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    Medvedev must be really pissed off with RG organization

    Days ago he said he didn´t like to play at night because of the different playing conditions. Also after his match with Garin he kinda won the crowd over saying they´ll be cheering for him today because he speaks French. Now they made him play at night and without a crow :-D
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    Hey Jannik, tennis isn´t only hitting the ball as hard as you can..

    Shouldn´t this kid have learned by now? Completely exposed by Nadal, AGAIN. How about varying heights and angles...It´s gonna be a long road to GOATness
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    Rome courts are a shame

    Nadal could have easily sprained his ankle twice this week, very lucky he didn´t. Also lots of unwanted skidding. I can´t understand how a tournament of this level always seems to have trouble with the courts, why is there no reprimand from the ATP.
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    Opelka with Asics shoes

    It´s not the first time a Fila sponsored player uses another brand of shoes, Cilic and Lajovic come to mind. I think Opelka is using the Gel Challenger during this clay season.
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    Nice level by Murray in BOB

    Interesting stuff shown today against tricky Evans, hugging the baseline, playing agressive forehands inside the court and defense was always there when he needed to. That´s the kind of Murray I like to see. Link here (3rd match from the start)
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    Another embarrising performance by Lahyani (again)

    So yesterday I was watching the match between Humbert and Tsitsipas, with Humbert up a break in the 3rd they go for change over (Humbert to serve 4-3) and Stefanos asks Mohamed for a bathroom break. That´´swhen everything started to get messy. Lahyani´s answer was "after his serve you can go...
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    Shouldn´t Rublev skip Paris Masters?

    I mean it aint like he lacks rhythm of competition right? He could use some rest before the Finals.
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    Rodionov - clothes: Yonex, racquet: Yonex, shoes: Asics WTH???

    I get that Asics are great shoes but Yonex aren´t bad either...They can´t be happy about it.
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    Should Novak used higher tension today??

    Especially during the first two sets, it seemed he tried to play big but was missing the lines by a bit. I thought, why didn´t he grab a racquet with higher tension to try to get the ball in and swing more freely?
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    Dorochenko: "Federer can win Wimbledon at 42 or 43 years old"

    Former Roger´s fitness trainer, Paul Dorochenko, said he thinks Federer can achieve that goal. He also said 10 years ago that Roger would still be playing into his 40´s. Interview in Spanish by Sebastian Torok for ESPN
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    Did Medvedev lost in part because of his shoe??

    I know this may sound silly but during the 5th set Daniil was serving I think 2-2 40/0, that´s when the lace of his left shoe broke. I believe that may hindered his movement and got him a bit out of concentration, plus Nadal making him wait before every serve, so he got broken right there. That...
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    Barty racket

    Does anyone know what Head racket is she using? PJ or not..
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    Lotto apparel

    Literally all the Lotto players wearing the same clothes and colours at AO. Couldn´t they throw in some colours in that salad??
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    Roger back to black :)
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    Federer´s shirt back patch

    Anyone noticed this? What could this be?
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    Murray using clay court soles at AusOpen 2017

    Could this be the reason why he fell in the match against Rublev? too much grip perhaps?? don´t know if other players do this also.
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    Bring the old Milos back

    I don´t know why but I really liked his game the time when he won San Jose titles. Now he looks too methodic-robotic and his game lacks spark and spontaneity.
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    USO balls

    It gives me the impression that the balls they are using are lighter somehow, kind of when they hit the ball it comes out of the racquet very fast but once it crosses the net the player has time to hit back, like table tennis effect. Anyone has any thoughts/info about it??
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    Is Thiem overplaying?

    I know he is at his best form right now but wouldn´t have been smarter skipping Halle and get more rest for Wimbly?
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    New Sascha Zverev racket?

    Does anyone know what he´s using here? Video from practice at Monte-Carlo 2016
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    Has Del Potro changed his double handed backhand grip?

    Here´s Delpo hitting pre-surgery Now here he is post-surgery, look at the RIGHT hand how it´s placed more above the grip (almost as an eastern OHBH), and the right arm is straight without flexion. I wanted to point this out, I´m no specialist I´d like to hear your opinions guys.
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    Zagreb, one of the lowest bouncing tournaments?

    After watching AUSOPEN one can really tell the diference between both surfaces. It looks like it pays off playing aggressive tennis in Zagreb..
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    Can´t hit the slice

    I don´t know if I have a poor technique or if it´s my racquet. I´m now using the 95s and previously been using the graphene speed mp and with none of these racquets i´ve been able to hit a proper slice. it got better with the wilson though...
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    Cilic to Prestige?

    That´s what it looks like, need experts opinion here.
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    Why isn´t Wawrinka playing this week?

    Neither in Dubai or Acapulco both 500 events..
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    Brazil on court audience...

    Brazil tennis audiencie is the most unrespectfull and uneducated in the world. If any player (especially latin-american) is playing in Brazil against a brazilian player they insult him during the entire match getting that player out of his mind. That is what happened yesterday in the match...
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    Del Potro, about his racquets and possible change (spanish)

    Here´s a link of a recent interview with more insight on his racquets, it´s in spanish sorry you´ll have to translate..
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    Delpo´s new paintjob

    According to Argentinian journalyst @sebatorok Delpo is trying them out
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    If once in a life chance, how much would you pay to watch Roger Federer?

    Here in Buenos Aires, Argentina started today the sale of the tickets to watch the excibition between Roger Federer and Juan Martin del Potro to be held 12/12/12. The price of the tickets went from U$S150 up to U$S600. I was lucky to purchase one of U$S400 because I don´t think I´ll get another...