grips. I actually prefer Gamma grips and use the Gamma Hi Tech grip on my Head racquets.
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    Best Pickleball Bag?

    I just use a small duffle bag for pickleball.
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    How many of you playing pickle ball switched from Tennis?

    I have been playing pickleball for 2 years. It will never replace tennis for me, but it is a fun diversion. Took up pickleball as one of my friends who is just a novice tennis player wanted to be able to play a racquet sport competitively with me and some friends who all have tennis backgrounds.
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    Need help. Head Graphene 360+ Speed MP vs Head Graphene 360 Extreme MP

    If I remember correctly, Yonex grips do run bigger, particularly if you replaced the original grip which is very thin.
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    Advice on customizing a Head Youtek Instinct MP

    Hi. I do not own the Youtek IG Instinct MP, but I did hit with it for a few minutes when it first came out many years ago. I remember that it swung very fast and felt very light. These points were also mentioned in the TW review that you posted the link for. I do have some various classic...
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    JackB1's 11oz Racquet Corner

    Good, but not great power. It is a good all-around tweener. Check out the reviews from the Tennis Magazine website, Tennis Nerd, and Tennis Warehouse. Dunlop has other lines that offer more power and spin.
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    JackB1's 11oz Racquet Corner

    In the Dunlop CX line, the only 18X20 is the CX 200 Tour with the Leather Grip which is the Kevin Anderson endorsed racquet. The rest of the CX line (200 models and 400 models) is 16X19.
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    JackB1's 11oz Racquet Corner

    The 16X19 string pattern is pretty tight on the CX400 Tour. This racquet actually works well for flat shots. I liked the CX400 Tour more than the CX200.
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    Rackets have gone up in price

    I think most of the Head racquets recently went up $10 in price. So the Microgel Radical is now $99. But yes, racquets are getting more expensive. The price increases are worse for bicycles.
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    JackB1's 11oz Racquet Corner

    The new Dunlop CX400 Tour is worth a demo
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    still use Head i.Tour, FXP Instinct, FXP Prestige MP, Microgel Instinct, MicroGel 2, i.extreme MP, Intelligence i.S1 MP, Ti.Fire, Ti.Heat, or Ti.S2?

    I play the Liquidmetal Instinct stock. It has the highest swingweight of the 3 racquets and is the most stable. For the Microgel Instinct, I added Gamma Head Tape. For the Youtek Instinct, I added Gamma Head Tape as well as lead tape at 3 and 9. The Youtek Instinct and the Microgel Instinct...
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    Been using simple synthetic gut strings for years - any reason to try something new?

    I still like playing with a basic synthetic gut. Prince Original Synthetic Gut is my favorite. However, I do like using budget multifilament strings, particularly when they are on sale. Tecnifibre Multifeel, Prince Premier Control, and Head Velocity are all good choices.
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    Pure Storm GT current production equivalent?

    I have a store in my area that has a new Pure Storm GT in a 4 3/8 grip. I never tried the Pure Storm GT, but I did try the Pure Storm Tour GT. It is a nice racquet, and as you know, it is used by Pete Sampras. On paper, the closest racquet to a Pure Storm GT in terms of specs is the Head...
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    Dunlop CX200 2021?

    I have 3 Dunlop CX Demos out as part of the free program - the CX 200 18X20 Tour, CX 200, and CX 400 Tour. They arrived on Friday, and were tested today for the first time. My friend, who currently uses the Head IG Prestige Mid with Wilson NXT 17 strings, tried out the CX 200 Tour, and he...
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    Pure Storm GT current production equivalent?

    Do you have the Pure Storm GT or the Pure Storm Tour GT?
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    Prince Air Launch MP - Finish has melted?

    Hi. I pulled out my father's old Prince Air Launch MP which had been sitting in my climate controlled closet for many years. I had a tough time pulling it out of the case, and once I did , I saw that the paint finish had become very sticky and looked like it had partially melted. This line of...
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    Replacement grips what are some goods ones?

    Gamma Hi Tech is my top choice
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    Men's Wide (2E) Shoe Options

    Hi. I have the K Swiss Hypercourt Express 2 in Size 11. I wear either a 11 or a 11.5. I haven't tried any other tennis shoes recently as I normally play tennis in 3/4 high top basketball shoes. I was told by a tennis store owner that the Babolat SFX3 is also a good option for a wide shoe.
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    A more durable synthetic gut?

    Prince Original Synthetic Gut 16g is still my preferred basic synthetic gut after all these years. I think it has the best feel of all the basic synthetic guts. If I have to use the Duraflex version, I use the 17g only. Gosen AK Pro CX is a very good string, but it is pricey for a synthetic...
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    2021 Rule Changes

    Totally agree here. The drop serve will provide more choices in terms of spin and power. I will be using it. My regular pickleball serve is borderline illegal anyway, so now I have the chance to make it legal with the drop serve.
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    Men's Wide (2E) Shoe Options

    K Swiss Hypercourt Express 2 has worked very well for me
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    Best racquet for a 4.0, 55 year old?

    Do you happen to know which racquets your Dad used in college and during his early years of working. Also, what is the old Head racquet that he is playing with now. Does he have any brand preferences. The Prince Phantom Pro 100 has received good reviews. I haven't tried it myself.
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    Your favorite: Synthetic Replacement Grip

    Yes, Babolat Skin Feel was a great grip. I used it to downsize the grip on a couple of my racquets. To me, it was like a thin version of Gamma Hi Tech.
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    Your favorite: Synthetic Replacement Grip

    The Hydrosorb Pro is a thinner, less cushioned grip than the Hydrosorb Tour. The Hydrosorb Pro, which comes standard on Head racquets, is not ventilated while the Hydrosorb Tour is ventilated. Years ago, the Hydrosorb Tour (which was called just Hydrosorb back then) was the standard Head...