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    Most Famous Woodies?

    As a young player alive only in the time of graphite and this whack technology, I was wondering what some of the most famous WOOD racquets were. Which specific models are the most famous woodies?
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    Barack Obama Racket!

    Too bad socialism doesn't win on the tennis court! Obama '08!
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    FS: Wooden Racquets

    Any chance #2 is still available? I realize that this is like a year and a few months since your original post. I'm also somewhat interested in the other wood racquets you have listed. Please let me know. THANKS!
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    Does a replacement grip really need glue on the back?!

    Not all of them do. Some have double-sided tape that comes with them and some are obviously made with adhesive on them directly. I supposet the grips can shift slightly after a while of use. Just get the ones that have no adhesive on the back or the ones that come with the tape.
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    Nadal likes PS3

    Yeah, it's probably a deal with Sony or something. $$$ But who would base their buying decision of a new game/console if Nadal is in it or not? Also, PS2 & 3 is what's most popular in Europe (where they don't have as many videogame XBOX nerds as in the states).
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    Does Miami have the fattest linesmen(women) and ballgirls?

    Because it's an American tournament? IDK. Actually the kids at the US Open aren't fat.
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    Barricades are so friggin uncomfortable.

    Maybe I'm lucky, but the Barricade IV's really hold my mid-foot very well. The shape is just perfect. The seem somewhat bulky, but really not that big an issue for me.
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    **Offical Nadal**

    This is probably my favorite thread.
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    Favorite things about '08 Aussie Open

    This was a great tournament this year. I, for one (and maybe the only one), liked that someone other than Federer was in the final. It was much more interesting. I love grand slams. I can't wait for the rest.
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    why is Fed missed in a final.

    I think it's refreshing. To see someone other than Fed (or Nadal) in a final. It's more exciting, change is good. I like Fed, but I see him play ALL THE TIME. I don't even like Joko.
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    Nadal days in the top 10 numbered

    It's just ONE match. You can't tell anything this early. I'm not a big Rafa supporter, but it's true. I think he'll win the FO, but probably not get back to the Wimbledon final.
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    Nadal is going to win the AO and heres why

    Haha, but this is the best Nadal has ever done in a hard court grand slam. And he had the easiest draw you could ask for, even for a #2 seed.
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    How about a Fed/Tsonga final? .....Tsonga wins

    I like Fed, but I think Tsonga would totally make things so much more interesting at least for a few weeks. Tsonga already beat 3 top 10 players, of course Fed is totally different from them. Good luck, and go Tsonga. If he's playing Joko, then I'm DEFINITELY rooting for Tsonga. But...
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    Fed vs Tipsarovic coverage in the US

    Yeah, I was up 'til 4:30 AM watching it. Incredible. ESPN2 has had like 15 hours of straight live coverage.
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    Hewitt's Sister

    She looks exactly like Lleyton.
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    I've Got My Mgel Prestige!!!

    I don't think that looks cool! The MG paintjobs SUCK! And that ugly red? All Head racquets do. performance wise, you can have your opinion, but this issue isn't debatable.
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    Babolat Team Line 6 Pack vs Aero Line(Newer) 6 Pack

    TennisFRKjr what'd you decide on? I've narrowed my bag search down to these two. I actually think the Team is cooler looking.
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    Best Tennis Bag! QUICK!

    Sorry I should have been more clear. I'm getting a K-Factor racquet, and i don't care if my racquet doesn't match the bag. So if I do want to have my cell, keys, wallet, balls, 2 racquets, few grips, couple damps, maybe set-a-string. You think the Babolat is better? Neither had ACTUAL...
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    Best Tennis Bag! QUICK!

    I'm talkin' six pack. I liked the Babolat, Wilson, and Techs. I think I'm gettin' a k-facto, but I don't care if the bag doesn't match
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    Best Tennis Bag! QUICK!

    Alright, what would you all say is the BEST overall tennis bag. A six-pack, not super-six. Any with shoe dept? Any with many pockets for cell phone, keys, wallets, accessories, etc? Best climate controlled? Best overall bag? THANKS!
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    New Racket, Which is the best?

    I did not like the Pure Storm that much.
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    halo 3

    Boycott videogames! Start a revolution! Videogames no more! Halo sucks!
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    Head Flexpoint Prestige Midplus or Wilson K 95?

    (K)Facto! Fo Sho! If you're getting a prestige, I'd get the LM. But of course, I'd never buy a prestige!
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    ~~~~~ The 90 Sq. In. Club ~~~~~

    I wanna join the cool kid club!
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    So Why Has Head Nixed it?

    It's all marketing, it's all getting you to believe it works, it's all about NEW technology whether it's real or not. Head never has had any good technologies. Flexpoint (duh) and MicroGel (Dunlop released AeroGel first, poor attempt)
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    So Why Has Head Nixed it?

    The whole concept of flexpoint was a joke.
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    One Handers with Babolat Frames

    Fernando Gonzalez