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    Pick your poison Federer fans

    Gotta root for djoker on this one.
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    The gut/poly thread

    That sounds like it would be super comfortable....(y) But I think I would find it to be too powerful.
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    Which OHBH looks worse: 100+ vs. Sub 98

    I use a 95 but I can hit the same OHBH with a 85 or a 105.
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    definition of Big 4

    "Big 4" refers to an era, not player ranking. It does not include Sampras.
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    Leading Clarified

    Sounds like your friend is chopping on volleys, I do the same, it's technique.
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    The Official Angell Users Club

    I hold racuqets the exact same way as you.
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    Strings for Angell TC95 / TC100 (16*19)

    My TC95 setup is Bab tonic 15L 60lb X Kirchbaum Max Power 16g 55lb
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    18 x 20 racquets and 1HBH advice.

    on day/off day different racquet and not used to timing etc.
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    What's your racquet history?

    Walmart Prince racquet some Prince racquet inherited from coach Prince O3 speedport black team -- 5 year hiatus -- Prince warrior 100 Wilson K six one tour Angell TC95 16x19
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    The best $20 racket ever

    I loved the two walmart prince racquets that I had when I was young, they had a super satisfying popping sound on contact.
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    How to make grip larger but not rounder?

    Head is the only one that has the replaceable pallets, right? And even then it's only a select few models. The way you said it sounds like half of the racquets on the market has it.
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    FS: Angell TC2 Backpack

    Item Description (Brand/Model/Year): Angell TC2 Backpack Quantity: 1 Condition (x out of 10): 9.5/10 *Specific Time Used (must give specific time, must be over 30 minutes): About 10 sessions, hauling racquets. *General Description (including any cosmetic blemishes): No damage. Price: $45...
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    Hybrid. Do you ever replace just the poly?

    My natural gut lasts me 3 to 4 months before they break. I play 3-4 hours per week so it would be well beyond 10 hours. I don't bother switching out the poly. It's not like poly loses its slipperiness.
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    Time for an update: Angell?

    You have to take a leap of faith if you want to try Angells because there aren't demos. I did, and I was satisfied with how the racquet feels, been using them for 2 years now, don't think I would change to a different brand any time soon. Look for one with specs close to your Head in the used...
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    Which racquet would you recommend I keep (3.5/4.0 level)

    Is no one gonna comment he labeled the racquets BOTTOM to TOP? I second the PD and Prostaff
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    Come on roger fans, we didnt even expect all this.

    I didn't expect a win from Federer today, but I also didn't expect to have so much hope and then lose it all like this either.
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    Some rackets run a bit long.. annoying

    But OP, they are two different racquets to begin with?
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    Backhand Slice: Can you slice with Eastern BH grip>

    Yes, continental for BH slice. Too difficult to slice under the ball with Eastern.
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    Racquet customisation paint services - anyone know where I can get this done?

    Can these services do a K90 paint job on whatever racquet or are manufacturer paint jobs kinda off limits?
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    Memory Lane...What Racquet(s) were u using between 1985-1990?

    Had I existed back then I'd imagine some Prince racquet, I seem to always drift back to using Prince racquets.
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    Point of dynamic string patterns?

    open string pattern -> larger sweetspot, more power closed string patter -> smaller sweetspot, more control consistent string spacing hitting center(sweetsport) -> most power, most control off center hit -> less power, less control dynamic string spacing hitting the center(sweetspot) -> less...
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    arms away from body in 2hbh ?

    Less cramped = easier to feel relaxed.
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    Would you ever buy a used/pre-owned racket?

    used is pretty much all I've bought since 4 years ago.
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    The Official Angell Users Club

    TC 95 70RA is the best feeling racquet I have ever used. Immediately felt that after 5 minutes of using it.
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    The Official Angell Users Club

    I main 70RA 16x19 TC95 with gut poly Received my TC90 V3 today. It's got Halo 2 in it @50lbs. The racquet feels strangely smooth, maybe even too soft, compared to the TC95 even though both sticks are 70RA. Definitely way less power, to where I doubt putting gut poly into it will even come...
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    Jacob22, Excellent Seller

    Also had a speedy transaction here. Good seller.
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    Do you really watch tennis ?

    Does watching random college tennis on YT because I had autoplay on count?
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    Best natural gut currently

    The best gut, due to gut prices, should be whichever one that lasts the longest. /thread?