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    volkl midsize racquets

    i have yet to playtest either of the volkl midsize racquets but i am very interested in them. I currently play with the head lm prestige midplus and i would like to switch to a smaller head size. Which one does everyohne think is better dnx 10 mid or v-engine 10 mid? Also any other midsize...
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    Weird thing happened to me

    one day a guy at my club had a mid prince NXG and i tried it out. I normally use a prestige mp. When i used the prince i hit everything cleaner. But the prince had the smaller head, im really confused about how i did this.
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    Players' first breakthroughs

    i think it is interesting how the two best players in the world right now had their first big breakthrough on the surface in which they now play the worst on. Federer's first masters title came in hamburg, a clay event. Nadal made the third round of wimbledon when he was seventeen, the first...
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    nadal and wimbledon

    what will nadal get seeded at wimbledon? i predict a number two seeding for nalbandian but i dont know about nadal
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    new to customizing strings

    hey everyone i use head liquidmetal prestiges (mp) and i need help with string choices. Previously i have used head intellistring, but i want to customize my strings for the purpose of lowering the price (head intellistring is expensive!!!). I am going to buy some fairly inexpensive wilson...
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    rough strings

    on my head lm prestige mp i currently use head intellistring and find it very comfortable to play with. however i bought my second lm prestige used and it already had strings in it. I have no i dea what they were and they broke quickly because of age. now with this mystery string it felt very...
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    will blake do better at the french or wimbledon?

    well im not sure about this one. what does everybody else think? his game to me suits grass more but his strokes are so good off high bounces and he is so fast that clay might be a better surface...
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    Is a consistent toss worth it?

    Over the summer i spent a long time learning an intense kicker serve (throw ball far back over head). Then recently i learned how to hit a faster less kick second serve (toss ball into court a little). Now my question is should i work at getting all of my serves to have the same toss (alla...
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    kind of spoiler? error on atp

    who won ferrero or tursunov, the draw says tursunov but the daily wrap says ferrero... so anybody actually see the match?
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    weird draw thing

    who won ferrero or tursunov, the draw says tursunov but the daily wrap says ferrero... so anybody actually see the match?
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    Santoro designing a racquet?

    In Fabrice's blog he talks about meeting with a company called "Inesis" with regards to designing a racquet. Has anybody heard anything else about this?
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    hingis question

    if hingis wins this tourney what will her ranking go up to?
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    tennis camps in canada

    hey everybody i was just wondering if anyone knew of any tennis camps that are going on over the march break. I'm looking for something primarily in Ontario, Canada. I am fifteen and I am open to camps of all levels as i have friends of different levels than me who are looking as well. Thanks...
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    recomendations please

    I own two slazenger sillouette 95s they are pretty well suited to my game and i dont have any big problems with them (except for a slight lack of feel and an ugly paintjob) but they are getting kinda old and i dont think i will be able to buy anymore of them anywhere, so does anyone know any...
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    need help finding specs for my racquet!!

    I am a junior player that had a pure drive. This racquet had way too much pop for me, so i switched to the racquets that my father used to use. They are slazenger sillouette 95's. They are a purpleish grey colour. I have two of them and ive been searching everywhere to find out how heavy...