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    How much did Wawrinka lose being married? Since his divorce the Stanimal rose...

    his level like a skyrocket. Since the separation, He got his 2014 level really quick and another major. That is how much tennis is mental and how much she was disturbing him and the reason why He was playing a lower level, because when He kicked her out, Stanimal came back just in time for...
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    2 slam finals = 2 tropheus in the bag: 100%

    That's pretty darn good, he's beaten everyone in route to his championships, well done. He made the best out of his chances. He is no longer a choker.
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    Tennis Warehouse and Yonex racquet page

    I was just looking at it and I can't fathom why they don't market Yonex much. Yonex clearly has the top up and comers players, already playing night sessions, all in the top 100 and not even listed on the page, while Babolat has Samuel Groth (i never heard of this guy), Ryan Harrison... what...
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    Titanium magnetic bracelets worth it?

    Is it worth it anything besides being an accessory? Does it really do what they say it does? Regards
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    Amazing win by Stan Wawrinka.

    First final, against one of the toughest opponents ( biggest cheater out there), He won it. At the FO, He is the only other one that can beat Rafa besides Djokovic. We shall wait for the FO to come. Not only that, Stan can go BH against Rafa's FH all day.
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    If Wawrinka has more power, faster serve, better backhand than Fed

    at this point, better forehand as well, why can't He beat Rafa???
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    Federer is not shanking anymore, bigger racquet was the solution.

    I saw a few of his matches and I noticed something: those shanks are gone, he may shank a couple of times per match but not nearly as what it used to be. He is still adapting to the path and spin of the racquet, but I can only wonder how better He will be hitting after 3 months. I hope he...
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    AO R1: Tomic VS Nadal

    That is a nice match, I can't wait for this one.
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    Feedback needed for the new Yonex Ai 98 and 100

    Has anybody switched to either? What's the difference between Ai 100 and Xi 100? Thanks in advance
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    Iknew Djokovic was going to be destroyed by Nadal.

    BTW He played against Wawrinka always off balanced hitting a regular forehand, almost falling backwards, this was a given. Djokovic is playing better today, still much worse than before specally to beat Nadal at his best. Aint happening today guys. Let's just congratulate Nadal for having...
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    Fed's BH...

    that is the worst one handed BH in man's tennis, even Robredo abused of Fed's forehand, maybe Karlovic is the worst but Fed's for sure is the second worst, everybody does it to him now, hit at the backhand then pull him out wide on the FH side, done, point is won. I'm watching Kolshreiber...
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    Something funny happened in the Gulbis/Murray match.

    2nd set, 1X1, 30 all. Murray receives a time violation warning- stops- starts to complain and on the other side Gulbis starts to pump himself up (or telling Murray to get on with it) saying "Come on" a few times, Murray then looks at him, and laughs, tried not to laugh much since He is about...
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    FED is doing just fine, will win the US Open!

    I watched a few of his matches with his new racquet and I liked what I saw, He is moving great, has the eager and fight to win another US Open. The problem is the consistency because of the new racquet, that will come with time and practice, it is very different from what he is used to, it's...
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    Yonex Power Cushion Lite!

    I destroyed my last pair of 308 last month and it was time to go with the power cushion lite, it goes very well with my green Yonex polo shirt from last year. I have been using t for 3 weeks now so here is what i find: It is as comfortable as it could be, maybe Yonex trademark, I'm used to...
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    Tomic the "Tank Engine" ! Another dreadful performance.

    Commentators on Sky were amazed by how bad Tomic put effort on that match, whoever saw it would agree, He would have lost anyway, but how he lost was really the key. The guy is definitely talented I personally enjoy watching him, but there is so much patience with these poor performances...
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    F1 2013 Thread!!!!

    Still no talk about it yet? Vettel's still the fastest guy out there on a single lap, has been for quite a long time now, will probably break the record of poles currently hold by, or course- the greatest of them all Michael Schumacher. -Kimi is back with good chance to take the title-...
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    Miami Master Series!

    Probably one of the worst MS out there along with Shanghai. Fed, Wawrinka, Nadal (maybe some others) don't care about it. It is slow, courts have an ugly color, I hope that can be moved somewhere else, maybe to a grass court somewhere. It will be good for some low ranked players that...
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    Yonex VCore Tour 97 users thread.

    Whether you play with the heavy version or the light version share your thoughts here. I had used Ezone Xi 100 with a lot of success for at least a year, made my play offs at 4.5 level twice and made the semis once. Now I play 5.0 and decided to give myself a new set of racquets, after buying...
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    Possible lawsuit? Lawyers in the house are welcome!

    Interesting story here: One of my neighbors, young chap on his early twenties has a long hair, but normally has a ponytail. He applied for a job at company "X" to sell cars but the manager told him if he wants to work there he must get a hair cut. I thought this was outrageous, but we...
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    Fake Luxilon Strings??

    My neighbor yesterday asked me if there was any fake Luxilon strings, thank to being a member of this forum I said so, but I told him I have only heard of Alu Power fake. For those who know what are the fake Luxilon strings besides Alu Power? Have fake Adrenaline, Original, Alu Power Spin...
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    Blood Infusing, is anybody doing it?

    I always thought Nadal and Djokovic have been doing that to recover faster, does anybody think they do that as well?
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    The G.O.A.T F1 driver retires once and for all.

    Michael Schumacher, the best there ever was, finally retired again after a horrendous come back. Good luck to you König!
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    Silly season thread, what player is changing racquet companies?

    Inspired on the F1 silly season, leave here your post with info regarding the players change of contracts and info. Thanks to the contributors. :)
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    Wow, Fed just hit the most amazing return...

    and finished the point with another brilliant shot. Fed is the most talented player that ever played this game, his improvisation skills, creativity and shot making ability are far the best ever seen.
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    Yonex VCore Xi Thread!

    I'm very tempted about these racquets 98 and/or 100. I had a hour session yesterday with 98D yesterday and loved the racquet, I still prefer the Xi 100 over it, but the racquet helps out to hit winners, flat ones, ball rackets out of the string bed in heart beat, therefore I now became...
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    Jerzy Janowicz thread!

    The guy has a lot of mental fortitude ad great game to work with, first Master Series from qualify to a final, that shows a lot. I know people will figure out how to play him, he will improve as well, but He is a cut above all the others, Raonic is the next one behind Jerzy. To me a Slam...
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    I'm surprised there is not one thread about Jerzy Janowicz!

    After beating Kohlschreiber 1st round, Cilic 2nd round, aces left and right now saving MP against Murray and beating him at the end this guy deserves a lot of respect. To me his 1st serve is the 2nd best on Tour if not the best, 2nd serve in the top 5, ground game ok, one of the few guys I...
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    Ricardas Berankis potential, what do you guys think?

    I'm watching this match between Bagdahtis and He, the guy is hitting winners left and right, excellent volley skills, very aggressive, hitting pretty hard. A little too aggressive, but what do you guys think this guy can achieve, this is the second time I see him playing (first in LA got...
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    Raonic, clearly the next guy to break through and win a slam.

    I don't see anybody else besides him, no one else has enough game at a relatively comfort level (big serve gets it done) to beat the top guys. Fed, Nadal, Djokovic, Murray and Del Potro have won, only guy besides these in prospect is Raonic, young enough with huge game and still can get a lot...
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    Murray finally wins his first Slam!

    It took a lot of wind to break some of his opponents down (Djokovic/Berdych), one bad match by Fed against Berdych and there you go, Murray wins it. No matter what happened, still He had to win, congratulations to him, it finally happened. :)