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    Worst Team Tennis Scandal Ever - Welcome to Tennessee

    Same here. I have to say, where I live/play, the LLC runs it right, and doesn't mess with BS. A very small number of captains will still do their shady stuff (just cant help themselves), but over time everyone knows who they are, and the other caps do a nice job of policing things in a...
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    Why do clubs even host USTA leagues?

    In our area, the clubs give unused / non-peak court times to leagues, which the local assn pay for, so the club benefits by having those courts filled when they may otherwise be empty. It's a guaranteed revenue stream, and some clubs treat leagues as a marketing tool as well. The clubs who...
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    Five double faults in one service game

    crack open a beer. seriously.
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    Radical Team Building

    I'm trying to put myself in that person's position, and come up with a logical reason why anyone would do this. Can't think of one.
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    Preparing for League Matches

    50 yo here, started playing at 35 (past life was football/soccer/golf). where i live it's all hardcourts, and as a result i've def been feeling it. PT is on speed dial. As a result, i've gotten to where i absolutely must do a 15-20 min stretch routine before i leave the house for the match...
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    Fast-Four Format?

    exactly. i hated FF less during the NTRP sectionals and nationals, because a) we did not play lets, and b) i got something like 5-6 singles (and would have gotten around 3-4 more if i had played dubs). but adding no-let to FF to me means a match can wrap in literally 15's stupid.
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    tennis bag on bench?!?!

    hell no. if i sit, i'm done.
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    tennis bag on bench?!?!

    I cap teams, some of which are based out of schools or parks. I started keeping a small measuring tape, an adjustable wrench + zip ties/extra shoe strings in my bag for this very reason.
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    Doubles tactics

    i give the alley up early on purpose for that very reason. it's a low percentage shot, and i want the opponent to keep going for it. percentages are in my favor. last night the opponent got me on the alley about 4 times over the course of the match...beyond that, between them missing wide, or...
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    Custom Insoles

    I've bought OrangeInsoles for two pairs of my shoes. it's an outfit out of Michigan you can find online. NOTE: ive only used them in walking/boots/every-day shoes so far...not tried in my tennis shoes yet. they have great arch support (i have high arches)...but will be way less expensive...
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    Shoes for wide feet in 2021

    this sounds like me. tried the hypercourt, but the mesh body has a bit too much flexibility, so my foot would slide around inside the shoe, particulalry in the toe-box. also the arch in the hypercourt is not as high as the kswiss ultrashot. i moved to the ultrashot 2 when it came out ~3 years...
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    What sections are taking bonus bids for 2021 USTA Nationals?

    what the heck is the deal with blocking out the word m i d w e s t? geez...
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    What sections are taking bonus bids for 2021 USTA Nationals?

    interesting, and thanks for posting this. because of the locations, and since we need to thaw from the *******, my wife and i have done it the past two years -- we've turned it into a mini-spring break tennis trip. i generally dont care for the ff format either, but with 2-3 matches in one...
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    Court Fees

    Wow now we're getting deeper into the bizarre. Big bets on rec tennis?! Who the hell are capping these teams? The Duke Brothers? Good grief...
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    Rude to say "Match Point"?

    Interesting. Never thought much of it, and if any opponent has done this it's so insignificant to me, I haven't noticed. I personally always just call out the score as-is, in order to keep track of service-side and switching. The only exception is when playing no-ad, I'll change my score call...
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    your biggest lead blown or meltdown

    Not so much a big lead blown, but for me, the inability to close. last year I went thru a spell for about 5-6 months where, when I was serving 5-x to close out the set or match, i would simply not finish the deal. didnt matter what the opponent score was, i was simply freaking out and getting...
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    USTA Nationals in Orlando - Anybody Know Anything?

    I've played in the first two tourneys -- @ Surprise AZ and then next year @ Naples FL. Both were a lot of fun, and of course used the oppty to build a mini vacation out of both events. Unfortunately had to withdrawal from Sectional due to a conflict, so (I presume) I wont be eligible to play...
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    MEP-type match video

    i dunno about that. i think if you time it well, or feint like you're coming in hard, but hang back a bit toward the service line (but past no mans land), you'll get plenty of shorter lobs to put away with a swinging volley or an easy angled overhead. also blue has an interesting motion with...
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    Soft vs hard game and why do we win?

    Turned 50 this year, and pretty much stopped playing back-to-back days...going to every-other day. I'm enjoying the game more (both singles and dubs), and sprinkling in a light workout/lifting on the off days...also focusing on losing a few pounds. Makes me feel good and eager to play versus...
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    What is good etiquette for giving your opponent another 1st serve?

    I only do this if my errant ball is clearly rolling just underfoot of the player on the adjacent court. I'd rather be an annoyance in that moment than watch someone bust their ankle...but depends where the errant ball is headed. if it's clearly not anywhere near the feet of the...
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    What would you do?

    a few years I think we've all been on both sides of this at some point. Assuming this is more than just a friendly match: 1. he should have retired outright and not put you in the position of being the one to make the decision. 2. short of that, his offer to finish where it started is...
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    Weeknight Club/Court Availability?

    yes i'm friends with the board members, raised the issue so they know a faction of people are on the verge of walking...i can still use the club (and do, regularly), just not on Mon-Thurs nights... side note -- this is frankly the #1 reason why i joined leagues years ago and remain in them. by...
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    Weeknight Club/Court Availability?

    lol -- the first head pro who helped open the place was on like a 2-3 year contract -- i cant recall exactly. but within a year or so started trickling in pb. eventually got to where it was a similar problem as now w/ all the kid clinics...just 4 courts of PB taking up space instead of kid...
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    Weeknight Club/Court Availability?

    I've never been a member of a tennis club until a few years ago, when one opened near my home. It is indoor, 8 courts (four on each side of a center aisle /mezzanine). I'm curious what people generally see with court availability during the week nights in the winter at other clubs of similar...
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    Do you have old balls?

    and animal shelters and pet spas.
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    Nice post-match compliment

    Well it happened again last week. Wed night 3.5 mens match. court 1Dubs vs pretty decent opponent. played my most complete match in 6 months. the stronger of the two asked me "are you 4.0? you hit a really nice ball." "thanks but nope...i'm too inconsistent to make it last...' fast...
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    Court Fees

    good for you! the thing i've learned about these leagues, is you can do all this crazy stuff, and still not make it...injuries, jobs, moves, etc all contribute, so advancing (even into sectionals) is catching lighting in a bottle. if i were getting paid to run teams and advance? sure, that...
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    Court Fees

    in our district/local, the league assn runs different sessions, but only the summer session runs both 18 and 40 flights, so i run three teams in the summer, and 2 in the other sessions. It's basically the same pool of about 25-30 guys, and they all know how I operate, so it's actually pretty...
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    Court Fees

    I've never heard of this either. In my district, the association gets court times from the clubs to accommodate league play. The clubs keep the match fees collected from each player (both home and away). The player pays a registration fee to be on the team ($30), then pays $14 to the club...
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    Court Fees

    I'm a Type A competitive person, nearing the category you describe in #2, and I cap 2-3 teams per session. All the things you describe regarding drinks/party etc...I totally get that. I also happen to do a party in the summer. That's a totally different thing entirely, than paying people's...