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    Natural Gut or Not?

    Hi My gramps is 71 but a very strong 3.5 with an all court game. (Still runs like a 50 yr. old) He uses Head syn. gut 17 strung at 60# in a Head Si 6 racket. One of his buddies told him he should switch to natural gut. He tried my racket, a pro staff 6.1 strung with Bab. Nat. gut. But because...
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    In Dubs Which Do You Like?

    With a rightie and a leftie teamed together which alignment do you think is most beneficial assuming no particular backhand/forehand weaknesses for either player? Leftie in the deuce court or ad court? 4.0+ levels.
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    Pros Peak Years

    Starting with the premise that Roger Federer's peak years are/were 22 to 27, please compare his competition with that of Pete Sampras' competition while at his peak-22 to 27? This is not a bash anyone thread. Rather a chance to rattle of names of such as Djok, Andre, Nadal, Rafter etc...
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    Are They Still in Business?

    I placed an email order for a new Head racket. Auto response said I would receive an email verification 3/25/07. It has not happened. I try to reach them at their 1 800 883 6647 number and can't get an answer. I understand the possibility my email may see their reply as spam. But why am I...
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    Rules Question

    I was informed authoritatively by another player that the following is a rule of tennis. In doubles it is allowed for the SERVING team to call a service fault on themselves(line call)on the FIRST serve but they may not do it on their SECOND serve. Sounds so wierd to me I think I may be being...
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    Not Nearly As much Arrogance As espn.

    Not Nearly As Arrogant As espn. I can't believe their disrespect for the sport of tennis. Yet they fawn all over themselves for a game. Poker, golf bowling etc.
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    For all you Blake-Courier fans, Blake just came back from down 1-4 in the tie breaker to win the 'set' 8-7. (and match-exhibition) After watching Couriers performance I have to ask. Does anyone know what made him retire so early? He looks as if he would be top twenty on tour and maybe even...
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    Hi Guys Is the relationship as obvious as it would seem? Is the #1 aces leader always going to be first in unreturnable serves and the second place ace leader second in unreturnables, Etc? (Top pros)