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    Question on the Prince Phantom Pro 100P and weight variation

    hi all - hoping to leverage the forum to figure out a weight differential in a couple of PPP100P’s I picked up recently. I bought one through TW when they were on sale a month or two ago and liked it, so picked up another gently used racquet on the Bay. The one i got through TW is strung up...
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    Gut hybrid in an IG Prestige MP... Tension?

    Hi guys - I've been combing the boards for string setups for my IG Prestige MPs and have come to find that many recommend gut in the mains for this racquet. Have used gut in former racquets and am pumped to try it out in these sticks but am unsure as to the tensions. Current setup is Cyclone...
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    Paultran - great seller

    Thanks for the smooth transaction, racquet as described and really quick shipping! Highly recommend!
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    Humble_Warrior Great Seller

    Recently purchased a racquet from Humble_Warrior. It was as described in new condition and shipping was FAST. Highly recommend! Thanks!
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    WTB: Head Microgel Prestige Pro

    Hi all, I'm interested in buying a few Head Microgel Prestige Pros with a 4 1/2 grip size. Racquets must be in good structural condition. Reply here or drop me an email at Thanks! Colin
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    Can a loose clamp during stringing cause permanent damage to the frame?

    Hi guys, First post here, I appreciate any replies in advance. I was stringing my racquet with my dad's stringer this past weekend (old Ektelon 2 clamp) and half way through stringing the crosses, one of the clamps came loose and my racquet moved a bit. I didn't realize at the time that this...