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    Any information on Daniele Bracciali follwing his ban??

    Ok that's great Andres! How did you find out the information on his surgery? What do you think he'll be playing in 2/3 months time? His ranking has dropped dramatically during his suspension. I guess he could be in he futures circuit when he returns. Just gotta hope he can work his way back up!
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    Any information on Daniele Bracciali follwing his ban??

    I'm a big fan of Italian tennis player Daniele Bracciali. I'm sure you'll all know about his ban for betting on tennis matches, along with is compatriot Starace. I just wondered whether anyone has any information on what tournaments he's been entered to now his ban has been completed and...
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    Who will win in Moscow ?

    damn safin just wins, Bracciali had 2 game points to go 5-4 up...Typical Bracciali defeat in recent times, playing gud against higher ranked players but just gets edged at the end, he needs to find that extra belief to go onto victory cos he certainly has the talent.
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    Who will win in Tokyo?

    Everyone wrote off Henman, I love how he's proving people wrong, the guy's a class act & will always be. He was unlucky against Paradorn Sch... last week but I'm sure he'll beat Lee in the semi & play Fed in final on Sunday. I would love it if Henman eventually overtook Murray in the rankings...
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    why is grass season so short nowadays?

    the grass court season should be probably 2 weeks longer (2 more tournaments). Only really got Queens, Nottingham, Halle & Wimbledon...
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    I'm glad we have Andy Murray!

    Without doubt Murray has potential & is certainly already starting to show it. I've noticed his matches r so up & down, the amount of times Murray has been broken this week & broken back straight away is amazing. i just think he's still a bit inconsistent & will get found out at the US by any...
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    Bad Losses Pre U.S. Open

    I think everyone's blowing Fed's loss out of proportion! He'll be the man to beat at the US without doubt...Fed's greatest concern for me is complacency, & i think that along with Murray playing well made him lose.
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    With Federer out, can Roddick win Cincy?

    C'mon guys, how come suddenly Roddick is back to his 2003 form, it was only a few days ago that he so nearly lost to Bracciali in the 1st round...Plus he still has this injury which is still causing him difficulties. Don't get me wrong I like Roddick & wanna c him back to his best, its just i...
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    Roddick vs Bracciali

    Yeah Bracciali has a high pitched grunt, but who cares... He's known for playing mind games so maybe that's one of them. I went to Wimbledon this year & saw him beat Hrbaty in straight sets. Bracciali turned up quite late for the match then took ages between points, had a bandage over his knee...
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    Roddick vs Bracciali

    C'mon guys give Bracciali some respect, he ain't a 'nobody' on the tennis circuit, yeah he used to be, but last couple of years he's played the best tennis of his career. He won ATP title in Casablanca & was in the top 50 briefly. He gave Roddick a hard time at Wimbledon last year as well as...
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    Is Roger still on at Cincy?

    How fit is Roddick? He's gonna have to play well to beat Bracciali, it won't be a walk in the park. They had a 5 set marathon at Wimbledon last year & there was a bit of tension between them too!
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    Federer v Gasquet

    Yeah Fed is pure class simple as that. He didnt play his best but still came through. gasquet has loads of potential and now looks like he's starting to mature into a fine player, his time will come...That rally when Fed finished it off when he was on no mans land and half volleyed it into the...
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    Let's talk about cincy and its crazy draw

    It would be nice to see Henman beat Murray, just to show he ain't finished just yet. Also, interested in the Roddick vs Bracciali match, is Roddick fully fit? Bracciali pushed him all the way at Wimbledon last year & only just lost to Tursunov this week at Toronto. Is an upset on the cards?
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    Who will be the surprise at Wimby´s QFs?

    I've seen Bracciali live on grass last year, he's a class act when he's confident and on a roll. Has a great serve and his game suits grass. He outplayed Lopez at Queens, I don't know why he got comfortably beaten by mirnyi, I thought Bracciali would win. Hopefully that's just a blip and if...
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    French Open results:

    Bracciali vs Sanguenetti later should be good. I'm backing main man Bracciali.
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    French open mens singles DRAW

    What does everyone think of the all Italian battle - Bracciali vs Sanguinetti??? I think Bracciali will prevail in 4/5 sets. Sanguinetti having a pretty poor season and Bracciali is on the way up in the rankings.
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    Casablanca Final: Massu vs. Bracciali

    Yeah def Andres. His game suits the grass and with grass being very specialist I think he can get to later stages of Wimbledon. To be honest apart from Roger Federer there's no one on grass that is amazing at the moment. There used to Sampras, Henman, Rafter etc but now Roddick aint all that...
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    Casablanca Final: Massu vs. Bracciali

    Guys I was at Wimbledon last year on Centre Court when Bracciali was playing Roddick. Fact was Roddick didn't know what hit him, if that match had finished that night Bracciali wudve won. Even the next day Roddick got lucky in my opinion...I was also at Bracciali's match with Karlovic in the...
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    Daniele Bracciali's 1st Title!

    I've been following his progress ever since I saw him live at Wimbledon last year when he beat Karlovic and then unluckly lost to Roddick, so to see he's won his 1st ever ATP event is amazing!!! I gather clay isn't his favourite surface by any means, so to win in Casablanca and beat some clay...