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    IBM Vs. TT

    Hmmmn, I wonder who is going to win. :)
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    Queens R2: RG KING (1) vs. M Ebden (168)

    It's always awesome to watch Nadal adapt quickly to grass. Can't wait to see what kind of MPHs he puts up on the serve in this match. I thought he let the match go a bit last year vs. lopez, but imo he's not going to do that this year. It's going to be more queens 2008 and less queens 2010...
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    Tennis gambling news

    There was a chela/schwank match that had some interesting shifts in betting lines recently. Some other news here:
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    Federer's predicament could be like your enterprises mobile strategy Some quotes from sampras here.
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    AO 2011 Rd. 3: Tobasco Verdasco (9) vs. Kei "Project 45" Nishikori

    Denko falling through in Rd. 1 opens the door for this intriguing encounter. I like both guys, but Tobasco sauce looks good right now and I see him breaking down the nishikori backhand, which is a good shot but a shot that imo can be broken down with the fearhand that dasco possesses. But...
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    Legends Pick WTF 2010 Winner 3/6 pick Nadal, johnny mac hedges.
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    Interesting GS stats-Cross Time/Cross tournament Comparisons
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    Some people seem to be impressed with the davydenko serve (buckethead, breaker and namranger too IIRC). Not me! :) 1st round mph stats. at the US open across the two service boxes: 102, 104, 101, 117, 105, 97 (1st serve % - 59%) 2nd round match at the open: 112, 109, 114, 121, 113...
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    Nadal's Return Games in 2011

    This year was a great year for nadal's serve. By wimbledon nadal was hitting 120+ up the middle on the ad side. By US open he was hitting 120+ everywhere except for the serve outwide on the ad side (nadal hits quite a few of these around 105 to get location, that's why the overall average is...
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    Bjorkman on Federer and Nadal Says that nadal needs to break all of federer's records before it's worth discussing who is better. Shouldn't be that hard to do......federer has very few records. :p
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    Nadal-SI sportsman of the year?

    Decades brought this up in another thread and I didn't want it to get lost. :) I haven't been paying attention to sports outside of tennis this year but who are the other contenders? The FO-W-USO-No1, completing career GS at 24 is just huge. With the USO nadal has also started to...
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    Nadal (1) vs. Lopez (23) - QF US Open

    I think Nadal can lose a set here. Lopez has a monster serve and backs it up with some nice volleys at the net. I am going with nadal in 4, probably lose a set in a tiebreak. At wimbledon nadal used the chopped forehand block ROS against Soderling and maybe even against Murray, I am interested...
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    War, What is it good for?

    I sense a lot of anxiety over the potential World No. 1 / World No. 2 SF meetup. To me it looks like it's going to happen and I definitely want to see it happen. Does anyone else?
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    Why is Nalbandian So Good?

    Has anyone ever tried to write down and articulate why nalbandian is so good tactically? What does he actually do? What are some patterns that he uses that other players don't? I don't go out of my way to watch him but when I do I am always impressed, even more so than murray or nadal, whose...
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    Fed's MRI Results

    Does anyone have them? Someone with a lap top perhaps? I find those people to be the most trustworthy. :)
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    Fed's Obvious Tell

    I think it was in the 3rd set when berdych hit a nice drop shot from the middle of the court that fed. was flat footed on. Fed. throws up one of his arms as if to say I give, commentators noted it too. If you are an opponent you have to love seeing that. A little surprised to see it today...
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    Wimbledon Picks (Cahill, Drysdale etc.) 4 pick Nadal, 3 pick Federer and 2 votes for Roddick. Drysdale has verdasco going out early from the top 10? Come on cliffy. Not that it matters because fed's got wimbledon in the bag.
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    Nadal and Murray Vs. Big Hitters

    I find some similarities between murray and nadal. I am wondering if murray is now more susceptible to big hitters than nadal on the slow&fast hard courts and grass. I consider big hitters to be soderling, gulbis, jmdp, and berdych and imo jmdp, soderling and berdych have all improved their...
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    Nadal and Line Calls

    So I have been noticing that nadal's hit rate on line calls has dropped a noticeable amount since his return to the tour in the Fall of 2009. Has anyone else noticed this? Before he used to be the best at using hawkeye imo and the peak was when he stopped a point at his feet on a breakpoint...
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    Junior A. Ore

    I was killing time waiting for the federer/wawrinka RG match and headed to the junior match which had the no. 1 guy, Daniel Berta. But man, more than berta, his opponent Ore impressed the hell out of me. I thought I was watching some Awesome Combination of nadal/federer, lol. :) He had the...
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    FO 2010 Rd 2: Djokovic (3) vs. Nishikori

    I am excited about this match, I think it will be a good one. Nishikori is at least a top 20 player stuck in the body of a short japanese guy who is ranked in the 200s. I didn't watch djokovic's first match, but he's had some trouble with his serve and hasn't looked great in the 1st part of...
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    FO Draw Countdown/Discussion

    Supposed to be on Friday 11:30 am CET. Here is the link I found on the RG site: For Nadal my preference is that djokovic end up on nadal's side. I am also interested in how verdasco and...
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    Dasco Loves Nadal
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    Nadal IW interviews
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    Nadal News Says he would like to play against France in the Davis cup soon after wimbledon. That would be a very watchable tie, another chance for him to make the...
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    Wally Masur on AO final

    Picks Federer in 4, Murray in 5.,8659,26657684-23210,00.html
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    AO Takes No Prisoners

    Berdych (rank 21) - lost R3 Blake (rank 45) - lost R2 Gonzo (rank 11) - lost R16 Gulbis (rank 82) - lost R2 Querrey (rank 25) - lost R1 Soderling (rank 8) - lost R1
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    Federer Pre AO Interview
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    Nadal Pre AO interview
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    Cahill Tips Fall of Federer

    + has his pick for new world no. 1. and pick for AO.