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    SoCal: LA Area; Whittier

    So who's going to this tournament? I am.
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    Great movies.

    Wee, I'm bored TT boards, recommend some movies!
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    Coming back from a long (6mo+) break.

    Well due to various reasons I haven't been able to play for roughly 8 months. I've been playing for roughly 4-5 years at this point, was a 4.5 player, and am starting to get into the swing of things again. But that's not what this thread's about. To those who've taken extended breaks, what...
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    So, when going to a concert..

    What do you go for? Do you go expecting the band to do a lot of showmanship and involving the crowd? Or do you expect a performance that sounds the same as, if not better than, the recorded versions? Post responses and reasons. I myself could care less about the music if they put on a...
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    ERR? Is that Sampras?

    Not sure if this has been stated or not but after watching a Starbucks commercial about Iced Coffee, the man in the commercial looked oddly like Pete Sampras? I heard he liked starbucks but to that extent o_O
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    Wewt, K-Factor

    Allllllrighty then, I just got my K Factor 90. I had play tested them yesterday, and was pleasantly surprised and went out to buy it. I will post an extensive review (to the best of my ability) later. For those who care, I used the n95 previously. From the demo alone, I can say that this had...
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    n6.1 95's are starting to feel a bit..

    cumbersome? I recently tried out my friends n6.1 90's just for the heck of it, and I was surprised at how much easier everything was. I could whip my groundstrokes, serving was much easier, and all around just more fun to play. I'm thinking this was due to the fact the 90's are more head light...
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    How much of a difference does a racket honestly make?

    I've seen people go on and on about how certain rackets just "can't" do something and how they do certain things "well" and such, and I agree to some extent, but to label a racket as "uncontrollable" or just flat out "bad" seems a bit.. false (??). Recently read a thread where it labeled a...
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    I'd like to see what I'd be rated..

    I'm sorry if this bothers anyone but.. I'd like to see what I'd be rated based on what I can tell you about my game >_< If anyone needs a clarification on anything, I'll be happy to oblige. (If anyone thinks that I'm exagerating anything I'd like them to just PM me about it instead of flaming me...
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    Sexy or cute?

    What do you people tend to prefer in the opposite sex? A person with that great body or that cute baby face? Just wondering for the sake of knowing, hope no one thinks I'm an odd hermit for asking >_>
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    Really sorry to ask but..

    I need a bit of help with selecting a new racket.. Currently I am using the Wilson N6-1 95 with Alu Power Rough at 60 lbs ( ) I love this racket to be honest, I've been using it for nearly a year now. I've always had a.. lacking...
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    Somewhat of an odd question..

    Can using a players stick with high stability actually.. mask bad technique in the shots? People have told me I do not use the proper form and at first I had horrible shots with an oversize, but after buying an n6.1 my shots were great. I always felt more comfortable with a heavy racket and...
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    What defines each "level" of NTRP? What level am I?

    I started tennis about 6-7 months ago after spending my Christmas/New Years money on a half-decent racket (A cartoon show sparked my initial interest). Looking at the NTRP site to define what level a player is at, it feels rather.. vague. Based on reading the site alone, I'd assume a 3.0-3.5...
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    Wilson nPro or the nPro Surge?

    Both of the racquets were reccomended to me, and I've no idea which one to get. The stats are both extremely similar, and they're the same price. I'm completely confused on which to buy, so I thought some advice from the forum would help. Thanks in advanced (and I do hope this doesnt bother...