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    An Article About Francis Tiafoe

    Here's a good article in the NYTimes about Francis Tiafoe ... the USA's next great hope (???). I guess it helps to have grown up at the Tennis Center in College Park, Maryland ... and to have slept there too...
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    Good dealing with Tarkowski

    I bought a pair of Adidas Barricade V's from Tony. This is the first time I've bought a pair of used shoes from anyone. My friends commended me for my "bravery." "Uh. Do you guys ever go bowling?" In any event ... the Barricade V's are in near new condition. Tony says they've only had two...
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    Colts Neck RC is a mensch!

    And that's a good thing. I bought a Fischer bag from him. Great communication. Next day delivery. He even picked up some of the cost for shipping. The bag is spotless, and for a good price. Near new condition. And it's a really good 3-racquet bag too! Fischer did a really good job...
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    Are Nalgene bottles toxic?

    Is anyone else concerned about this? I mean, we can probably dismiss this as one of those things Canadians worry about. But the correct answer may very well be, "we don't know yet." April 16, 2008 Canada Likely to Label Plastic Ingredient ‘Toxic’ By IAN AUSTEN OTTAWA — The Canadian...
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    Northwestern University camp

    I'm a big fan of tennis camps. No, I really don't think a couple of days of instruction and drills are going to transform your game. And I feel it's better to get coaching from someone who knows you than someone who has just met you and, after a couple of days, will probably never see you...