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    maybe the greatest victory of Vilas

    Because it's on grass, and against the great Nastase.
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    Unusual and great double

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    What becomes of John Marks ?

    Is he still in the tennis world ? He did an incredible AO 1978, beating Dent, Alexander, Sadri and Ashe (after saving a match point) to get the final ...
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    The world champion 1977

    Great Willy !
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    Final AO 1979

    Great match of Vilas on grass.
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    the most painful defeat for a GOAT ?

    Borg : final USO 1981 (against McEnroe) McEnroe : final FO 1984 (Lendl) Connors : final USO 1977 (Vilas) or maybe semi-final FO 1979 (Pecci) Vilas : final FO 1982 (Wilander) Lendl : final Wimbledon 1987 (Cash) Edberg : final FO 1989 (Chang) ....
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    top 5 clay court champions of open era 1 Nadal 2 Borg 3 Vilas 4 Wilander 5 Kuerten
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    Vilas finally not number one

    ATP refused to recognize him as the number one. Ridiculous, unfair and absurd.
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    Patrice Dominguez is dead

    I remember some matches of him I've seen when I was child. Good player, with a good serve and a good volley. Very elegant on the court. 1/8 F in FO in 1977, beaten by Gottfried (the finalist).
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    Connors Vilas USO 82

    Almost the same match than in 1977, with a lot of slice backhands by Vilas, but the result was not the same because it was not on clay ...
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    Daniel Orsanic !

    Vilas was again candidate, but the new argentinian Davis cup captain is the great ... Daniel Orsanic ! Mancini, Tito Vasquez, Jaite, Orsanic .... but not Vilas. I think there is a big problem between argentinian federation and Vilas, but I don't know exactly why. And Argentina never win Davis...
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    Federer = Vilas

    929 matches won. Federer : modesty and high-class :
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    Argentina and Davis Cup

    Jaite lost SF of Davis Cup. It's incredible that Vilas was never captain. Mancini, Jaite, Tito Vasquez ... and not Vilas !! I believe there is problems against Vilas and argentinian federation, but I can't believe it.
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    Vilas / Marks

    Great match. Vilas volleyed very good and Marks, who beated Ashe in SF in five sets, was incredible.
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    Connors and Vilas are 60 years old

    And 35 years ago, they played USO final. The time goes by ...
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    the best one slam winner

    Who is the best one slam winner during the open era ? Tanner, Teacher, Johansson, Moya, Noah, Muster, Chang, Gomez, Krajicek, Ivanisevic, Cash, Del Potro, Gaudio, Ferrero, Stich, Edmondson ? Did I forget some ? I think the best can be Chang, who played several Grand Slam finals in...
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    McEnroe vs Sadri

    What is this tournament ? Sadri had a great serve.
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    Raul Ramirez

    Ramirez was a great double player, but also a great single player, even if he didn't win a Grand Slam. Very elegant player :
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    Brad Gilbert

    Look at Brad today, agains McEnroe !
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    Vilas today

    Vilas today, 59 years old. Except the first one, the backhand is always great to see.
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    Connors 60 years !

    Look at that. Connors is 59 years old. He plays great tennis.
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    Vilas / Kuerten

    Look at that : Vilas or Kuerten n° 1 ? Vilas of course ! More Grand slams, more tournaments won, more records ...
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    Incredible season from Djokovic. But there's on record he didn't beat : matches won consecutively. Record from Vilas, in 1977. This record will be beaten one day ? Not sure.