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    FS: Angell TC2 Backpack

    Item Description (Brand/Model/Year): Angell TC2 Backpack Quantity: 1 Condition (x out of 10): 9.5/10 *Specific Time Used (must give specific time, must be over 30 minutes): About 10 sessions, hauling racquets. *General Description (including any cosmetic blemishes): No damage. Price: $45...
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    Keep on moving your feet as you prep early.

    I realized I went from focusing on moving to the ball and prep too late - to stopping just a little too early for the sake of prepping early. I guess it's an improvement still.
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    Things I sometimes do after retrieving my racquets after string jobs

    1. Bounce the string bed against my palm to feel the tension. - I have no idea what I'm doing, tbh 2. Realign/straighten the strings even though the stringer already did - Attempts to move the strings ever so slightly, only to move them back a second later 3. Look at the string bed from an...
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    ultron1969 good buyer

    Paid promptly.
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    Videos of Pros couldn't get out of the way of a shot that's clearly out?

    I've seen plenty where the player at net getting hit, but are there videos of them unable to dodge the ball at the baseline? Interesting to see what their reactions are.
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    Two racquets, poly, all else equal, the one w/ higher tension = better control when strings are dead

    Is this correct? Context: I'm using Gut/Poly and I'm not a string breaker. Initially strung with Volkl Gut 16g and Head Hawk 17g, 58lbs/53lbs. Played for about 7 weeks and I've noticed a lot more string movement on the gut, and a significant increase of power, and loss of control. I suspect the...
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    KickVicious is a great seller

    Quick response, good communications, fast shipping, items arrived as described. Very satisfied.
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    Will Federer Keep His Streak Alive - The only former world number one born on August 8th

    Nadal almost ties this record if he wan't born in May. Note: Sampras is born on August 12th, almost got the record before Federer! While this record is kind of trivial, it is still incredible.
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    mrravioli is a good seller

    Very patient with the back and forth emails and messages. Fast Shipping. Items are as described. Thanks mrravioli.
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    Curious, is there anyone working at TW that is using or have used an Angell?

    If so, what is the configuration(s)? What are your thoughts? Thanks,
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    WTB: CARD INSERTs for Wilson K six one tour

    I want the two cards kind, football shaped left and right card inserts and not the single card insert Must be in good condition, no bends or markings I'll buy it for...maybe 2 or 3 dollars? How hard is it to put these back into the racquet? Send pictures to if you have...
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    How many Wilson 90s would you buy if they make a new one?

    We all know we are getting a new 85. If we were to get a new 90 without CV and Amplifeel or all those other crap "technologies" (like the new 6.1 that doesn't have those), just a raw feeling stick like the older iterations, how many would you buy? Let's say they are $200 per stick I think I'm...
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    Pro Staff RF85?

    Found on a Chinese forum
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    What tension should I go for when going from 100sqin + ports to K90, with Volkl Cyclone?

    I'm comfortable with Volkl Cyclone 16g 52lbs in a 100sqin exo3 racquet, Prince Warrior 100 2014 what tension should I go for initially if I were to switch to a K90 to have the same amount of control and spin, and perhaps close the power gap and make the mid more forgiving? I'm a 4.0 player...
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    Use a return shipping label to ship a racquet for trade in program?

    Hi TW, Say that I am happy with the quote on the racquet or racquets that I want to trade in, can I use the return shipping label from another order (the order was or something) to ship the racquets to you? Thanks,
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    FS: Prince Warrior 100 2014 with Ports [4 1/2][9.5/10]

    Racquet: 2014 Prince Warrior 100 (the one with Ports) Grip: 4 1/2 Head Size: 100 Quantity: 1 Condition: 9.5/10 Time Used: 2 hours Description: small bumper scuffs only!! No scratches or paint chips on the frame. has tecnifibre synthetic gut in it but is pretty dead overgrip on since day 1...
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    Everytime I see someone with a high post count's last login was a while ago...

    Can't help but wonder what had happened to them.
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    Real K90s with "" on the bumper strip?

    I recently bought two K90s from the buy/trade section, seller has plenty of positive references. Pictures are right below. 4 strings on PWS Says "12.0 OZ" in specs Popped the buttcap, handle is filled with foam Weight is correct, >12.8-12.9oz strung with overgrip Balance is correct, ~9HL...
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    What is the factory unstrung swing weight of the RF97?

    I am interested in purchasing a couple of RF97 with matched static weight, balance and swing weight, but I do not know what the unstrung swing weight of the racquet, and I assume TW would match prior to stringing. What range of swing weight should I ask for if I want a strung swight weight of...
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    Incorrect centimeter conversion on Yonex Vcore SV 98 product description

    The page says "33.38cm/12.75in/6HL" 33.38cm is 3HL, I think it should be 32.38cm, which = 12.75in = 6HL TWE and TennisOnly also has the same issue. Thanks,
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    How many sets of grommets do you stock up per racquet?

    How many sets of grommets/bumper guards do you buy for your favorite racquet that you plan to keep for a long time? What is the largest number of grommet sets that you went through for a particular racquet? Just curious.
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    What string is this? No pictures sorry.

    A friend of mine is looking for a string that his coach put in his Head racquet, it was 18x20. I forgot to take a picture so I will try to describe the string as best as I can. Friend is a 4.0 player, western forehand and two handed backhand, big hitter. Initially strung at 57 lbs Type: some...
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    Looking for Wilson K Factor Six One Tour 90, Condition 8 or better, 4 1/2

    I am looking for as many 8 or better Wilson K Factor Six One Tour 90s as possible with grip size 4 1/2 If you have one or many for sale, please email clear pictures of the frame and the damages to Thanks,
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    TW Staff: Racquet matching: what if I only want racquet to the desired spec?

    Hi, What would the rate for racquet mathing be if I only want to purchase ONE racquet at the factory spec, so it would be easier to purchase another later? Thanks,
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    Chris and Karly: PS97 or Duel G 97 310?

    Hello, Being the two testers that tested both the PS97 and the Duel G 310, which one do you think would best fit a 3.5 player with moderate footwork, eastern forehand and one handed backhand? For the PS97, what can one do to fix its issue with control? For the Duel G 310, would 2 grams at 3 and...
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    Variants/Different Game Formats?

    I played something like a tie-break with my friend, first to 11 win by 2, but can be any score really. To start the point, player 1 feeds the ball to player 2 down the center, player 2's first shot cannot be a winner attempt, then it's fair game after that. Either player can start the point and...
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    Do Grommets for Wilson Six One Tour 90 BLX and Wilson Pro Staff 90 BLX fit K90?

    Hi, I'm wondering if Wilson Six One Tour 90 BLX and Wilson Pro Staff 90 BLX fits on a K90? Thanks,
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    Story time: not happy with the demoed RF97 (2014) - What do you look for in a demo?

    Hi, I demoed the RF97A 2014 ver. for two days to see if I want to buy the upcoming tuxedo RF97, and was not very happy with how it went. My normal setup is a K90, Tonic+ 15L @58lbs grip size 4 with one overgrip. The demoed RF97A was strung with wilson sensation, probably initially at 55lbs...
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    Shirts that are loose at torso?

    I have seen many slim shirts but not many that says loose. Are there shirts that are regular fit everything with loose torso? Thanks,