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    Given Nadal is out, who are Djokovic’s rivals ?

    The only one that can beat him is himself.
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    Poly with long lasting playability

    From my experience a stiff poly with good tension maintenance has the longest playability. The most important thing to increase comfort with these stiff polys is to string at a lower reference tension. The longest lasting poly I have played full bed is Head lynx tour and the longest lasting poly...
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    Ultimate string of choice !

    I string poly in the high 40s. Anything lower and it’s no good against high level players for me. Those players wouldn’t be able to control poly either at the tensions you play.
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    Ultimate string of choice !

    The reason being is that gut is expensive. Some players naturally gravitate towards full poly and some to gut/poly it just depends on the player. I never played with anything that had better ball pocketing than gut although VCT is pretty good in that area for a poly.
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    Better clay player.. Federer or Djokovic?

    Is this a serious question?
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    How do you control gut???

    You need to go with a poly cross that has more control.
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    Help with string change?

    Kirschbaum Max Power
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    Ultimate string of choice !

    I don’t think so
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    When to replace racquets

    I would check your strings first. Most racquets will last a lot longer than 2.5 years if they are taken care of well, but it’s possible you could of gotten an anomaly. I believe it’s the epoxy resins that are prone to breaking down over time.
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    Best smooth cross poly to pair with multi main

    Kirschbaum Max Power is the best cross string I have found to pair with multi or gut mains. I keep looking for something better but haven’t found it yet.
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    How do you control gut???

    It’s a stiff poly that plays crisp and has great tension maintenance and control. With gut in the mains it will still be plenty comfortable if you normally play full poly.
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    How do you control gut???

    Kirschbaum Max Power
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    Help - Arm Pain After Switching Back To Old Racquet

    I’m going to guess that you subconsciously changed your technique playing a racquet with different specs.
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    Officially an old fart

    Why are you benching for two reps? That is pretty dangerous to max out two reps like that without a spotter. I’m glad you’re ok.
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    How do you control gut???

    Get rid of the cream.
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    Where does Novak rank in all time clay players?

    Hard to compare him to past players that played before him, but if he were to step on the court against past players in their prime the only time I would bet against him is if he was playing Nadal.
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    Ultimate string of choice !

    I have noticed the same. I always played with round polys because of the consistent response. The square and triangle stuff I don’t like. Even Tourna BHS7T with 7 edges I did not like because it played inconsistent, but Head Lynx Tour and Tier One Black Knight play just as consistent as a round...
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    Do you prefer dealing with notching or tension loss?

    I never said they don’t make a difference. I just don’t understand how a piece of rubber is going to make all the differences that you stated it does.
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    Do you prefer dealing with notching or tension loss?

    I played with a dampener for about a year and it became habit to where no dampener just didn’t feel right, but I never felt it changed the performance. When I started stringing racquets I tried power pads and loved them because I get a slight dampening without changing the feel as much as a...
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    Do you prefer dealing with notching or tension loss?

    I can see what you’re describing changing the sensation someone feels when striking the ball and sound with a dampener but how is it meaningful to change the way a tennis ball behaves when it makes contact with the strings? I personally don’t use a vibration dampener and never noticed a...
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    Do you prefer dealing with notching or tension loss?

    Not saying you’re wrong but I don’t see how a piece of rubber on the bottom of the racquet face will increase string tension at all or anything meaningful to be that noticeable.
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    Will Nadal ever be #1 again?

    He definitely still has a lot of game left to become #1 again but most likely not unless Djokovic becomes injured or has a mental slump.
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    Rafa's engine and legs are still better then Novak's; he lost because...

    It was a great match that could of gone either way.
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    Would you buy a Lacoste frame ?

    No way, overpriced
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    Alu Power vs. Alu Power Rough........ again

    I would try it about 5 pounds lower reference tension than Alu due to the superior tension maintenance. Max power really shines at lower tensions.
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    Tf40 305 - just too head heavy

    Wrap lead tape around the very end of the handle under the grip. If the flared handle bothers you then add lead tape on the outside of the butt cap and cover with electrical tape. If that cramps your style then switch racquets to a company that has a trap door.
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    Tf40 305 - just too head heavy

    If you’re not worried about increasing the static weight of the racquet then add lead tape or blue tack to the end of the racquet right under the butt cap (this is the fastest way to make the balance more headlight.) If you’re worried about increasing the static weight of the racquet then swap...