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    Donald Young - Matthias Bachinger (GER) challenger final Donald leads 6-0, 2-1 so far. This is a final of a Louiseville challenger. If Donald wins, he will have good chance of getting into Aussie Open main draw.
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    Donald Young reaches finals of Tulsa

    Beat up on Jesse Levine today 6-0, 6-1 in semis :)
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    AO Day Order of Play

    Day 1 Order of Play Mauresmo, Fed, Baghdatis Day match, Serena and Marat night on Rod Laver.
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    Safin beats Nalbandian 5-7, 6-1, 6-2

    at Kooyong Classic. Marat is hitting the ball well.
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    Gasquet: More variety than Federer?

    watch his highlights from last week in Lyon: final against Gicquel against Soderling Now, tell me is there a single shot that he CAN NOT hit...
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    Marat Safin's art in Moscow State Exhibition Hall....
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    OOP for Wednesday Tell me what is wrong with it?
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    Ferrero is on fire

    Just beat Chela 6-1, 6-2... New found confidence? Looks like he is back to Prince graphite.. (the one he won RG and finals of USO)... Watch out for him this year.
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    Marat has withdrawn from AO

    check his website for details Congrats Roger Federer, the 2006 Australian Open champion!
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    Gasquet or Monfils?

    Who do you think has more talent? and who will achieve more? and btw, do any of you heard anything about Gasquet's breathing or respiratory problems? I read it on other forum that he has it.. which wasnt confirmed...
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    Roddick - Acasuso

    Any predictions on this one? Brad Gilbert is bold enough to say that Roddick will take it in 3 sets.. I doubt that. He is gonna have to work to win this match. I think Acasuso will take it in 5 sets..
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    What is wrong with the picture? ??? I know it is Roger in Paris but something is not right.....
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    Today Safin Broke his racket while serving..

    Here are comments...from news sources As Safin connected on a serve in the first set, his racket broke and he was left holding only the grip, prompting him to entertain the crowd by pointing to his right biceps. "I broke my racket once on a smash, this time it was a serve," the 6-foot-4...
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    Moya - Roddick, your thoughts?

    Would Moya gain an advantage by beating Roddick last time they played in Spain or will he fold once again like he did in last year's Indian Wells? All of their matches were close on hard courts but Roddick had that mental edge going in his favor.
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    John Mac chat

    Can anyone post it in here who has inside access? thank you
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    (Dubai R16) Ferrero - Federer, your pick is?

    Should be a good match and I am gonna go with Ferrero here. He looks to be playing pretty well at the moment, while Fed struggles a bit. Fed is still the favorite but I feel it will be a closer match than many people might think.
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    Ferrero - Meyer (Spoiler)

    Juan Carlos looked very solid today in 6-3, 6-4 win. He can potentially meet with Roger Federer in the second round and with the way Fed played final in ROtterdam, I think Ferrero has a chance.
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    Spoiler: Carlsen - Roddick

    Roddick Withdraws From Memphis Semifinal Email this story Printer friendly format By Associated Press February 19, 2005, 2:11 PM EST MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Andy Roddick withdrew from his semifinal at the Regions Morgan Keegan Championships on Saturday after testing his sprained left...
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    Watch Dubai Open LIVE on the internet

    o to for further directions, or go to, scroll down for Dubai duty free and click on live scteaming from center court Men's center court coverage from the first round = $25 Both men's and womens events = $40. I am not sure how much women's event separately...
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    Roddick vs. Saulnier, any thoughts?

    Saulnier has been playing very very well in this tourny. His last two meetings with Roddick had been a very close 3 set matches. Can he upset the local favorite?
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    Is there a player who won all Masters Series tournaments?

    I know Andre won about 18 of them, but did he win all 9 at some time? IF he is not, is there a player who did that? I don't think he ever won Monte Carlo or Hamburg??
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    Can Marat win Roland Garros?

    Can he, considering he often gets to second week and then struggles some. Does he have a better shot at it then say Roger?
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    ATTN: AGASSI - FEDERER LIVE 3:30am on ESPN2!!!!!!!!!!!

    Believe it or not, I just tuned to ESPN and they mentioned it on the bottom in Tennis section. They will show it both LIVE and taped.
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    The draws are out!!!

    Here it is
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    Hitting the ball with the same side of the racket(fh & b

    I use western grip (or something in between semi and full western, I am not sure) on my forehand and have a single handed backhand. Sometimes, if I don't have enough time to change grip I simply turn the racket to hit my backhand with the same side of the racket. Does any of you do that...
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    Sprem's forehand grip

    Full western or semi-western?
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    Nadal is in, Ferrero is out

    I think it is a smart move from the Spanish team.
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    Caption this

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    Can Roddick win a set off Moya and Ferrero?

    I seriously doubt he will win a match, but can he win a set off Ferrero and Moya if those guys will be playing at a very good level?
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    Davis Cup Pic.

    Looks like Roddick has brought wrong equipment..