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    Ever Replace Only One Half of a Hybrid Set?

    Alright, I have done this on my rackets and on one other. Please give me your thoughts on replacing crosses only when the mains are not damaged. I have been doing a lot hybrid jobs using Hurricane Pro in the mains and Xcel Premium in the crosses. The crosses are the first to go and I have...
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    "Tennis Anyone" - The Movie

    I stumbled across this DVD at Blockbusters last weekend and had never heard of it. Must have gone straight to video. I rented it and it wasn't half bad, quite funny actually. And the tennis was better than Wimbledon and pretty true to club level talent. Anyone else see this?
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    Shoulder Surgery

    Well, I had the dominant shoulder surgery last Wednesday. An MRI had detected a complete tear of the rotator cuff. I was also having problems with the bicep. I tried to go on without the surgery but things just kept worse. The surgeon repaired the rotator cuff, also found a complete tear in...
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    Rotator Cuff Surgery - To Have Or Not To Have

    Guys, I have had a small, deep tear of my rotator cuff confirmed as close as possible by an MRI. I have moderate pain from time to time and tend to feel as if I may be losing strength in my shoulder and and bicep area. The level of pain is not unbearable and I have a fairly unlimited range...
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    adidas buys Reebok

    Just heard on the news that adidas has made an offer to buy Reebok. This may explain some of the moving around of players and sponsers, it it is true and pans out.
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    Crooked Elbow

    About three years I was warming up for a match and while hitting some practice serves, felt a pop in my right elbow (serving arm). Since then, I have had a crooked arm. I can't straighten my arm all the way out. There is about a 10 degree constant bend. No pain. Just looks funny and limits...
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    Women's Awards Ceremony Comments from 2 Russians (Classs)

    Without starting a political debate on the pros and cons of the subject, I was wondering how many saw the comments made by the two Russian finalists during the awards presentation? Elena commented extensively about the loss of life of 9/11 and 9/1 (the hundreds of lives, including children...