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    Hybrid Stringing Tension

    I have been wondering if you are supposed to adjust your string tension when using a hybrid, and I have heard that you should keep the tension on your crosses for a multifilament and lower the poly mains by 5-10%. Can anyone elaborate on this?
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    cyberflash or silverstring?

    hi in my other thread i received thoughts saying to go with weisscannon silverstring over the plasma pure. but also many saying to go with cyberflash and i was wondering what the thoughts were comparing silverstring to cyberflash
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    Weisscannon or Signum pro

    I am trying to decide whether to switch to the weisscannon silverstring or the signum pro plasma pure, because luxilon is just too expensive at 250 a reel. any comments and preferences are appreciated. thanks
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    ASO or Aircast

    Hey i have a sprained ankle and was wondering peoples opinions on the ASO brace on sale at TW or the Aircast A60 that Murray is supposedly using. Which are most comfortable and supportive for tennis? thanks
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    nadal and roddicks bags

    there were threads earlier this year showing pics of them with updated versions of their current bags. out of curiosity, does anybody know if these are planned to be released
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    main/cross tensions

    how come some people do their mains and cross at different tensions in hybrids? i was told to do my crosses 2 pounds lower than mains cuz the strings are shorter. but i see people on these boards with crosses up to 5 pounds tighter? whats right and what are the benefits. thanks
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    pros tourna grip

    a lot of pros seem to be using tourna-murray, roddick.. and others. but doesnt tourna come with red finishing tape whether in strips or reel? how come they seem to have black finishes. i was wondering if it was black tape or the rubber thing that comes with the racquet thanks
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    Choosing 40 Kirschbaum String

    Hey i just got a sponsorship contract with kirschbaum as a junior, and ill receive 40 sets of string per 12 months... can u guys help me choose which string to pick? thanks
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    Preferred Polyester

    Choose your favorite based on playability. Thanks!
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    Favorite Poly Poll

    Choose your favorite based on playability. Thanks!
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    Cortex Bluff?

    I recently broke a pure drive roddick + after a match and left it in the trunk of my car. and then my friend and i decided to destroy it so we smashed it until nothing but the handle and neck were left. then i was wondering about the cortex and i pulled at it and it turned out to be a sticker...
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    Big Banger full/hybrid

    Hey, i was wondering if people could give me their feedback on how big banger rough plans as a whole job in comparison to a hybrid on the mains with a multifilament on the crosses. i dont care about durability but playability wise based on feel, spin, power, and control. thanks
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    tournagrip II

    The new tournagrip II's looks like a lighter blue color than the original tournagrip on the webpage. Is it just the light and camera angle or is it actually a differnt color? thanks
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    Tourna Grip II

    has anybody tried the new tournagrip II's at tenniswarehouse? and if so how does it match up to the orginial tournagrip. And just wondering if people here prefer tournagrip or the wilson pro overgips i am currently using...thinking of switching
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    Main/cross, play/dura

    To get more playability you want to put a multifilament in the main and a poly in the cross, and to get more durability you should put the poly in the main and the multi in the cross. Is this all correct?? just want to make sure
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    Wilson NXT's

    I'm just curious on what everybody thinks of theNXT line. What is better : NXt Max, NXT Tour, Or just the original NXt
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    Wilson Pro

    Does anyone know how much a wilson pro overgrip weighs? thanks
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    Lead addition

    When you add lead tape to a handle, do you have to insert it into the butt cap or can you just stick it onto the wooden part of the handle?
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    Syntec Grip

    Does anybody know how much a Babolat Syntec Grip weighs? I took it off my PD+ and instead replaced it with 2 wilson pro overgrips. Im trying to figure out how much lead i should add to the handle to even it back out. Also, how much lead do you people recommend adding to 3 and 9 oclock...
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    Pros Customs

    Does anyone know how the pros actually custom their racquets?, pj or not. like lead tape location, custom grips, string tensions, etc. im just curious
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    No replacement grip?

    Why do some people not use a replacement grip? why do they take the replacement grip off and put on just an overgrip. what does this effect anything and why?
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    Pro Hurricane Tour

    Do you know when Babolat will release the Pro Hurrican Tour??
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    levels of users

    what are the user levels... like new user, amateur, pro, hall of famer, and things like that... and how do you reach a new level??
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    PH Tour

    Does anybody know when the Pro Hurricane Tour will come out?? and does nadal actually use it like stated or still use his Tour Duralast
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    What is a goat

    What is a G.O.A.T. ?? someone please
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    Duralast feels _____?

    I kno this has definately been discussed before but anyone have a good definition of how babolat tour duralast feels? and would it be good in a hybrid, if so what tension should it be strung at. Thanks
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    haha funny video i find this a hilarious video
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    Do you get more power and/or control from a full polyester string job or from a poly/multi hybrid??
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    grip sizes

    what do smaller or bigger grip sizes do to affect your game? do they give u more feel or spin or what??
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    Barricade IV's

    Anyone feel that the barricade fours run about a half size small? i had that problem so i had to give away my old shoe and get a pair a half size bigger.