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    Pro serve speed list.

    Donald young did hit at 134 mph not 135 :D the link is here:
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    Not a surprise if Nadal´s streak ends this weekend

    i am not sure if its the best of five
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    If cañas gets to the finals...

    yeah cañas could bet Nadal on fast surfaces for sure btw I do not think rafa is tired, he has played many matches but all pretty easily and not spending too much time on court.
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    (ATP) Barcelona

    Calleri has the weapons to beat Cañas, the problem is if he can sustain a great level of consistency required to def Willy
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    Is Nadal over doing it on clay

    No, he is not staying too much on court and he is winning pretty comfortable all his matches
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    Who can beat Rafa on clay?

    Coria pushed him in two finals of master series in 2005 but too bad he is horrible ,almost a former player the same happens with Gaudio, and nalbandian and almagro could put a pretty good fight against Rafa
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    If cañas gets to the finals...

    yeah nadal is better than Cañas because he has great power and weight in his shot, plus he s a lefty whereas the argentine lacks firepower
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    If cañas gets to the finals...

    Cañas has a better return of serve, specially on fast surfaces
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    Pro serve speed list.

    Bozoljac has served above 140 mph too
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    Pro serve speed list.

    Murray hit one at 145 mph?? wtf I know he can serve hard but i never expected such a big serve by him btw I remember Moya hit one serve at 140/141 mph in wimbledon 2004 (I think in the third round) I am sure about it
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    Who will win in Lyon?

    soderling should as he is in pretty good form and he is a top ten indoor player he showed that agaisnt blake and federer, even he could´ve won both matches.
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    Where's Ivo? ...

    lol, i think he is struggling with injuries
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    ATP masters rankings are tight, who will be the top 8?

    i like gonzalez chances if plays as in the last tournaments
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    Lyon 1st round: Safin vs Gasquet

    safin is playing pretty well since usopen so i like his chances to win
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    Sounds Like Nalby-henman Was A Barn Burner

    you are just looking for a excuse to bash nalbandian. i did not see u bashing federer when the swiss did not give nalbandian a point in the last master cup final and that point was not a small one but it should be a set point (53 in the tb of the second set) federer saw the ball...
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    Berdych - Nadal Quarterfinal

    no, he just matchs up very well against nadal
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    Battle of the youngsters at Basel

    murray should win this if plays well. del potro is just making his first steps in the tour whereas murray is pretty consolidated as a pro.
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    Who will win in St. Petersburg?

    at least he plays his daddy nieminen hehe
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    Nadal is wasting even more time now!

    yeah that is a pathetic behavior by nadal and all those isolated warnings he gets are useless . he should get penalized harder
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    Biggest forehand among the young guns?

    it has to be korolev
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    Best 2HBH

    safin and nalbandian and other players like chela, del potro, baghdatis,thomas johansson and berdych has very good ones
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    Why American tennis is declining

    usa tennis is not that bad, u have roddick and blake both pretty important top players what happens is that americans are very bad accustomed to have the best players in tennis (Agassi,Sampras,McEnroe,Connors,Courier, etc) so the current moment of USA tennis "looks bad" compared to past times
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    Biggest Underachievers.

    players from now:Nalbandian,Coria,Haas,Grosjean and Ljubicic
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    SF: Federer vs. Nalbandian

    Nalbandian got injured when had a huge leads of 63 31 and serve, he was outplaying federerer. what a unlucky nalbandian as usual and what a lucky federer as usual
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    Nalbadian vs Federer

    nalbandian had many chances to win, lucky federer as usual but nadal is going to trash him in the final hahaha nice
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    Who is going to win in Estoril ?

    yes david comes back to the #3 in the ranking since tomorrow
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    Myths perpetrated by this board

    -every time Roger federer loses a match is coz he has an off day or he is injured -Agassi is the best returner in the game ever -the best player in the history is the one who won the most slams -a player whose favourite surface is clay can not play on non clay surfaces
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    ljubicic's serve technique

    the list could be no 100% accurate since there are many players whose max serve speed is unkown
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    Ljubicic vs. Calleri - Quarterfinal

    calleri has a bigger backhand,forehand than federer too ;)
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    Srichaphan is now much better without his father

    well after australia Nalbandian did not play in any atp event just in davis cup so its pretty obvious he has not done anything haha