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    An Article About Francis Tiafoe

    Here's a good article in the NYTimes about Francis Tiafoe ... the USA's next great hope (???). I guess it helps to have grown up at the Tennis Center in College Park, Maryland ... and to have slept there too...
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    Yoga Is Magic!

    I don't recall anyone stating that yoga was needed. There was a very good episode of "King of the Hill" where Hank, because of severe back pain, takes up yoga as a last resort. Johnny Depp lends his voice to that of the flakey yoga instructor. And there's the cultural collision. To make the...
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    Qwik and the Dead

    Yeah. I went with the DVD-only option. It was the principle dammit! I also realized that there were too many movies I wanted to watch that weren't available to stream. And, yes, Netflix did lose about a million subscribers. But ... according to David Pogue of the NYTImes ... "In the end...
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    let's rank the exceptional footwork of women.

    I'm not sure how you can rank footwork. If it's good it's good. If not ... then not so good. It's kind of like measuring ball toss. (O.K. Maybe not like measuring ball toss.) But when you think about moving around the court effectively ... how can you not think about Amanda Coetzer? She...
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    Best shoe from Nike and Adidas for wide feet.

    I guess wide feet are not created equal. I'm also a size 9. And the widest part of my foot is 4 inches across. I thought I'd be limited to wearing New Balances, but following recommendations from the old TW shoe finder, I experimented with shoes from K-Swiss, Wilson, Head, and Nike (which, I...
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    What's in your Xmas Wish List?

    Well, I'm a grown-up, so whatever I really want I already own. Still, apart from the impossible ... world peace ... to be five-years-old again knowing what I know and my parents still around ... the next to impossible include two things I always look for on e-b-a-y. So I must, on a...
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    my strokes (5.5) if interested

    Hmmm. I see that Wyatt McCoy has verbally committed to Notre Dame. I guess he found the climate in the M-I-D-W-E-S-T more conducive to tennis.
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    How many of you invest in stocks?

    Sometimes you get lucky. But don't expect to. I bought Apple at $99 a share. Starbucks a couple of years ago at $12. IMAX at $6.00. Well before then there was Joseph A. Bank, Gilead Sciences ... these stocks performed well enough to split 2:1. But for as many successes, I can name just as...
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    Hello all Whisk(e)y Drinkers!!!

    I like the single malts. But, quite honestly, I can't tell them apart from the blended scotch whiskeys. Years ago, a reasonably wealthy friend of mine caught me drinking a single malt ... Glenlivet or Glenfiddich ... Glensomething. And this was pretty much out of character for me, as I really...
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    what's the point of having a tattoo? And why are people so overweight.

    Tattoos can prove valuable when you're older. At 42 ... you can relive what was important when you were 22. Or rather you can wonder, "What the heck was I thinking?" I guess it's like when you were eight years old and you just told the world's funniest joke. Somehow, at 16, that joke just...
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    Parents sell house, split up to help daughter achieve dream of playing Olympic tennis

    I did find this on youtube. It was posted about a year ago. And it's confusing, because in the video Mia's mother seems to be saying that Mia did get a full scholarship to attend Bollettieri. If that's the case, I'm not sure where the 30% came from...
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    open stance not to pull off from the ball?

    Well, as others have mentioned, the open stance requires a more conscious effort (at first) with the shoulder turn. Maybe this will help you visualize it. First get into the neutral stance. Now move your left foot (assuming you're right-handed) over to an open stance while keeping your upper...
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    TW Staff: Slazenger tennis balls

    Hmmm. The Slazenger cans do look nice (nice cans!). But the last time I purchased a case ... from TW ... several of the cans were dented-on-arrival and the balls inside them were dead. It wasn't much fun starting off a new case of balls with a dozen dead ones. But could someone please...
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    Sports trivia ...

    I'm guessing it's the Triple Crown, because I can't name too many.
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    Sports trivia ...

    I think you're asking about the Horace Clarke Era Yankees. I actually remember that game ... and that season ... when the baseball world was abuzz about that other baseball team from New York. The three are Bobby Murcer, Thurman Munson, and Gene Michael. "Stick" Michael should also be in the...
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    Need to practice serving

    You might want to try this next time you're practicing your serve. Rather than concentrate on form ... knee bend, shoulder turn, hips, toss ... focus on where you want to put the ball. Pick a target. Think about the ball's path to that target. Visualize it. Think about net clearance. How...
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    Tennis Elbow - Does it EVER go completely away?

    I had tennis elbow about three years ago. And at its worst, I couldn't lift a coffee mug. A childhood friend once coaxed me to toss around a football, and I couldn't grip the thing. So I bought the most expensive elbow brace I could find (the ones you can get at the drugstore work just as...
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    What changed in you life since you started playing tennis?

    Having found that most of my free time was consumed by tennis ... I took up guitar to give life a little more balance.
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    Good dealing with Tarkowski

    I bought a pair of Adidas Barricade V's from Tony. This is the first time I've bought a pair of used shoes from anyone. My friends commended me for my "bravery." "Uh. Do you guys ever go bowling?" In any event ... the Barricade V's are in near new condition. Tony says they've only had two...
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    Colts Neck RC is a mensch!

    And that's a good thing. I bought a Fischer bag from him. Great communication. Next day delivery. He even picked up some of the cost for shipping. The bag is spotless, and for a good price. Near new condition. And it's a really good 3-racquet bag too! Fischer did a really good job...
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    Movie Scenes that really tear you up

    Another old classic ... "Casablanca." The scene where Victor Laszlo orders the house band to play "La Marseillaise" (with Rick's permission). The bar, full of French compatriots, drown out the German officers who were drunkenly singing a patriotic German song. That is one stirring scene!
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    Last celebrity you've seen in person

    Well, I hope you then went across the street (to Ray's) to get a couple of slices with sausage.
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    Last celebrity you've seen in person

    The last celebrity was probably Matt Damon. But the first celebrity I saw was many, many years ago in St. Louis. It was late at night, and I was walking past a Dunkin' Donuts. Suddenly a decked out brown Cadillac, with chrome horns on its sides, pulled into the lot. A man with slicked back...
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    Congrats to Bob Sheppard on a great career.

    Yep. The Voice of God. Here are Bob Sheppard's announced line-ups on his first day on the job. Red Sox: CF: Dom DiMaggio RF: Billy Goodman LF: Ted Williams* 3B: Vern Stephens 1B: Walt Dropo 2B: Bobby Doerr* SS: Lou Boudreau* C: Buddy Rosar P: Billy Wright Yankees: LF: Jackie Jensen SS: Phil...
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    Head Prestige Classic Mid 4 3/8 or 4 1/2

    The two Head Classic Mids were sold to someone other than the original poster, who, as far as I know, is still looking.
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    Head Prestige Classic Mid 4 3/8 or 4 1/2

    Duplicate post.
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    Head Prestige Classic Mid 4 3/8 or 4 1/2

    I've got a couple with 4 1/2" grips. Paint chips, but no cracks (7 /10). I'm willing to sell both cheap (less than $50 for both + shipping. Negotiable). They're from the first TW Head Classic Mid batch. I don't know how many years ago that was. But I haven't used them in about three years...
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    Which Godfather film is the best?

    You know, I think he was murdered during Michael's revenge spree ... when the baby, played by Sofia Coppola, was baptized. But I can't be sure. Great scene, by the way. In the book, Fabrizio is the owner of a small pizzeria somewhere in the US, and is murdered by one of Michael's hitmen...
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    What is the weirdest/creepiest film you have ever seen?

    "Blue Velvet." "The Bad Lieutenant" featuring three minutes of full-frontally nude Harvey Keitel doing a drunken dance "Manhattan," Woody Allen with Mariel Hemingway as his high school-aged girlfriend. That was pretty creepy, even at the time (1979). "Freaks" (1932) with real sideshow performers
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    Which Godfather film is the best?

    Ah. "Once Upon A Time in America." Sergio Leone turned down the opportunity to direct "The Godfather," in favor of this one, which he conceived and worked on for about ten years. So they got some other guy for "The Godfather." "Once Upon a Time in America" with De Niro, James Woods, and an...