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    Reverse Slice Serve

    Anyone use this serve? Any tips? Do you attempt to disguise it? If so how?
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    John Bromwich 2HB Pioneer

    Pretty good backhand for 1937. Why did it take so long for the 2HB to catch on?
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    Parents and Coaches

    For the coaches on here - do you like it when a parent attends their child's lesson, or picks up the balls during the lesson? I've been reading some online forums where a lot of coaches say they don't like it, and in fact don't allow parents to participate or watch. I suppose there's a...
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    Charting Tennis Match

    Anyone have a system for charting a tennis match that you can use while you are playing? I have a hard time evaluating what's working and what's not during a match, in any sort of systematic way. I can figure out why I won or lost a point, but over the course of a match it quickly becomes...
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    Low Balls

    I played a guy in my flex league, who had one of the most unique games I've seen, and frankly he's the best player I've played in the league. He's crushing everyone in the league (which means he won't be in this league for long). He kept everything low, I mean really low, but he hit top spin...
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    Quarantine Backhand (2HB)

    Like many of us, I have started back playing tennis in the last couple of weeks. The only tennis I played for 3 and half months was in my driveway with my 12 year old daughter using an orange dot ball. She's recently gotten interested in playing again, and had played some when she was younger...
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    Volley with the Body

    Interested in what people think of this video. It's an interesting variation on the traditional technique. No crossover step, no back swing, just a ball side pivot step unit turn and step into the ball as you are hitting. Very clean and simple. The idea being the power comes more from the...
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    Slice Serve

    I need help with my slice serve. I'm around 4.0/4.5, and have a good kick and flat serve for my level, but the slice has alluded me so far. Please post what you think is the best instructional video, or example of a slice serve to follow. Thank you.
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    4.5 in 4 months?

    I've been hitting lately with a guy who in hitting practice I'd put pretty close to a 4.5, and "claims" he's only been playing for 4 months. I don't know what to make of that claim, other than I'm highly skeptical. He's probably in his early 20s, lightening fast - like the fastest player I've...
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    Slice Serve

    I think it's pretty common that the slice serve out wide is an easier shot than a slice down the T. Why? What do you do different between the two?
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    How do you Know When a Style of Play is for You

    After 3 or 4 years of baseline singles I have started to learn to serve and volley, after about 6 months I've learned that there's a lot to learn and I have improved a great deal and I'm still improving, but I'm not nearly as good with it as with my baseline game. That's to be expected I guess...
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    The Mental Game Hoax

    I've spent a lot of time researching various theories and techniques to improve the mental game which is by far my biggest weakness. I'm familiar with the usual suspects, and my conclusion at this point is that none of it really works, it's all a bunch of gobbly-guck. Many of the teachings...
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    Eastern Grip Overhead

    Anything wrong with using an eastern grip on the overhead? Any problems that can cause for the rest of my game? I'm a 4.5 and struggle with my overhead. I've worked on it and worked on it, I understand the technique, I've had some instruction, and while I have improved it's still not a...
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    Sweet Spot Training Aid

    Anyone have any experience with, or advice on, these kind of devices?
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    Slice Serve Question

    I've been working for awhile on my slice serve. I have a good flat and kick serve, but the slice has been a struggle. So the question is do you hit your slice serve more like a flat serve or more like a kick serve?
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    How to Jump on Serve?

    I'm told I have a good serve for my level (low 4.5), but I don't get off the ground more than just a tiny bit. I'd like to learn to jump in order to have a higher contact point, making it easier to get my flat serve in for example. I'm not real tall 5'9" so a few inches would really help. I...
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    Theory of the American Twist Kick Serve

    I have never really been able to hit this serve, except by accident once in a blue moon. Part of the problem is that I've never seen a good explanation how you can get the ball to curve one way and bounce another. But I think I may have hit on something finally. First, it probably helps to...
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    Bad Attitude

    I hate to admit this but too often I go over to the dark side when playing, get frustrated and angry at myself. I consider this a character flaw that I'd like to get rid of. I don't act out (yell, smash rackets, or anything like that) but at the same time I'm probably not much fun to play...
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    Anyone worked with a RaquetFit specialist? The name is a little misleading. It sounded like they help you figure out what racket to use, but apparently it's for assessing physical fitness and technique to both improve your game and tailor your game to what you can actually do. The club I...
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    Why Don't Women Serve and Volley?

    I guess I get (not really) why men don't serve and volley very much anymore, but why not women? The article below suggests that it's very effective and hardly ever used by women. I think men should serve and volley more as well. Sometimes conventional wisdom in sports is wrong, sometimes...
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    2HB/1HB Grip

    I'm interested in thoughts and experiences with using the grip shown below with a 2HB. I understand that it's used with the 1hb, but I don't see it a lot with the two hander. I'm not sure what to call the grip - I've heard it called a hammer grip, but I've also seen that term used for a...
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    Sore Achilles Tendons

    I have trouble with this as a result of all the sudden accelerations, especially since I serve and volley. Any tips on how to deal with this?
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    Kick Serve Racket Drop

    I'm struggling with my kick serve after making some changes to my motion. The changes have to do with making the swing more relaxed and less tense, and have produced dramatic improvement in my flat serve. Way way more power. Now my racket drop is lower, loser, and the racket drifts off to the...
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    Punch or Don't Punch You Volleys?

    Contrast these two videos. Mischa Zverev is describing pretty much exactly what Ian Westerman says not to do, and I can find other example of this conflict. As someone learning to serve and volley I've been working on volleys a lot and I'm coming around to Zverev's view. Seems like the best...
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    Seeing the ball, and line calls

    Normally, I don't closely watch the ball bounce - in fact you can't actually see the ball hit the ground just like you can't see the ball hit the racket it happens to quickly (unless it's a super slow shot). I watch the ball as it's coming, and then at the bounce I move my focus slightly to a...
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    Tiebreak Strategy

    How do you approach a tiebreak? Do you play it different than the match? Does it depend on your style of play? Asking for a friend . . . . (not). I don't think I play them well and am looking for suggestions.
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    Serve and Volley - High Returns

    Started a concentrated effort to learn serve and volley about 2 or 3 months ago, and the results have been very promising. I have a question on how best to handle high return of serve. I'm talking about balls that are too high for a swinging volley and too low for an overhead. These are...
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    Least Risky Way to Get Out of the Strike Zone?

    When I play good players, I can't really cause them too much trouble with my normal ground stokes, or they have a weapon (usually forehand) that I have to avoid. So, what can I do? I can hit to their backhand, hit it away from them to make them run, hit it harder, hit it short, but I think all...
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    Overhead throwing motion is natural, and its not

    No animal on earth can throw like humans can. According to this article, the closest is a chimpanzee and they can only throw around 20 mph despite having much much stronger arms. Humans have evolved to throw overhand. There's no tribe of indigenous people anywhere that throw rocks or spears...
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    Rocket Serve Nick Krygios

    @Curious posted this is in another thread but I thought it was worthy of a post of it's own. It's absurd how hard he's hitting it with virtually no effort and so relaxed. It's interesting that he has a very low toss almost hits the ball as it's going up. Quick motion. Incredible...